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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend BO....

WEEKEND BOX OFFICE (thanks sergio!)
September 26–28, 2008
Studio Estimates

1) Eagle Eye P/DW $29,200,000

2) Nights in Rodanthe WB $13,570,000

3) Lakeview Terrace SGem $7,000,000 Total: $25,700,000

4) Fireproof Goldwyn $6,514,000

5) Burn After Reading Focus $6,169,000 Total: $45,540,000

6) Igor MGM/W $5,500,000 Total: $14,339,000

7) Righteous Kill Over. $3,803,000 Total: $34,805,000

8) Best Friend's Girl LGF $3,800,000 Total: $14,529,000

9) Miracle at St. Anna BV $3,501,000 (sergio-'even though it's only in less than 1200 theaters compared to 3600 for Eagle Eye and over 160 minutes which means less showings that's not good')

10) Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys LGF $3,160,000 Total; $32,796,000

11) Ghost Town P/DW $2,948,000 Total: $9,239,000

12) The Women PicH $2,653,000 Total: $24,079,000

OK, this has to be one of the most depressing line-ups I've seen in a while. Gonna see Miracle At St. Anna tonight, cause I couldn't face 3 hours in the theatre this weekend. But I did see "Righteous Kill". If anyone needs proof positive that Pacino and DiNiro really and truly don't give a f*ck anymore, look no further than this movie. Hot garbage!

Tho "Nights In Rodanthe" was directed by a Black man (George C. Wolfe) I have zero desire to see it. I would say it's partly the subject matter (I am allergic to chick flicks--severely) and partly because of my memories of Richard Gere when I worked at the studio That Will Henceforth Remain Unnamed (TWHRU). His offices were near mine, and he always walked around with this smug, self-satisfied, "ya know you want me" look on his face. It drove me bananas.

Anyhoo-why are they making former fat kid Shia LeBouf out to be the next action hero? Sorry, I like my leading action star man to be an actual man, not some weak dude with peach fuzz, call me crazy. And what the heck is "Fireproof?"


SolShine7 said...

Fireproof is an indie Christian movie starring Kirk Cameron (from Growing Pains). The movie was made for only $500,000 so they made some big bucks on. And I've been a Shia LeBouf fan since he was on the Disney Channel's Even Stevens. He's really growing up into a good looking guy. I can't wait to see his next flick.

By the way, I started a new blog called Reel Artsy where I spotlight quirky films by minority filmmakers. You can check it out at

Sergio said...

Perhaps it was no secret that Miracle was going to bomb, but I didn't expect it to flop so badly. Once again Spike's career is in the toliet like it was before Inside Man bought it back to life.

The problem with Miracle is that people know without even seeing it that it's going to be a CHORE to sit through as are most serious black films. The film could have been a tense, straight up, action WW II film and it is in several scenes, but Spike is SO heavy handed that it almost (but not quite) ruins the film. Even though his name is not on the credits as screenwriter, the film has his fingerprints all over the place. Is it possible that Spike could make a film with a black character and not make a race an issue every ten minutes? He did that in Inside Man and the result was his biggest box office hit ever, but obviously he didn't learn the lesson

madame z said...

I saw the trailer for "Fireproof" after seeing the trailer for "Family That Preys", both were equally cringeworthy, with "Fireproof" being more. Caused me to roll my eyes into the back of my head; it's a Christian flick and overly "Jesus-y" done and sappy and...yeah, got that from the trailer.

I like Shia...though to hear the gossip blogs tell it, he's a total douche. LOL

Awkward Black Girl said...

Yeah, "Night in Rodanthe" was wack. I love Diane Lane, but even she couldn't save it. Blah

Invisible Woman said...

@ solshine: Hey! where ya been? Thanks for the info--still not familiar, but now I know. I will link up your new blog to my site :-)

@sergio: I guess I have to cosign with you on this one...

@madame z: lol at your first comment! as far as shia, he had that car accident a coupla blocks from my house--being all shady and suspicious with that chick AND drunk. Do you know people were selling the crash parts on E-Bay? I coulda made some loot! haha

@awkward: why am I not surprised?