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Thursday, July 17, 2008


This one is too intense even for my WTF stands head and shoulders above the rest. Here is an update on my story the other day on the Nixon/Jeffrey Wright bar fight. From D-Listed:

As you know, Josh and Jeffrey were arrested in Shreveport this past weekend for their involvement in some bar brawl. A part of their arrest was caught on cell phone video and it shows some gross shit.

The video reportedly shows Jeffrey getting tasered and pepper sprayed several times by the cops as he lay on his stomach in the street. TMZ reports that several officers cursed Jeffrey out and used the the "N" word towards him. Josh was trying to control the situation, but ended up getting pepper sprayed in the eyes. The video hasn't been released yet, but you know it's coming.

This is why the cops always scare the fuck out of me. I talk a big talk, but when the cops come around, I become a 4-year-old girly with a speech impediment.

And how the hell are those cops going to taser, pepper spray and curse at Jeffrey?! Obviously they never saw Basquiat.

Expect a groveling, fake ass apology from these dumbass cops in 3...2.....

From IW: I am speechless.


Miss Pinky said...

"I talk a big talk, but when the cops come around, I become a 4-year-old girly with a speech impediment."


I know that's

bohemianabstractions said...

Wow...I'm speechless as well, but not surprised.

Cops scare me too, that whole "To Serve and Protect" mess is bullshit. Their motto should be "To maim, taze and kill at will".

I try to stay away from them.

clnmike said...

Man thats messed up, no black person feels safe if the cops come around even if your the victim.

madame z said...

Exactly. How could they do that to Basquiat. Bastards! LOL. Seriously though; this is a mess. Shreveport ain't NYC, but the more things 'change' the more they are the same, everywhere. And cops give me the heebie-dee-jeebies too.

MacDaddy said...

I expect cops to be rude to me. Usually, they're pretty professional. But I'm always surprised when they act professional and do their job. Shouldn't be that way.

sdg1844 said...

Oh I'm sure the apologies will come. I mean we didn't mean to call tat pickaninny a "n*gger". We're not racist at all.

Wash, rinds, repeat. I remember NYPD's acronym C.P.R. cuz that's what your ass will need when they get finished with you.

Thembi said...


I missed you. Youve been averaging Thembi-frequency posts! This new job better be good for somethin'...

Um, so Josh Brolin is now hittable because he took up for the Negro cause. I kind dig it.

Wonder Man said...

I'm shocked but not surprised

LeNoir Tyrannical said...

i was in NYC for a vaca recently. we were in the subway and needed "at least my mom thought" directions to the next train. She saw to white cops posted up and asked them. I saw them and the name "Sean Bell" kept coming to mind...and Abner Luima, Amadu Diallo...i just walked away from them and let her talk. I felt like i didnt have anything to them. Not all cops are like that but idk NYC cops are not my taste. They have gotten away with far too much.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Jeffrey Wright is my favorite actor period. You honestly have no idea how much I admire this man. At one time, he worked on the stage. I think he still does stage work from time to time. Being in the theater myself, I so want him in a production of mine.

Wright is a brother who has defied stereotypes in the roles he has performed in on the screen. Even in life, real life, he has defied the stereotype of successful black man--he is married to a sister.

The description of the "incident" is a bit scary. The wrong cop could have ended his career for good there on the spot.