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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Some things have come up on my radar for the past couple of weeks, some of them questionable as hayell, some of them just mild what tha?'s. Some of them are a bit late, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there anyway:

Halle Berry as "Sexiest Woman Alive"? Yes, she is very pretty, yes she has a great body (she really knows how to show the goods), but I have always found her a bit devoid of the sexual vibe. Like I can't imagine her doing the do without worrying about her hair, if she actually does the do at all (did you follow that?). Apparently, Slausnificent agrees with me.

Terrence Howard booted from Ironman for being greedy? HaHA! (doing my best Nelson from the Simpsons). Dude! What were you thinking? Terrence practically sleepwalked his role in that film---I honestly thought they chose him cause the filmmakers were too lazy to think of another Black guy. This was clearly a case of shut the f*ck up and just get paid. Will The Cheadle be any better? I dunno, but he is like 3 feet, 18 inches, so that is not exactly an auspicious start.

OK, we've been hearing for years that Will and Jada have this wonderful stage marriage as gay and lez in wedlock. But can this story about him paying for discreet, ummm..."down-under" sex be real? If so, wow--let the fireworks begin.

ps: these blind items are supposedly, allegedly, about him. questionable indeed: and

Why, why, why, oh why is Beyonce playing Eartha Kitt? Just damn!!! I agree with Clay Cane 100%:

Etta James and now Eartha Kitt are roles that could make a career for an up and coming actress. Also, isn’t it a rule that once an actor plays a real life character in a movie they should be avoiding additional biopics? That would be like Jamie Foxx playing Sammy Davis, Jr. Beyonce has already portrayed Diana Ross (I don't care what ya say, Deena Jones is Diana), Etta James, and now Eartha Kitt. What's next -- Harriet Tubman?

Yes, Beyonce is a great performer, but an actress she is not. Eartha Kitt was a child conceived by rape, born on a cotton plantation in South Carolina, and rose to fame the old fashion way, hard work—while suffering awful sexism and racism. Her career was practically ruined for being an outspoken advocate against the Vietnam War and she allegedly made the First Lady at a White House luncheon in 1968 burst into tears. Nothing about Eartha's life story will Beyonce be able to pull off. Bey doesn't even know how to drop her George W. Bush Texan accent—how is she going to manage Eartha's South Carolina/pseudo-European accent?

Most importantly, there are so many black actresses who could play Eartha Kitt. The depth and history of Eartha could be an Oscar winning role, but in a Beyonce’s performance all you will get is a NAACP nomination. The reality is, no matter how hard this woman tries to be Meryl Streep, and I believe she is trying, I believe she takes acting class with some of the best teachers in the business—mama just doesn’t have "it."

beyonce "emoting" as etta james in cadillac records--the lights are on, but no one's home.....

Was watching some seriously random movies over the weekend. One of them was "Motives 2" (don't judge me!). What was up with that movie? Seriously, this was completely like a Black and English speaking version of a Mexican tele-novela on TeleMundo, from the outfits, to the makeup, to the overly extreme-to-the-max over the top melodramatic situations and acting. Boo.

I also rewatched "Sugar Hill" for the first time since the 90's. Did that movie just seem so much better because of Terrence Blanchard's moody score, or was it actually good? And how could Wesley Snipes look so damn fine in that movie and be a complete and total turn-off today? How does that happen? And what the eff happened to Theresa Randall? (I always hated her hair in every movie). All I know is Clarence Williams III played the hayell out of Wesley's junkie dad character.

I know I talk about some of the limited choices we have in Black Cinema in the states, but elsewhere, it is even more dismal. To wit, this email from reader Aulelia of "Charcoal Ink". Should we be grateful that we even have choices, good or bad?:

Hi IW,

I feel compelled to write to you and let you know that I finally saw the Great Debaters today. I had to resort to downloading it because the bloody film was not released in the UK despite all of my patient waiting.

I am not even surprised that it does not have a European Region 2 DVD release which is deeply frustrating as I had wanted to buy it.

Anyway, I know it came out ages ago for you in the US but just wanted to say that I thought it was brilliant. Loved it. Lol, no surprise as I am obsessed with Denzel but jokes aside, I found it to be quite touching. I knew what to expect plot wise and I did not feel disappointed.

What does make me sad is how black people in the UK are being starved of such rich films like GD. We keep getting absolute SHITE being advertised here (like journey to the centre of the earth) yet films like GD are ignored - why ? - because they have a black cast.

It is shameful and disgusting. Just want let to let you know that the situation for seeing black films in the UK in cinemas is barely alive.

No wonder Idris and his lovely self has found more work in the US. It is a shame but what it is is merely a reflection of reality.


Villager said...

Hotep IW! I was feelin' your whole commentary up until what you say about Halle Berry. Most brothers would tell you that she would never worry about her hair-do during sex. After all, we saw here with Billy Bob Thornton in that P.Diddy was a death row inmate flick. Halle won an Oscar ... and her hair was the least of her worries when she was getting it on in that movie!

Invisible Woman said...

@villager: lol! talkin' bout real life villager, real life!

and notice she was ACTING in monster's ball..

SolShine7 said...

You're right about that Beyonce thing. She's a decent actress but I rather have someone like Kerry Washington, Paula Patton or some other upcoming black actress get a chance at that role and like you said, perhaps get a Golden Globe or Oscar nomination. With that said, some singers turn actors have depth, like Jennifer Hudson or Queen Latifah but Beyonce doesn't bring that same emotional authenticity to her roles. If she took a supporting role in an indie film she might better refine her acting craft without the pressure of carrying a movie. That would be the better choice.

Also, I've heard in most European countries black films and black actors are a rarity. I'd like to head to Germany one day and make a film there.

madame z said...

Halle. I have to agree with you IW, she's very pretty, but that about it. I don't get that vibe from her either but then again...maybe it's good I don't. LOL. Thanks for introducing me to the blog. Me likey!

Terence Howard. SIT DOWN. I cannot believe this! I love Cheadle, God knows I do, but Howard IS Rhodey. Maybe they won't show his character that much...but then again, isn't this next one going to be all about 'War Machine'? Oy!

Will Smith. Word? LOL.

Beyonce. She is seriously determined to prove everyone wrong and to get that coveted Oscar, isn't she? C'mon! LOL. Now she's to star as Eartha Kitt? I can only imagine Beyonce's husky, Southern drawl 'purring' and 'meowing' with a Euro-inspired accent. C'mon! I.Can't.Handle.It. NEXT UP: Beyonce to star in a biopic of Moms Mabley or Ella Fitzgerald or Zora Neale Hurston or 'Florence' from "Good Times", that woman from the Pine-Sol commercials, etc. LOL. C'mon! There are FAR BETTER ACTRESSES who even RESEMBLE Eartha moreso than Beyonce. And isn't Eartha petite? SMH.

Motives 2. I didn't see the first one; so not interested in this urban 'flick'.

Sugar Hill. Two things: AZ's "Sugar Hill" rap song is still a favorite and Theresa Randall...where the hell is she INDEED. Hell, she could star as Eartha Kitt. At least she has practice with the voice: see Girl 6.

Anonymous said...

Will and Jada's marriage is their concern. Sneaking it into a decent assessment of film is unbecoming. If any "fireworks" are to be had, will anyone who reads the blog be there to help pick up the pieces? Hell no. Let the entertainment stay on the screen.
Of course Beyonce might play Harriet Tubman. The only prestigious parts for us are the ones based on real people. Built in interest eliminates fears about darkies being bankable. But did she gain weight to authentically play Etta James? Hell no.

bapples said...

I love how on on these blogs, when someone wants to "read" someone they are almost always "anonymous". Why would anybody listen to what you have to say if you can't at least use your internet name? Heaven forbid. This is a blog about actors and film. Will Smith is an actor. I don't see anything sneaky about it.

As for Will, I think speculation and cover ups make it more titillating. Just be yourself! It's nobody's business who you sleep with true, but if you're a public figure leading a double life, you're bringing on yourself. People talking about your lovelife is fair game and part of the territory if you're famous.

By the way anonymous, would you feel the same way if it were about a straight couple? Somehow I don't think so.

aulelia said...

IW, thank you for the highlight.

The situation for black cinema in Europe is fucking dire.


You should see the shit they are advertising in London in the Tube at the moment. Although I did see Gomorrah and it was quite good and that had some random blacks in a town in Italy rammed there too. Blacks dealing drugs but...*rolls eyes*.

Man, I am a Bee stan so I am not even going to say anything. I am so excited about seeing her in all her films so yes.

And double yes to her snogging Idris Elba in Obsessed. That will keep me occupied for days LMAO.

Jeffrey said...


Have to agree with you about Halle. Even in that scene in Monster's Ball she didn't really seem to be home in her eyes. And it definitely wasn't "sexy".

About Beyonce playing Eartha, you're right on target too. I can imagine a scene from 'The Player' where the pitch for that one was made. I'm trying to envision someone really jumping into Eartha's shoes and no one really comes to mind. Anyone who played her would have to seem just a little possessed. Eartha was always just a little bit out there, but somehow whenever I saw any footage of her I was always cheering for her. Hope they change their mind on that with B.

MsMarvalus said...

I'm going to let the gossip about Will just float on know how I feel about him and I won't even believe any shit until I see him with a dick in his mouth or ass with my own two eyes...

I happen to like Bey, but an actress she is

I don't know what happened with TH on Iron Man, but I think they made a BIG mistake messing with the chemistry of the first film...Don Cheadle don't fit...

Invisible Hand said...

re: Motives 2

What sequel is ever as good as the original? =)

clnmike said...

I agree about Halle not really having SEX appeal, which is different from being cute. Iunderstand why they chose her but I thought that was a safe pick, to make everyone happy, like vanilla ice cream. Who doesnt like vanilla ice cream?

Terrance role in iron Man was just a filler, he was mistaken if he tought his role got the job locked for him.

Damn Will!!
So we fianlly know who the gay rapper is. it's cool though I didnt like his music anyway, but i am a fan of the actor and that wont change.

Never mind the rest physically beyonce is all wrong for this part.

Theresa Randall is a BEAST!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, "bapples," your ability to "read" someone is more worthy of respect because of your nonsensical moniker. That sense of entitlement about other people's personal business is phenomenal too. Don't tell me you're only nosy about famous people. Why would only 1 segment of the population endure that inner detective? Straight or gay, your only concern should be accepting whatever someone declares their sexuality to be. Will and Jada's fame is not a contract they signed to play by your rules.

Sincere said...

When I heard about Terrence Howard 'officially' off of iron man 2 I came straight to your spot. I knew you would have something to say about your man! Wanting more money for a sequel? i don't know, that may be it or his ego got in the way. I think/hope Don Cheadle will do a great job so that way Slickbacak can go sit down somewhere with his baby wipes using self!! lol

The Obenson Report said...

Motives 2? I didn't even know there was a motives 1. Bleh!

Does Vivica get naked in it?

I'm just curious... that's all.

And, wow, the Great Debaters isn't available in the UK? WTF? That's a "black film" that I'd say has crossover potential. And to think that Tyler Perry's flicks are available in the Middle East...

uglyblackjohn said...

Berry - Prettiest, yes. Sexiest, NOPE!
The Smiths - Really? Nah, gotta' just be some haters making those claims.
Beyonce - Who's up next? I'm pretty much over her.
Terrance - no one really noticed him. Downey was the star. Cheadle should do fine. Is Sam Jackson going to be in this one? Wasn't that him at the end of IM?
Sugar Hill - fun to watch from time to time.

Villager said...

I just watched Through Their Eyes Watching God with Halle Berry in it. She was dayum sexy in that role as well (smile). Most importantly, she displayed remarkable skill as an actress. I enjoyed the movie ... and especially enjoyed how many roles Black folks had in the movie. I think that there was only one white person in the movie (doctor down in the Everglades)...

Invisible Woman said...

@solshine: i can think of a few actresses that would be a much better choice--really practically all of them. I think Germany would be lovin' something like that.

@madame z: not Moms Mabley!!! LMAO!
and even I agree TH is a better fit for IM.

@bapples: thanks, sis :-)

@aulelia: you're on your own with Bey, but Idris will definitely be interesting to watch with her.

@jeffrey: you are right about halle, and really right about eartha. you would have to be a bit quiky, and i think pretty intelligent to play her...2 things Bey does not appear to be by a long stretch.

Invisible Woman said...

@Invisible Hand: oh no! the link didn't work :-( but I definitely remember all of one--it was like a damn soap opera

@clnmike: a "beast" good or bad? i don't know all of your bachelor terms, haha!

@sincere: it may have been his agent/management. if so, he may want to be looking for a new one, i'm just sayin'.

@tambay: no, she does not get naked, but she seems to have purchased the whole Victoria's Secret catalogue in "2". Also a gigantic pair of lips!

@Ugly Black John: HI! bout time you made your way here :-)
I really, really, hope Sam isn't in the sequel; but somehow I know better...*sigh*

@villager: you know, I had that recorded and it sat under my TV for a year...i just couldn't face watching her act. then again, i think i'd be looking at some different things than maybe the average man would, lol.

d.funkt said...

ive said it before and i said it again...beyonce is empty. she shakes she sings she hollers but i dont feel like shes a real person. shes working so hard on being famous without actually just being. her interviews are boring and her acting is worse. ugh. this woman.

Tafari said...

I heard that Will & Jada belong to sex clubs & like to swing also. The bottom line is it ti snot my business but if you pay for sex, you are a fool anyway. There is a ton of free ass out there. I'm just saying.

Hell fuck no!!! Beyonce must be stopped from playing Eartha Kitt. This is a hot mess in the making.

The girl cannot act to save her damn life.

"Etta James, and now Eartha Kitt. What's next -- Harriet Tubman?" LOL, I love it!!!


clnmike said...

Beast is good.

Invisible Woman said...

@d funkt: "shes working so hard on being famous without actually just being. her interviews are boring and her acting is worse"

OMG, you are SO on point. her singing is devoid of real emotion and thought, like mariah- they are just singing and making more money. please, please, please, can they put that acting thing to rest? she is not up to the task in any way whatsoever.

@tafari: see the comment above; ditto for you

@clnmike: oh. lol

Meanshots22 said...

i think gina from Martin would be a good actress to play eartha kitt. she sorta looks like her and her body structure is similar. and she can do the voice. but ill be suprised if bee can pull off this earth kitt role

Invisible Woman said...

@meanshots: you are SO right! she would be perfect....I might have to post about that one day...