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Friday, May 9, 2008

Me And 1988....(Part 2)

1988 was not a banner year for Black Cinema. Incredibly, less than a decade after the Blaxploitation explosion of the 70's, there were only 3 Black films in the top 50 for 1988, and even one of them is being generous calling it Black (Colors) as the leads were non-black. The other two were "Coming To America", a huge reader favorite, and "Action Jackson", which I wrote about once HERE

Here is a clip from "Coming To America" (which was may be the last time I thought Eddie was funny in a movie). It is the Soul Glo commercial; showing that huge embarrassment of the 80's, the Jheri Curl--which an unfortunate minority carried on into the 90's:


The Obenson Report said...

Not to be a killjoy here, but... as someone who was born and partly raised in West Africa (Nigeria and Cameroon specifically) to West African parents, Coming To America is actually a somewhat insulting film, as it reinforces stereotypes of Africans, amongst other negatives. I'll admit that I did like it initially, and thought it was funny, but I was a kid when I first saw it, and didn't think of it as anything much more than silly entertainment. But after having lived in this country for the last 22 years, witnessing first-hand the ignorance that's unfortunately more common than not, especially of foreign territories, I started to see the film rather differently, changing my attitude towards it. So, I don't hate it - it's still a funny flick, with some genuinely funny moments, but some of those moments are expensive, and others are paying the cost. I'll still watch it when it's on TV, but I find myself cringing more often than not, or shaking my head and sighing at one thing or another. So it goes...

Nic said...

This clip from Coming to America reminds me of how very badly I wanted a Jheri Curl. My best friend got one, so I had to have one too.

I asked my mother and although she was unsure, she said that we would talk to Mrs. Harris(the lady who pressed my hair at the time)and get her opinion. If Mrs. Harris said okay, then it was on.

When my mom told Mrs. Harris that I wanted a jheri-curl, she told my mother in no uncertain terms,that she WOULD NOT give me a curl. My hair was fine the way it was(my hair was/is thick, coarse, healthy)
and giving me a curl would ruin it. That was mother said NO CURL!!!

Even though I was disappointed b/c I really wanted it...I realize looking back that Mrs. Harris saved my(hair)life. LOL!!!

Thanks for the memory, IW.

Sincere said...

This is one of my favorite movies!!! matter of fact i'm going to go watch it right now!! lol

Danielle said...

Just let you Soul Glowwwwwwww...LMAO! Give a round of applause for "Sexual Chocolate". Where's Arsenio Hall?

Thembi said...

Why can't Eddie get back to making these kinds of movies?

I'm Gonna Get You Sucka was 1988, yeah?

Invisible Woman said...

@obenson: if it makes you feel any better, I'm not as nearly enamored with this film as others are--just in comparison to Eddie's other films it is bearable. But I most definitely see your point. It's good that you can try to get past the stereotypes and try to enjoy it

@nic: that story is hilarious, LOL!! I actually had one (the woman I went to was supposed to be an expert) (shhhhh) but people used to think it was my real hair. The oil factor was still pretty high, tho. Yuck

@sincere: you love some Eddie, huh? :-)

@danielle: I saw Arsenio on the tonight show a couple months back---he looks mature, and it is a much better look on him. He was also pretty low key--also a better look.

I guess him and Eddie must've had a "lover's quarrel"

@Thembi: yeah--I actually worked on that film for a short time. Worst. PA. Ever.