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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Today In B'Days....

The man behind almost all of the Black Cinema I loathe, Ice-Cube, is 39. But I'll forgive him cause of "Friday" (tho that BS he has coming out, "Janky Promoters", may make me take that back).

Here he is talking about more of his depressing projects:


madame z said...


DB said...

What does this cat want to be...a gangsta, or someone who is influential in the entertainment biz? Every time I get ready to say good job Oshea (gov. name), this clown starts trying to be a TV thug again!?! This dude wasn't even a gangsta when he was broke!

aulelia said...

IW, you are assaulting O'Shea with a sharp tongue today lol!

Friday is definitely the exception to the rule. I still do not think O'Shea wearing a headwrap in Barbershop was believable!!

sorry O'Shea!

Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: co-sign!

@db: waaay past time to put the gangsta down after you've done "Are We There Yet?". Damn.

@Aulelia: as you have guessed, dude is definitely rockin' on my very last nerve....

Felicity said...

I am not a fan of Ice Cube

Wonder Man said...

Is this all we got?

Invisible Woman said...

@felicity--admittedly neither am I professionally, though he seems to be a very nice guy in his personal life.

@wonderman: yeah, and that's the problem. said...


Cube is MY BOY!!!

Don't hate on O'Shay!

HE IS THE TRUTH! {raised fist}