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Sunday, May 11, 2008


The time has come
We don't care how.
But Hillary Rodham Clinton
Will you please GO NOW!

Your campaign is becoming
An endless charade,
So get off the trail,
Burn out now, don't just fade.

You can swim down a river
Of crocodile tears.
You can surf on a wave
Of terrorist fears.

Enough with the red phone!
Enough with the NAFTA!
If you like,
You can go now by White Water Rafta.

Hillary Rodham Clinton,
We don't care how—
Will you please GO NOW!

You can leave on McCain's
Straight Talk Express.
You can leave all made up
in a Muslim headdress.

Kucinich will take you
On his UFO
But good God, dear Hillary
Just go go, GO!

You can ride home on coattails
Or in big biz's pocket.
Or maybe you'd like to
Ride NASA's new rocket.

You've raised a gazillion
From execs on Wall Street.
But when it comes to real change,
Barack's got you beat.

You can go by limo
Or lobbyist jet.
You can ride an old donkey
Just get, Hillary, GET!

Your negative ads
Are bringing us down.
You should get off the air,
You should get outta town!

You can go to New York
Or back to The Hill,
But get yourself home….
and don't forget Bill!

Hillary Rodham Clinton,
We don't care how—
Will you please GO NOW!

From IW: Amen!!


clnmike said...

LMAO!! That was a good one.

Shelia said...

HA! Just plain rich. said...

Hi there!

This post is HILL-AIR-ee-US! *LOL*

Can I cross post and credit you for bringing it to my attention!

It's just toooo good not to share!

My posts address such serious topics- a good belly laugh is needed right about now!!


Danielle said...

Hilarious! Snicker...

Regina said...

LMBO!!! someone should actually mail this to HRC!

Invisible Woman said...

@cln mike and shelia: I thought this was so funny when I saw it too. Very clever

@bwbtt: yes, feel free to repost; I did!

@danielle and regina: somebody should paint this on her bedroom ceiling, straight up....