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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend B.O.

July 11–13, 2008 Studio Estimates (thanks Sergio!)

1) Hellboy II:The Golden Army Uni. $35,885,000

2) Hancock Sony $33,000,000 Total: $165,034,000

3) Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D NL $20,580,000

4 ) Wall-E BV $18,509,000 Total; $162,772,000

5) Wanted Uni. $11,586,000 Total; $112,045,000

6) Get Smart WB $7,105,000 Total; $111,468,000

7) Meet Dave Fox $5,300,000

8) Kung Fu Panda P/DW $4,300,000 Total: $202,043,000

9) Kit Kittredge: An American Girl PicH $2,357,000 Total; $11,046,000

10) Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Par. 2,250,000 Total 310,477,000

From IW: Okay I'll go through these one by one...

1) Hellboy: Zero interest

2) Hancock: After fiending to see it for months, I finally saw it this weekend. Sorry, I don't care what folkses say, I liked it very much, as I do with all Will Smith movies. When I first saw the director was Peter Berg I thought "this can't be the same dude that was in Corky Romano with Chris Kitean". But lo and behold it was. WTF? A him-bo trusted to direct a blockbuster?

Like I said, I liked it very much, and I think people are way too critical of it--wanting a Will Smith failure badly,, or something like that. It is better than 85% of the films I've seen in the past year....for real. The ending wasn't so hot, and the cinematography was pretty awful (they should have hired the "Spiderman" dude), but I definitely think it's worth checking out and enjoying a matinee.

3) Journey To The Center Of The Earth: Next! At least Brendan Fraser found a decent lacefront wig.

4) Wall-E: Normally I love Pixar movies (the only kids movies I like) but I have absolutely no desire to see this for some reason.

5) Wanted: I wrote about this ish HERE in "WTF-Volume 5". Maybe now that St. Jolie has the twins with the f**ked up names, she will concentrate on other things besides playing characters that are supposed to be Black. From reader Leo Of Borg:

"Having just read WANTED the comic, and NOT having Fox in the movie as a black anti-heroine, this just pissed me off. All this really looks like is yet another chance for Angelina to show off more [permanent?] ink. Feh.

here with my sentiments and with links to the comic."

6) Get Smart: Don't feel one way or the other. Like Steve Carrell and the original show...will probably see it one day.

7) Meet Dave: Holee shit!! Can somebody say nuclear bomb? I think only "Basic Instinct 2" opened this bad. Note to Eddie: Reality check!

8) Kung Fu Panda: Hmmmm. Don't have much to say about this one either; will probably see it eventually.

9) Kit Kittredge: Ummmm....guess Willow inherited the star power of her mama Jada and not Poppy Smith.

10) Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull: Is this mess still hanging around?


8thlight said...

I think you should give Wall-E a try. I loved it. It's definitely not a child's movie. The love story was definitely cute, but the messages on consumption and its effect of the planet and it's people was very good, too. It's the best movie out that's not Iron man.

I really liked Will in Hancock, but the special effect were some of the worst I have ever seen in a big budget movie. The scene when Hancock throws the whale back into the ocean still makes me cringe when I think about it. It looked terrible. I think in general I think Peter Berg is a nice director. He did a nice job with The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights. He just had a bit of a clunker this time.

madame z said...

When I first saw the director was Peter Berg I thought "this can't be the same dude that was in Corky Romano with Chris Kitean". But lo and behold it was. WTF? A him-bo trusted to direct a blockbuster?

I've enjoyed Peter in movies, but think he's better off in smaller roles; namely the TV roles he's starred in. Small does...that's how I like Peter Berg. By the same token, I think he fares even better as a director although his performance in The Great White Hype is just a guilty pleasure of mine...but then again, that movie is a guilty pleasure. LOL. Still, The Rundown, Kingdom Come, Friday Night Lights were all some entertaining flicks.

I've yet to see Hancock but I really want to. Hellboy the first, was actually a pretty solid film; but typically I don't care for the whole demons and angels, succubus/incubus, hellfire and damnation action stories/heroes/plots/etc. Although I enjoyed Constantine...hmm, anyway... LOL

Wall-E I've heard is awesome. Do those Pixar folks do any wrong with their movies? Oh yes, they do. I didn't care for Cars. LOL.

Brendan Fraser fell off. Journey to the Center of the Earth will win him over with the chillens, but The Mummy part 3? Ummm, NO. I really enjoyed the franchise but they made a mistake by not striking when the iron was hot; Mummy 3 should've come out years ago before Rachel Weisz received that Oscar nomination/won that Oscar! LOL. She's moved ON; why would she go back to the role? Fanboys and fangirls alike are already complaining about how the writers have replaced her character. It doesn't bode well for this flick's success. The lacefront comment: too damn funny. LOL.

Wanted. Love James McAvoy, but don't care to see this flick AT ALL.

Get Smart is rental-worthy. Love Carell.

Meet Dave. SMDH.

Panda, rental-worthy.

Sergio said...

1) Hellboy II is great! I'm HUGE fan of director Guillermo Del Toro's work. He's one of the few directors out there who's a true. visionary. Madame Z has a problem with the whole "demonic" nature of the film but that doesn't bother me being a ordinated minister of the Holy Church of Satan (rituals and sex orgies every Friday at 12 midnight)

2) I was mixed about Hancock. Now granted I'm am definitely not a Will Smith fan (as you can tell by my comment regarding Jim Brown and that Slaughter Big Rip-Off film trailer in an earlier post) Smith is like that SAFEST BLACK MAN ON THE PLANET which I guess is the main reason for his appeal. He's the friendly, sexually neutured black guy who doesn't have a dirty thought in his head and he LOVES EVRYBODY. I miss the good old days of Jim Brown-killing-all-the-white-guys-and-banging-every-woman-he-bumps-into movies. (Like that scene in the first Slaughter movie where Jim Brown is in a three way with a white chick and the black woman and HE KICKS THE BLACK WOMAN OUT! Let's see Will Smith do that!)

But I digress. The problem with Hancock for me it that the first part is great but it seriously falls apart in the second half. The several new scenes were shot and the film was drastically reedited at the last minute because it was thought that Smith's character was too offputting to the audience. As a rersult the second half of the film has a real helter sketer confusing tone. I wish they had gone ahead and made the original R rated screenplay Tonight He Comes that hancock is based on. I read that some of that harder R rated stuff was in the original version but cut out completely or re-shot. At best it was an ambitious failure for me. Maybe his next movie coming out this December, Seven Pounds, will be better. Maybe even better he actually has sex scene in the film

sdg1844 said...

Not interested in any of it. I am looking forward to seeing "The Dark Knight" and that's about it. Everything else can wait for Netflix. Damn, I sound bitchy. LMAO.

madame z said...

Madame Z has a problem with the whole "demonic" nature of the film but that doesn't bother me being a ordinated minister of the Holy Church of Satan (rituals and sex orgies every Friday at 12 midnight)


Urban Thought said...

Excellent commentary as always.

I'm with you on Hancock. The ending was So So yet somehow left me feeling a lot better about certain plot lines in the film.

I haven't seen much else... Oh wait... Get Smart... I slept through thirty minutes of it. But I didn't laugh all that much. Steve is a great comic actor, however it wasn't his best movie.

I heard Wall-E was good. Visual movie though... Not much talking. So maybe I'll go when I'm just bored and have nothing to do...

MsMarvalus said...

I agree with you about the Will Smith thing...I think folks hate on him because they are looking for him to fail...