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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Favorite Movies A to Z....

My after-election collapse/exhaustion has left me with not much desire to blog, so I'll do something fun--some movie news and shananigans tomorrow. I think we're all in the mood for fun for a while....

Speaking of fun, party-poopers, can you go away for a time? I'm speaking of the whole new ridiculous campaigns over D.L .Hughley's CNN show, and the rumblings over David Alan Grier's "Chocolate News". Hey--here's a solution: if you don't like them, DON'T WATCH THEM. Radical concept, yes? Personally, I can't see why all of the controversy is focused on them, while the old ass, tired, and soggy stereotypes of "The Carlos Mencia Show" and the absolutely horrible "Tony Rock Project" are still at large and completely unchallenged. Go figure.

We complain about not having enough Blacks on TV, and after the first airing of a show we jump all over it like pitbulls. Lean back, okay? How about gettin' some lovin', or a hobby, or both? Besides, I'm sure Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Eddie Murphy have all done/said something offensive to someone at some point in their careers. Not that DAG or D.L. are nearly as funny as those dudes in their prime, but I'm just sayin'.

Wow, that was a detour tangent from this post... Anyhoo, I was tagged by reelwhore (the only person alive who watches more movies than I do, I think) to come up with the ABC's of my favorite films, called "The Alphabet Meme", started by Blog Cabins. Some were tough, cause I could think of more than one per letter that I really love or admire, and others were tough cause I couldn't think of any! Let me know what you think of my list...

A An American Werewolf in London

B Black Caesar

C Claudine/Crimes and Misdemeanors (sorry, couldn't choose!)

D Donnie Brasco

E Eve's Bayou

F Friday

G Grease

H Half Nelson

I It's A Mad. Mad, Mad, Mad, World

J Juwanna Mann (yeah, I said it!)

K Kill Bill 1 & 2

L Let's Make Love

M Made

N Nights Of Cabiria (Fellini)

O Omega Man, The

P Planet Of The Apes (original)

Q Queen, The

R Requiem For A Dream

S Saturday Night Fever

T Toy Story

U Uptown Saturday Night

V V For Vendetta

W What's Up Doc? (B. Streisand)

X "X" (Spike Lee)

Y You Only Live Twice (James Bond)

Z Zoolander

Okay, these are obviously all over the place, and obviously not all Black Cinema. And certainly they are my "favorites" and not exactly what I consider "best", though a few of them are what I consider excellent filmmaking. Anyone who would have Juwanna Mann (probably my biggest movie guilty pleasure) and Fellini on the same list obviously has a method to their madness...

Mine was this: even though I see tons of movies all the time, I almost never, ever, watch anything more than once. This is a list of films I've seen several times, some of them I actually bought, or watch every time they come on TV. It was just based on that and nothing else, as if I see a movie more than once I must really like it. I'm sure if I thought about it for a couple days, the list might have been different, but these were off the top of my head. So there you have it :-)

UPDATE: Oh I forgot, I am supposed to tag 5 others for this meme, so y'all put your lists on your blogs:

Solshine from Think Virtue!/Reel Artsy

The Marvalus One

Mr. Happy Go Lucky Bachelor

Urban Thought from Urban Observation (you better do it!)

and Ehav Ever, my Black Jewish brother in Israel.


Harlepolis said...

You're not having this fun alone :p

A: All About Eve

B: Brother From Another Planet/Black Orpheus

C: Car Wash/Carmen Jones/Claudine

D: Devil In The Blue Dress

E: Eve's Bayou

F: Funny Girl/Lady

G: Girl 6

H: Hav' Plenty

I: Inkwell, The.

J: Jumpin' Jack Flash/Jackie's back

K: Karmen Gei(A Senegalese Carmen Jones)

L: Lackawanna Blues

M: Mahogany/Moon Over Harlem

N: Nine To Five

O: Original Sin

P: Purple Rain/Poetic Justice

Q: Queen(Halle Berry)

R: Ray!

S: She's Gotta Have It

T: Traci Townsend

U: Under The Cherry Moon

V: Victor/Victoria(The film as well as the broadway production).

W: Wattsax

X: X

Y: Youth's Dreams(B&W Arabic Movie)

Z: Ziegfeld Follies (1946)

As you can see lol TOO many guilty pleasures.

clnmike said...

People do need to relax on these shows coming out.

That was a good list except Zoolander??

I'll have to work on mine.

DB said...

Juwanna man....

c'mon now

MsMarvalus said...

I gotta go with DB on this one...seriously? Juwanna Man...seriously?

tee hee hee...

OK...I wanna play!

A - American History X
B - Bad Boys
C - Color Purple, The
D - Devil In A Blue Dress
E - Eve's Bayou
F - Forrest Gump
G - Godfather II
H - Higher Learning
I - I Am Legend/In The Heat of the Night
J - Juice
K - Kill Bill I & II
L - Lion King, The
M - Malcolm X
N - New Jack City
O - Officer & A Gentleman, An
P - Postman Always Rings Twice, The
Q - no Q
R - Rocky III
S - Sparkle
T - Tsotsi
U - Usual Suspects, The
V - no V
W - Which Way Is Up?
X - xXx State of the Union
Y - Yours, Mine, & Ours
Z - no Z

sdg1844 said...

Dang! I have to think and come back on this one.

Life On The Grind

Tafari said...

I cannot even go here because it will require too much brain power but mad props for compiling a list.

BTW, I get lovin' & have a few hobbies but DL has to go! I'm just saying. LOL!!!


Reel Whore said...

Eve's Bayou, great choice for E. A subtle Sam L. and poor, poor Lisa Nicole. I'm a huge Bond fan but somehow none of the movies made my list.

I used to watch films countless times. These last few years, I rarely see anything twice. It's a shame since my opinions grow fonder with multiple viewings.

I think DAG's done a solid job so far. Mencia is just wrong.

uglyblackjohn said...

It's not that D.L. and D.A.G. are bad but in the wake of Obama people are just expecting a new Chapelle.

Nights of Caribia(sp)? Is that that black and white movie about the poor girl who goes to the big city but ends up going back home? Fellini lost me with Satiricon and 8 1/2 (although I was 17 when I saw them - so maybe I should revisit them)

"Juwanna Man"? And you talk about my "Kung Fu Hustle"!

Urban Thought said...

I know your blog comes with a theme but that doesn't mean your life has to follow suite. I mean, consider that you are Black doesn't mean you have to only watch black movies, only have black friends, and only do black things (not sure what black things would be - of course I can think of some stereotypes). But that isn't for you cause you know this already.

I like the list thought... I'll participate. I have a reason to do a blog now. Oh JOY! (that isn't sarcasm)

madame z said...

Fellini is awesome. The Satyricon is probably 'not' one to watch when you're 17. LOL. Read the novel first, maybe, then watch it. LOL. Nights of Cabria is about a prostitute who tries to find love, thinks she finds love, but in the end is gipped by the 'love'...more like robbed (literally) by a man who would 'wife' her....His other films are excellent. I'd recommend: Armacord, 8 1/2 (one of, if not, his best), La Dolce Vita and others. Fellini is awesome. I'll end with saying that again.

I'm working on my A-Z list now :) Will come back to this and post later :)

MrsGrapevine said...

Anne of Green Gables
Being John Malkovich
Color Purple & Crash & Coming to America

Devil's Advocate
Eyes Wide shut
Forrest Fump & Friday & Five Heartbeats & Fresh (I have a lot of favorties unfer F)

Gone Baby Gone
Hotel Rwanda
Inventing the Abbots
Joy Luck Club
Lady Sings the Blues & Legends of the Fall

Mohagony & Menace II Society
North & South
O Brother, Where Art Thou
Purple Rain
Running With Scissors
Sparkle & Slums of Beverly Hills & Sense and Sensibility

There's Something About Marry
Uptown Saturday Night
Virgin Suicides
Welcoming to the Dollhouse & The Whiz


I cheated, I couldn't pick just one for some letters

uglyblackjohn said...

-Favorite (Others Considered)

-Apocolypse Now (Animal House)
-Black Hawk Down (Blade Runner)
-Cinema Paradiso (Clerks)
-Deep Cover (The Daparted, Do the Right Thing)
-El Mariachi
-Fight Club (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
-Heathers (Hard Boiled, Hero)
-Iniana Jones and the Temple of Doom
-Kung Fu Hustle (Kill Bill vol. I)
-The Last Samuri (Lawrence of Arabia)
-The Matrix (Mirror Mask)
-No Country for Old Men
-Old Boy
-Pi (Pulp Fiction, The Princess Bride)
-Quiz Show
-Run Lola Run (Repo Man, Risky Business)
-Snatch (Sixteen Candles, Star Wars)
-Trainspotting (True Romance)
-Until the End of the World (Underworld)
-V for Vendetta
-What the (Bleep)?
-X -Malcolm
-Young Guns

Damn... this is harder than it looks.

Ehav Ever said...

Great list. Thanks for the tag. I didn't see it at first on my blog. I normally hate tags, but I LOVE this kind of tag. I just did my list, and I will add those who I am tagging tomorrow.

justjudith said...

juwanna mann...i never know what you're gonna say!

clnmike said...

Im done.

iriegal said...

That was quite a list invisible...Man I thought I was the ONLY person who watched, "Under the Cherry Moon." Hell I love PRINCE, he could wipe his booty, create a video, hail I'd watch it!

SolShine7 said...

Hmm...I'm gonna have to think about my list. Thanks for the tag though!

madame z said...


Reel Whore said...

@madame z: HELLZ NO!

Her madness must be stopped! I'm a comic fan, a Wonder Woman fan and I have no problem with a non-White WW, but I have a problem with a bad WW movie and that's what Bey'll make.

Wow, I'm fightin' for justice y'all

As I've said before Rosario could pull it off ( Sanaa could too. But no way, Bey.

Invisible Woman said...

@harlepolis: I really like your list :-) I actually worked on The Inkwell in pre-production...

Jumpin Jack Flash? lol!

@clnmike: it's not really a big fave, but there was nothing else I could think of that began with "z" that I've seen more than once or even remember!

@db and ms.m: I know, I know...what can I say? The Tommy Davidson scenes always make me laugh, especially when Juwanna is kicking his ass--haha

@sdg1844: That is SO funny--when I was doing the tags, I said to myself "I wish I could tag sdg1844". I knew you would be back, about time! :-)

Invisible Woman said...

@Tafari: you are so wrong, as usual. lol!!

@reelwhore: a subtle Sam Jackson...almost an oxymoron, right? I wouldn't exactly say that Bond film is one of my very favorites, but it was the only one I could think of that started with "y" that I have seen more than once.

and yes, DAG is miles ahead of Carlos Mencia

@ugly black john: if i remember, didn't folks talk a bit of ish when Dave first came out? dang.

I can't even take Satiricon, too weird and disjointed. But see Madame Z's comment for the Cabiria description.

It is harder to list than it seems yes? I love Deep Cover too; it almost made it. I just saw Old Boy this weekend, it was fantastic! Too bad they are considering remaking it with Will Smith :-(

And yes, I did have my nerve talking about Kung Fu Hustle with Juwanna Mann on the list--c'mon, you have to admit Tommy Davidson was funny!

@urban thought: just make sure you do that list--don't think I forgot you never finished your "friends and money" story! :-)


Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: I like La Dolce Vida too, very much. It's funny, UBJ asked about the spelling of Cabria, and it is spelled both Cabiria and Cabria on many sources. Hmmm...

I really wanna see your list!

@MGV: You have some interesting choices, some really offbeat indies that I like too: inventing the abbots and virgin suicides had some similar themes, but Sophia Coppola is freaking amazing to me.

@ehav: thanks for doing it. i have to study your list!

@judith: i know that one was TOTALLY unexpected! lol. but didn't you laugh a couple of times? be honest...

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: so glad you did it--it was awesome!

@iriegirl: under the cherry moon was someone else's list, but it missed mine by a hair--but i never get tired of uptown saturday night :-)

@solshien: look forward to it!

@madame z and reelwhore: **sigh** i know....i was gonna post about it later today... :-(

madame z said...

This was kinda hard and is only partially representative of flicks I love and enjoy. Oh and I double/triple posted on some...sorry:

A – Amarcord

B – Batman/Bladerunner/Blazing Saddles (ha!)

C – Color Purple/The Conversation

D – Devil in a Blue Dress

E – Empire Strikes Back

F – Four Brothers

G – Ghostbusters

H – House Party

I – Indochine/Ironman (ha!)

J – Jackie Brown

K – Kill Bill

L – La Dolce Vita

M – Matrix/Mean Streets (I cheat, I know lol)

N – Naked Gun

O – Othello

P – Pirates of the Caribbean

Q – ?

R – Revenge of the Sith

S – Star Wars

T – Taxi Driver

U – Usual Suspects

V – Vertigo

W – Wiz

X – X-Men

Y – Yuma, 3:10

Z – Zoolander (I’m taking it too…love Stiller and Owen collabos)

Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: i'm so glad you posted your list--i thought you might have forgotten :-)

you did cheat a bit, but i'll let it slide...haha

I had several favorites, for i, ironman definitely being one of them. i want 3:10 to yuma for my "y", but technically that might be a "t", i'm just sayin' :-)

methinks someone might be a star wars fan....

madame z said...

Of course I'm a fan ;) LOL Die-hard, since I was a youngin'. It's a great saga, in spite of George Lucas taint on the prequels. ;)

Invisible Woman said...

you said "taint", heh heh :-)

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