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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lord Jesus...."DRAMA!" as my 'zesty' pals usta say.

The wigs alone make me want to lay down and take a long, long, nap.


MsMarvalus said...

Hmm...that is all I will say, for now...

SjP said...


WaywardJam said...

Ah, Sanaa...

sdg1844 said...

Good Lord!

Sergio said...

Oh brother, with the exception of the white people this looks like every other Perry movie ever made. Does he have any ambitions to do something different? That what any talented director does. Explore different genres and ideas. Judging from the trailer techincally he's getting slicker, but it's looks like the same ol' same ol'

And what the deal with Lathan? This is like her THIRD picture being the love interest to some white guy (she has a another film where she's the love interest of Matthew Broderick! Couldn't they at least have casted a more MASCULINE white guy for the role, for God's sake?) When did she become the black girl de jour for interracial movie romances?

Hey when is that Miracle of St. Anna coming out again?

clnmike said...

This one looks kind of interesting, usually you can tell were Perry movies are going before it evens starts, (I havent seen the play for this one so I dont know) looks like he has a sold cast. Lathan is becoming the chocolate fanatsy girl, she needs to watch it before she gets type casted, but she has to work with what they give her.

madame z said...

Hmmmmmm..... This looks.....

Whitney said...

Haha yeah I'm going to have to wait for dvd on this one, if I see it at all... Fab blog btw, and since you know what's up in entertainment media, I wanted to know if you've heard about If Looks Could Kill? I work for Toyota, who released an interactive web series that follows an aspiring fashion designer, Bianca (Femi Emiola, Wicked Wicked Games), into a world of espionage.

And with each webisode, viewers are given a chance at winning prizes, like digital cameras, laptops, and all that fab stuff each week. This week's winner will get a trip to NYC + major shopping spree, and 150 people will win a Bluefly or MAC gift card. Next week: the grand prize is a fully loaded '09 Toyota Camry XLE! Fingers crossed, girl! ;)

Hope I haven't overstepped my bounds by contacting you directly. I'd love to get your take on ILCK since it's clear bloggers like yourself are in-the-know about what's hot and current, so I figured this would be something to catch your interest. If you're into it, check out:

Looking forward to hearing from you honey!

Whitney Maiers
ILCK Ambassador

Thembi said...

Ok Tyler Perry! Thanks for participating in yet another production that makes me wanna lay down with a white man.

I LOOVE Kathy Bates. She is on my list of white people who I'd save in the Race Wars. And I won't even front - Cole Hauser has had my mojo stirrin' since Higher Learning. Ive been a real slouch when it comes to movies but if Alfre Woodard and Kathy Bates are in the actual movie as much as they are in the trailer then this should amount to a respectable flick.

Darkside said...

Dear Mr. Perry,
Can You please make a in depth, artistic film, that does not center on all of your life problems can be solved by family love, women done wrong by men, and your usual themes. While I give you much props on your hard work & success, can you please think outside the box. How about doing the movie version of "Man Child in the promise land." or a Bio pic on Sam Cooke, or a movie based on the great new book "Now the hell will start." Just thought you might wanna try something different.

With Regards,


Black Cinema said...


This one actually, maybe, looks interesting.

White people in a tyler Perry movie. That's a first.

And who said Cole Hauser wasn't masculine. That White Boy could GET IT!

Bygbaby said...

Ummm, that looks like it is going to be off the hook, especially without Madea popping up in it.

I lpve Kathy Bates, so I iwll mos def be getting a ticket boo!!!

Sergio, when you have a formula that is working why rock the boat???

And I so feel you on the white love interest piece!!!!!


Sergio said...

@ Bygbaby

Any talented director who wants to have a long film career and make great movies should always "rock the boat". Scorsese, Spike Lee, even Spielberg have challenged themselves by making films that weren't expected from them. They don't have to succeed (and often they don't) but the goal is to develop their craft and become better filmmakers. Compare Lee's work today from some of his earlier films and his advancement as a filmmaker is undeniable. The guy who made The Miracle of St. Anna is definitely not the same guy who made School Daze.

The fact that Perry's next film is Medea Goes to Jail (with lovable little Rudy from The Cosby Show Keisha Knight Pulliam playing a prositute) shows he's not interested in developing himself as a filmmaker. People will soon get tried of him (they're signs of that already) and will stop going to see his movies. What does he do then? Yeah, yeah I know...he's rich but so what? He and his "companion" can spend a very happy life together but what has he done for the advancement of cinema and black cinema especially? Who's going to remember his films five years from now and consider them good films? I sincerely believe that he thinks he's not as good as a white filmmaker and wants to stay in his safe little world.

And by the way, no matter how much money he makes, in Hollywood's eyes he's a minor league small fry filmmaker making B movies to a small fickle audience. Doesn't he want to apsire the heights of director Christopher Nolan or the Russian director Timur Bekmanbetov who directed Wanted and who is now on the A -list of directors?

@ black cinema

I was referring to Matthew Broderick not being masculine but Cole Hauser

heartsandflowers said...

Tyler Perry with an Afro and Robin Givens playing a biyatch. Not much of a stretch here, heh?