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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today In B'Days....

Bill Cosby is 71. Damn!

Lisa Nicole Carson says she's 39. Where you and your boobage at girl?!

Here's Bill in one of my favorites of all time--"Uptown Saturday Night". I posted this clip once before, but what can I say? Love it!

Bonus clip: I also loved this hip hop group from back in the day...they were constantly paying homage to everything Black and 70's from Ernie Barnes/"Goodtimes" to the lovable "Uptown Saturday Night" and "Coolie High"---this is one of my very, very, very, very favorite songs of all time...let "luchini fall from the sky!":


Villager said...

U have to give props to the career of Bill Cosby. His comedy albums and stand-up routine back in the day were always hilarious. I used to love when he told stories of him and his brother growing up. 'Buck-buck #1 ... Buck-Buck #2...!

As for Lisa Carson ... dayum, I love me some Lisa Carson (bad attitude and all)...

peace, Villager

8thlight said...

1. Come on nipple! *attempts jedi mind trick on pic*

2. Camp Lo are STILL getting it done. Black Hollywood & Fort Apache Mixtape are both great IMHO.

Sergio said...

I can't vouch if this is true but the last I heard about Carson was that she had developed schizophrenia and is being privately being taken cared of by her family. Remember that she had suffered a couple of public mental breakdowns and bizzare behavior episodes and had been instuitionized in a few psychiatric facilities.

A real shame and I have to admit I really dug her. I thought she was a very, very sexy woman

Wonder Man said...

Lisa Nicole Carson?!? I hope that's not true. She has a lot skills.

Shelia said...

Oh my, I never heard that about Carson either. I really think that she is a talent. It is curious though that we haven't seen her in a while.

That would be very unfortunate if it is true.

sdg1844 said...

I love the old Poitier/Cosby films. They were a good time. Happy B'day Coz. Lisa Nicole Carson scares me. She lost too much weight.

Whatever happened to Camp Lo? They had that cool 70's vibe about them and good music to boot.

madame z said...

I hope Carson is getting the help she needs, though I miss her as an actress. I loved her in Love Jones. Remember the scene where she and Nina where in the back of the cab and Nina said, "It's like his d*ck speaks to me." And Lisa's character says, "What it say?" LOLOLOL Love that scene. Happy Birthday Bill Cosby! And yes, I loved the Poitier/Cosby/Belafonte collabos too!

WaywardJam said...

I hadn't heard that about Carson either. My wife and I always wondered what happened to her. I remember the last interview I saw her in she was acting all kinds of strange, then poof, she vanished.

Ehav Ever said...

Happy B-Day to The Cos. Camp Lo, I still listen to them. Love that B-Side of Hollywood song.