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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today In B'Days....

Laurence Fishburne is 47.

Vivica Fox is 44 (cough). Her hairline is 82.*

*you saw that one coming didn't you?


aulelia said...

hi IW,
lol, this is a LMAO post esp @ vivica's hairline being 82.

also, why is vivica wearing silly coloured contacts?

yay 4 larry !

sdg1844 said...

You are SO wrong on Miss Viv's hairline. IW. SO wrong and yet so wonderfully right. said...

Hey there!

Why do folks hate on Viv and you want her to go the Wendy Williams route???

Larry is really seasoning with age....hmmmm......

Chocl8t said...

Actually, Aunt Viv's hairline is deceased...died about 5 years ago.

Invisible Woman said...

@aulelia: are those colored contacts that are brown? Weird.

@danielle: at least you know I'm right!

@bwbtt: no comment on Wendy and Viv's hair--best to leave that alone. As for Larry--I believe that is an older picture; he is looking quite "round" these days.

@chocl8t: Hey girl! ROTFLMBAO at your comment!!!

Bygbaby said...

Vivica looks like shit!!! She was so hot before the surgery that she did not have!!! Some sisters get so lost.

Bygbaby said...

My co-worker saw Larry Fishburne in NYC last week in the Thurgood Marshall production.

She said he was realy good in it.

Oops. He's Laurence now, isn't he


Invisible Woman said...

@bygbaby: i do think aunt viv loses her way sometimes

@ tba: I think he is perfect for that role; waaay more so than terrence howard that is supposed to play him in some upcoming movie.