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Friday, September 5, 2008

Old School Music Friday....

OK, let me just confess that I haven't posted in a couple of days, cause these here Republicans have put Madame Invisible in a deep and complete funk. I was so angry the morning after Sarah Palin's speech that on my way to work, some old dude honked at me and flashed his lights cause I changed lanes in front of him, tho I was a clear 3 car lengths ahead of him. I was in a foul mood, so I switched lanes and slowed down to look at his ass, and lo and behold--he looked exactly like Dick Cheney--only fueling my pissed-offedness to the ninth degree. I must have chased that fool for blocks, yelling every obscenity I could think of. The dude looked like he was gonna pass out on the dashboard. Afterward, I knew that that I must not let these f*cking idiots get the best of me, and tried to focus on things that didn't make me want to roundhouse kick somebody in the face. This week meme, "Disco" makes me feel a bit better.

I used to sing this song in front of a mirror and pretend I was a straight diva when I sang it (even tho I was already one in the making, haha). My parents would play this song, and I loved it to death...and still do. The Diva that sang it (yes, with a capital D) came into a new horizon with this song (if I remember correctly, it was produced by the dudes from Chic)....and even tho this You Tube video doesn't have the full song, those of you who know it won't need it anyway. I chose it because it gave me extra levity when I watched it--I laughed out loud; the backup dancers are zestier than 10 bags of Florida oranges, straight from "The House Of La'Beija", and the precursors to Madonna's "Vogue" video before she even knew what was up. Check out the video, if only just for them!

Update: I meant to talk about this part but I forgot (thanks sdg1844!) that I'm older I know that this song is all about getting some righteous Vitamin D(ifyaknowwhatimean)--were my parents horrified when they heard me yelling out this song? haha!

AJ -
Believer 1964 -
BklynQueen’86 -
CC Groovy -
Chocl8t -
Cooper -
Shawn -
Danielle Vyas -
Dee -
DP -
Fresh and Fab -
Hagar’s Daughters –
Invisible Woman -
John -
Kevin -
Kim -
LaKeisha -
LaShonda -
Lil Creole Pimp -
Lisa C -
Mahogany -
Malcolm -
Marcus -
MarvalusOne -
Mike -
Mrs. Grapevine -
MsLadyDeborah -
Pjazzypar -
Pop Art Diva -
Quick -
Regina -
Shae-Shae -
Sharon -
Thembi -
Villager -
Vivrant Thang -
Zenobia -


MsMarvalus said...

shit...I think I needed the zestiness today...made me feel less bitchy...

Love The Boss...

Maybe that's why I've been in such a funk all week...I have been railing into folks left and right...I had to lock myself in my office and pray today, I was going off so bad...damn Republicans!

tee hee hee

sdg1844 said...

"Love Hangover". Awwwww sh*t! That is my jam right there. Disco genius w/the build to the crescendo. Damn, did that just sound like s-e-x? LMAO!

Don't let the Re-thugs get to you. Stay focused girl. :-)

MrsGrapevine said...

I have been in a funk, too. I've only had one post since the DNC, and I almost turned by blog into a political one after the RNC. They made me so mad reducing an accomplished black man down to the words "nothing", "nada", "zero"...

Anyway, I 'm getting fired up again. You are the second person to post this song, and if I knew this counted as Disco, I would have been the third. I love this song...

iriegal said...

Sis, I know what you saying about that b-ass speech by Palin. So EXACTLY why I submerged myself with some OLD SCHOOL DISCO.

Those were the feel good days when BEING BLACK meant YOU were on top of the world (THE REVOLUTION).

Music was TIGHT back then, FRO's blowing in da wind.

Hey, dont get me started on my anthem "I WILL SURVIVE" by GLoria GAYNOR.

You got the BOSS song as your pick!

Diana in her element

QueenK.D.W.-BK86 said...

This lady scared the living daylights out of me as I child. Seriously. But she epitomizes women in disco.

cooper said...

I'm trying to ignore the whole Palin ting until it dies down. It produces too much negative energy.

I'm totally now familiar with that song at all.

In firefox it says it is not available in Safari it's working.

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Love Hangover was the and still is the -ish! I think we all sang this like we knew what we were talking about. LOL

clnmike said...

Damn I forgot about this song, hell I forgot about her! Good pic.

Kim said...

The Boss! One of her many great disco hits. Absolutely loved it! Great pick! Happy OSF!

mahoganydymond said...

Great choice...

I tell you the crap I had to deal with after Palin's Speech. Then people at work I swear...

Regina said...

Great choice! I pick Diana also, she did her thang!!!

Pascalle said...

Sarah Pale-thing, she's a mess. She needs to sit down and keep her head down. Anyhow, that video is hilarious, those dancers are SERVING. Howtheydoin?!!! Thanks for that.

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks for coming by you all!

@cooper: you really are right
@pascalle: welcome!

D.J. said...

Every time I come across someone who writes in their blog that this election has gotten them a little down, I send them this little nugget that picks me up a little.