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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The GOP aka The Mummy And The Bubblehead....

From BygBaby:

I am so tripping over the fact that:

This woman has no passport & never been out of the country but is expected to have foreign relations on behalf of the country.

This woman has went to 5 colleges in 6 years. WTF?????

Half the people at the convention never heard of her before last Friday

Does this sound like someone who has it on the ball? Let me answer that one; Ummmm NO!

Regarding The Mummy, aka McCain:

Most of the speeches given were about the war, Palin, elitist democrats, The Mummy’s war/POW record (how many times will this story be told?), religion, family values. I really could give less than a fuck about any of these issues. Talk to me about the economy, schools/higher ed, what happened on America’s Next Top Model and why Tyra chose a transsexual contestant, the housing market, jobs (Breaking news: 84,000 more jobs lost in August) etc. Talk to me about something that is going to make my life better, not something that divisive.

From IW: Amen! I am going to go off about this Republican booolshyt very, very soon is bubbling up in me like a freakin' volcano. In the meantime, I will leave you with something that at least made me laugh a bit. From "News As Gossip", a blog that I love:

Sarah Palin Proves She's Unqualified and Ignorant Enough to Lead This Country

In a speech last night that was so good Rush Limbaugh liked it, Sarah Palin erased any doubts that she is the single best person to lead our nation.

Palin made it clear she's not like those "Washington Insiders" who have worked in federal government and apply their experience to make knowledgeable decisions. She would apply her complete ignorance of foreign affairs and domestic legislative and judicial rules to solve problems like immigration and Pakistani instability with simple rural charm she learned by driving her kids to hockey. Perhaps we could even eliminate the climate crisis by poring over the book of Leviticus a bit more thoroughly. We would win the war in Iraq, provide unparalleled care to those with Down's Syndrome (hopefully without resorting to science) and pay for it all with an enormous tax cut.

By the way, here's a great joke I heard last night:

Q: What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?

A: Lipstick!(note: I'm unsure if this means the hockey mom wears lipstick or the pitbull wears lipstick. Either way, it's a terrific joke that qualifies the teller to be Vice President)

pic spotted on "Maybe It's Just Me", who stated about Palin "If you look at her stuff, she's basically a glorified student government president." lol!


A New Man said...

Man, McCain should have Brendan Fraser at every speech in costume. As for Palin, did Dan Quayle get a sex change? It's a thing that makes you say, "Mmmmm..."

d.funkt said...

this is absolutely insane. shes never been out of the country? my god. as if we dont have enough ignorance of international goings on in our government already! im so mad that mccain & co. thinks that by plucking any woman from a position of power will make hillary supporters flock. why would a woman vote for a woman whos against womens rights??

clnmike said...

No passport?

5 colleges?

Ok now you see that I have been using kid gloves with her ass, damn that the Caribou Barbie got to go!

MsMarvalus said...

I'm right there with you, IW...D.I.S.B.S.!

KentuckyGal said...

Found you through your comment on Hagar's Daughters blog. "Invisible Woman" is a handle I sometimes use. :) Stopped by and thought the pic of the two dead people fit so right with the names beneath. :p

Bygbaby said...

Thx Bygbaby is a clever fella!!! LOL

The Pussy Puppet is espected to interview on on one with Charlie Gibson thursday of this week.

I know the cable news networks are ready to tear her apart like they were starving pit bulls.


Invisible Woman said...

@a new man: funny

@d.funkt: cause i am beginning to think we are a nation of idiots (except those that read this blog, of course)

@clnmike: Git 'er!! Yeehaw!

@Ms. M: D.I.S.B.S indeed :-)

Invisible Woman said...

@bygbaby: i hope they chew dat azz up!

belledame222 said...

hey, she can SEE Russia from Alaska, you know.

and you know what else? -I- can see the MOON from my window at night.


which means i feel that I am uniquely qualified to share my expertise about the Space Program.

also, cheese.

o i hope they hire me soon...

Invisible Woman said...

@belledame: LMAO!!!!

but such an appropriate analogy--what a freakin' airhead.

SolShine7 said...

LOL. That picture is too funny!

Invisible Woman said...

And so right, yes? haha