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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Coupla Trailers....

First up, Jamie Foxx's "The Soloist":

Despite Jamie changing it up, and despite Robert Downey Jr (whom I love), I'm cool. Y'all report back.

Here is "Madea Goes To Jail" (sorry Sergio). Make of it what you will:

Despite all that's gone on here in this blog about Tyler Perry, Madea makes me laugh (so sue me!) The films are never, ever as funny as the plays, not even close, in my opinion. Here is a clip of the play "Madea Goes To Jail". Hilarious!


clnmike said...

Robert Downey Jr is bucking for an Oscar they just need something legit to give it to him, this might be it.

MsMarvalus said...

I think I agree with Mike about this one...although he might get shown up...

Regina said...

I love Madea and I agree the plays are ALWAYS better than the movies!

Believer 1964 said...

The Soloist reminds me of Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadler. Still, this looks good!

I am a Tyler Perry and Madea fan. I was introduced to the plays so that's my first love!

madame z said...

Robert Downey deserved an Oscar for Chaplin, damn Academy.LOL. Madea is hilarious and I agree with most of you, the plays were always BETTER and funnier than the movies. I can stomach them moreso than the cinematic features he destroys on screen. ;)


Damn - what's up with the Madea lovefest above? Usually, it's the other way around :o)

Interesting though that folks seem to like the plays better than the movies. So, it's not that Tyler Perry isn't liked. You all would just prefer that he stick to theatre instead of film? Maybe his work is better suited for the stage than the screen?

Oh, it's Obenson by the way, even though my handle has change.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but did you know the director of the new Richard Gere/Diane Lane movie Nights in Rodanthe is none other than George C. Wolfe, famed theater director (Jelly's Last Jam, Spunk, and the one he wrote, The Colored Museum; also Lackawanna Blues)?? I saw in the previews Lane's character has a BBF played by Viola Davis.

Anonymous said...

Well, I read the Secret Life of Bees and I don't know exactly what a Magical Negro is: A Black person that has magic powers and use that power to help Whites?

Based on the book, They don't have magical powers, but they do help the White little girl.Queen's character speaks words of wisdom, Alicia's Character doesn't like her, cuz she's white and will bring trouble. Sophie's character is simple minded & a little crazy
(but there is a backstory to that)
Jennifer's character is basically her Mammy. Overall the book was kind of sappy and I hear the movie is the same. The sisters are honey makers, so they run their own business and they do have subplots or their own individual stories within the book. The film may not show all of it, IDK. So I don't know if they would qualify as magical negros. The trailer seemed to mainly focus on Dakota's character( although the story is told from her point of view). The book was just okay for me.

I will probably see it cuz, I like the director.

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike and ms m: I hope RDJ gets one, tho i really think he should have had one before.

@regina and believer1964: the plays are miles better!

@madame z: if only TP could translate that humor on screen...but it might be..ya know, too BLACK for the studio heads-lol.

hi WUE aka obenson: i don't hate tyler perry, but i'm "meh" about his movies, for sure. the plays have me laughing--they just hit my funnybone, don't know why.

@anon #1: I did know that. i'm sure it will be a fine film, but i won't know until it hits HBO or Showtime..Richard Gere is not a fave. I'm glad he's getting that caliber of work tho.

@anon #2: click on my hyperlink in the post for magical negro--i think you may have the basis of what it means.

and yes, a "mammy" is in that magical group

Luvvie (aka Queen IG) said...

I admit that I am a HUGE Madea fan. Got ALL the plays on DVD (legit, might I add).

Invisible Woman said...

@luvvie: all legit huh? you are in a VERY exclusive club. haha!

btw, i went to a yardsale last weekend, and the whitest white lady was giving it. she had a bootleg tyler perry play in one of her sale boxes...lmao!