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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weekend B.O.

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks Sergio!)
May 9–11, 2008 Studio Estimates

1) Iron Man Par. $50,500,000 Total:$177,134,000

2) Speed Racer WB $20,210,000

3) What Happens in Vegas Fox $20,000,000

4) Made of Honor Sony $7,600,000 Total: $26,275,000

5) Baby Mama Uni. $5,766,000 Total: $40,377,000

6) Forgetting Sarah Marshall Uni. $3,778,000 Total: $50,772,000

7) Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay NL $3,155,000 Total: $30,716,000

8) The Forbidden Kingdom LGF $1,900,000 Total:$48,261,000

9) Nim's Island Fox $1,325,000 Total: $44,257,000

10) Redbelt SPC $1,140,000

From IW: That "Iron Man" return is crazy..."Speed Racer" on the other hand, cost $100 million to make, so $20 million opening weekend is not looking good. From the looks of the trailers tho, I can see why it might not work out. Matthew Fox as Racer X? WTF? "What Happens In Vegas?" Kill me now!

Poor Chiwetel Ejiofor. His "Redbelt" made a paltry 1 mil. No wonder Netflix is so popular...who wants to watch the crap they're putting out now? When will Hollywood finally get a f**king clue?

If you want to see a freaking amazing, amazing Chiwetel movie, see "Children Of Men". I saw it yesterday; it was one of the best movies I've seen in a while...Clive Owen is one of the most interesting actors out there (and sexiest), and he killed it in that film. Since it's not Black Cinema, I won't elaborate, but do yourself a big favor and rent this film, stat.

27 comments: said...

Hi there! {waves}

I saw "Children of Men" last year when it first hit the theatres! It was a great movie! The sista being the ONLY fertile one on the planet - looooved that metaphor!!

Clive Owen isn't as sexy as Jeff Goldbloom or Armand Asante but I'll give him a "B" for busting out as a leading man in a major film! *LOL*

I will definitely co-sign on your recommendation about "Children of Men"....

and "APOCOLYPTA"! "Fear is a poison; don't bring it into the village!" LOVE THAT LINE!

Not black cinema so I won't elaborate either -- trying to stick with the blog focus!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Qadree said...

I saw Redbelt and it was total garbage. I can't believe all the good reviews that this movie was given (the critics are a bunch of Mamet groupies). The story was so absurd that I felt stupid for trying to put it's various elements together to form some kind of logical plot when there apparently was none.

They could have made up for the lack of a decent story with a good old fashioned orgy of violence which any half decent fight movie should contain, but there are only a few fights and they are quite lame.

Kem Moseley said...

I could not have summed us this weekend any better.

Bulls Eye!

Sergio said...

Actually it doesn't really matter in the long run what Speed Racer does here. It was made for the world wide international market. It opened in Europe two weeks before it opened here and there's been an agressive push in Asia long before they started promotiing it here even including an offical state dinner in the film's honor. (Remember it's based on that old Japanese TV catoon)It's going to be a massive hit outside the U.S. like The Golden Compass. That film barely made $65 million here but grossed over $300 million outside the U.S. That's where the real money is, overseas. Iron Man has already grossed twice what's it's made here from foreign box office.

Which is why all this talk all the time about Tyler Perry making all this money is nonsense. True he's been very successful but in the real world of film he's small time. His films have zero commercial value overseas. Spike Lee's The Inside Man has made more money world wide than all of Perry's films put together

Vivrant Thang said...

I haven't been to the movies in ages and it doesn't look like I'll be going anytime soon if this is the garbage that I will have to pay $10 $4/gallon for gas to get there. I'd rather have a V-8.

Was further disgusted to see the preview for the new Adam Sandler flick. WHY?! And it will make millions I'm sure.

I do have COM in my Netflix queue. Will have to bump it up to the top.

Danielle said...

Loved Children Of Men. Brilliant film. Clive is just....Chiwetel is just...

I LIVE on netflix because I just won't pay to see all this crap that's out.

I've been having fun watching the "instant" films that you can watch on your computer. Laughed at some bad Jamaican films and had a good ole time.

Kem Moseley said...

Children of Men is a classic, and although I do not share the precise sentiment on the male characters in the film, the two of them work well together and the plot and story were handled with care. So that is a classic to go back to.

As far as this past weekend in film, I have much to say, but will keep it short. With two possibilities.

American film audiences are becoming smarter, are realizing that they will own or purchase the movie if it is of suitable home viewing. They have become complacent in the home video market and spend more time now creating there in home theater systems.


Speed racer sucks so much that it does not matter what it does oversees, it is a piece of garbage hyped up and over worked. Of course they are going to be happy to see the live action version in its native creative atmosphere, but here in the US we require darker not these bright colors. Americans do not like colorized action, we prefer the dark near dramatic variety.

Just an opinion that I think will shed more light on Sergio's thoughts.

madame z said...

Children of men is one of my most favorite movies EVER. Clive Owen is shiznit. For kicks, you guys should rent Shoot 'Em Up. It's sort of reminiscent of his Sin City character/plight/archetype. LOL.

I saw Ironman this weekend and woah. WOAH! It was awesome! AWESOME! I squealed like a little girl because I was so 'mesmerized'. LOLOLOLOL It's like I was a kiddo again playing with my cousins GIJoes and shit, getting all happy about the new Star Wars film. Dorkish, I know.

Oh, and for those who use Netflix...try Blockbuster Online. You can take your movies and get free in-store exchanges! It's a greater benefit than with Netflix; however, Netflix has the better selection. ;)

madame z said...

Spike Lee's The Inside Man has made more money world wide than all of Perry's films put together

Also, another good movie starring Clive Owen. Is it safe to say that Clive "Sexy M.F." Owen, can do no wrong with the acting and the filming and whatnot? LOLOLOLOL

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead <---another with Clive...check it out. ;)

madame z said...

Oh, sorry for cursing so much. It's Monday and I'm in a 'mood' ;)

Wanda said...

I figured I'd never see Speed Racer unless I wanted to experience a seizure. Who thought to let the Wachowski Bros direct anything after those last 2 Matrix scripts?

"Yea, I know everybody thinks the last two Matrix movies sucked, but maybe we should give them another 150 million just cause..."


Kem Moseley said...

Madame you are going on a rant today. I see that Monday bring out something in you that we do not get to see often.

Anyway I needed to chime in one more time to say that you guys are loving some Clive Owen, what about the films here.


Anyway some great films are being mentioned and I just needed to second what you guys have to same, shoot em up was an exception orgy of violence and I was amazed at the superhero stats he pulled in on that film.

Qadree said...

Sergio, will the Tyler Perry grudge be with you forever?

In all fairness I wouldn't say talk about Tyler Perry making money is nonsense. Film's like "Inside Man" need to make that international money because they cost so much to make, which I'm sure you're aware of. Denzels contract alone would dwarf the entire budget of a Tyler Perry film. Lions Gate can't compete internationally anyway so for the little they have to spend to release a Tyler Perry film I'm sure they are happy with his box office results.

Over $20 million on opening weekend for a film that cost $10-15 million to make is pretty good, especially when all of the lead characters are black.

Kem Moseley said...

Ok now we have some issues here. The last two Matrix movies did not suck.

That is another can of worms and I would not open that. However allow me to give you a shot at explaining yourself Wanda.

Sergio said...

@ qadree

"Sergio, will the Tyler Perry grudge be with you forever?"

Hmmmm, let's see now....


I don't have the words to say how much he gets on my last nerve

MsMarvalus said...

I slapped the Children of Men on my Netflix queue this weekend...

I also finished watching "Basquiat" this weekend...that damn Jeffrey Wright...whew!

Kem Moseley said...

Basquiat is a quiet gem of a film.Jeffrey Wright is an artist in pure form and it is known.

Until the Fans come knocking it will remain quiet so let's continue out support.

madame z said...

Just agreeing with you folks here, Basquiat was my first time seeing/knowing Jeffrey Wright and he was AMAZING. :)

Invisible Woman said...

@bwbtt: I used to think Jeff and Armand were sexy, too, (I know a lot of Black omen who dug Jeff) but they getting a little wrinkled gray around the edges--lookin' a bit rough these days...

Have to check out just looked a tad too violent to me.

@qadree: Mamet's films have generally been small and quiet as far as box office--do you think this was his attempt to go commercial and try to make the big Hollywood bucks?

@kem: unfortunately, this has been the state of waaay to many weekends these days...

@sergio: I am very familiar with the original cartoon; so much so that when I was 3 I named my dog after Speed Racer. That is why this project is such a big disappointment to me. They have sucked every ounce of the charm out of it.

If these projects are intended for overseas, I say leave us the f**k out of it and just show them over there. I'd rather see a Tyler Perry movie than that bloated mess of a movie that is Speed Racer.

Invisible Woman said...

@vivrant: I laughed out loud at your comment---you ain't never lied girl! And that Sandler movie looks like a tragedy, but what else is new?

@danielle: I'm curious--what is a Jamaican film like? I don't think I've seen any besides "The Harder They Come"

@madame Z: I saw "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"...loved it. I keep meaning to see Shoot Em Up, even had the opportunity to see it for free, but somehow haven't gotten to it yet. You know I will tho, If just to see Clive!

I'm too lazy sometimes to go to the store for videos, that's for sure. I had one right across the street in SF and couldn't even make it there...don't worry about the cursing, I'm not such a flower mouth meself, haha...

@wanda: Wachowski Bro + Speed Racer = hot garbage

Oil and water, girl, oil and water

Invisible Woman said...

@kem: I think it's safe to say that we loves the Clive; just call me SQ :-)

@qadree: very good point...

@kem: did not see the last 2 Matrix movies, but I'm sorry, I have to agree with Wanda--they didn't look so hot to me, that's why I haven't checked them out...

@sergio: might be time for some therapy, lol! :-)

Or maybe you can team up with his stalker and come up with a plan....(I kid!)

Invisible Woman said...

@ms. m, kem and madame z: while I think Jefferey always does quality work, I was NOT feeling him in Basquiat, AT ALL. Maybe cause I know so much about the real one...but I really felt he was all wrong for the part. Maybe if it was just a fictional story I would have felt much differently.

There was a big discussion about him and this film over at The Black Actor (on my blogroll). You might want to check it out.

Wanda said...

Kem, I am so sorry, but they were horrible!

They lost the mystery/intelligence of the original and were turned in to be CGI spectacle. The 3rd movie was not only meaningless, but boring too. The only good thing was the fight with the Frenchman's henchmen (say the 3x fast).

Danielle said...

IW - the film is called "Shottas". I covered it on my blog FFP and it stars my new boy-toy Ky-Mani Marley.

It's just awful, but the music is great and I love to watch movies so bad that they are good sometimes.

I also saw a film called "One Love" starring the same Marley that was very sweet. Trite, but w/a good heart.

Invisible Woman said...

@wanda: now I really know I'll never be seeing them...

@danielle: ya know, I think I've heard of Shottas...I am going to check it out.

Kellybelle said...

Children of Men is awesome. It's one of my all time faves.

Invisible Woman said...

Hi there kellybelle :-)

It is now one of mine too...words can't begin to describe how amazing that movie is...and how amazing Owen is in it.