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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Really, Jada?

I promise to have some real movie news later today...but at the moment I am enjoying LA sunshine and Sapporo. In the meantime, here is a clip I've been meaning to post ever since I saw it on Undercover Black Man's blog. It is of Jada Pinkett and her "band" Wicked Wisdom on David Letterman. Just....damn.

She scares me now even more than before. All 4'11 of her.

ok, not really; i'd kick her ass, but she's still scary!


Ehav Ever said...

Wow, or as we say here in Israel ואלה I could only watch about 23 seconds of that. That is scary. I wonder what Will is telling the kids.

Don't worry mommy is just going through a phase.

Darn Ice T and Bodycount for starting this, I think I can do rap N' rock thing.

Danielle said...

Let it out Jada! I swear if I didn't have a healthy outlet for alot of my shyte, I'd be out committing criminal offenses.

Urban Thought said...

Sounds like she is trying to let out her inner tortured soul.

clnmike said...

Whoa I kept expecting her head to spin around and for vomit to come rocketing out of her mouth. I think I will pass on the album.

MsMarvalus said...

Wooooooowwwwww! I adore Jada, but she gon' have to miss me on this music thing...

Cynthia said...

I say do it girl. You live once. Exorcise all that shit out.

Granted, I get mine out by kickboxing or blogging...hey, same difference.

Work that ish. said...

Hello there!

I know that Jada has a creative side and that she's also poetic so I suppose this is her outlet for her "alternative" music.

She would NOT be on Letterman if she were not Will's fact....we would not even be discussing Jada if she had not married Will because she was not a big star on the television sitcom with Lisa Bonet and Jasmine Guy...I forgot the name of that show (LOL)

Tupac and Jada had a lot of musical intimacy in common and I think she has a lot of intensity when it comes to demonstrating her inner "wacko".... I am sure the white teens will be all over Jada's Wicked Wisdom CDs...


Miss Pinky said...

I like to see US(Black Girls) do the "unexpected"...go Jada..LOL

Wanda said...

now see, i can't even pull together the gumption to even push play. I've heard her before and its just too much for me. Not necessarily bad, but still to much.

Invisible Woman said...

@Ehav: does that mean "OY!"? lol

@danielle: in my eyes, that song IS a criminal offense...

@UT: either that or a bad burrito, haha

@clnmike: that was almost my exact same thought :-)

@cynthia: the difference is your blogging and kickboxing is not an assault to our senses....I'm not really digging the song.

@bwbtt: Oh. My. God! FINALLY someone else sees what I think is crystal clear...and having known Tupac, dare I say I think she may be overstating her relationship with him...but I'm not surprised.

@miss pinky: well, I guess you can say that much about it...

@wanda: in the musical sense, trust me, you're not missing a thing but somebody's rock star fantasies..

madame z said...

Her band opened OzzFest one year...and got booed; BUT Ozzy wanted them there; thought they were good. All I know is this is a different woman when she's on stage like this. I tried to get into their stuff, but typically I'm not a head-banger. I love my rock, but not this 'devil may enter your soul and exorcise your innards' rock. LOL. But I admire her 'outlet-ism'.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

No. It is pronounced Walla. it means "Whoah!" or "Wow!" In this situation, I stress the whoah part. I agree with clnmike I was expecting her to either go into the exorcist or even Cari.

It would be different if she had some kind of singing ability. I have no problem with rock, if the people can sing it. Also, if you are doing angry rock should have something to be angry about. What is her excuse?

Invisible Woman said...

@Madame Z: why did I take so much pleasure in reading your comment? bwaaahhahahaha

@ehav: Whoah is just as good! (and right)

I like rock when one can sing, or sound like they can fake it. (not her)