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Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Movie News....

I've been meaning to post about about some of these things...I believe I know about a lot of them before you read them elsewhere, but it's starting to look as if I'm constantly on the late train. I will do my best to do some timely posting, maybe some one-offs instead of waiting and putting everything in one post.

You know Ms. Invisible is not a hater by any means, but there are some people that really and truly grate my nerves, and seem to be doing nothing to alleviate it. So when I hear that Beyonce says she wants to star as the comic book heroine Wonder Woman in a movie, I am beginning to feel that she might secretly be torturing me and laughing. Oh, Ms. Sasha Fierce...I mean really, WTF? You can read the story HERE.

This next person doesn't get on my nerves, but his movies sure do.

Chris Rock is remaking the British film "Death At A Funeral" and it's described as this:

'The ensemble comedy will take place in an urban American setting and centers on a funeral ceremony that devolves into a debacle of misplaced cadavers, indecent exposure and family secrets. The cast will be primarily black, supplanting the earlier, England-set version's British cast.'

and one of the quotes in the Hollywood Reporter story was this:

"Chris, who was an unabashed fan of the film, came to us with a hysterical, completely new reimagining of the original concept," said SKE's Jim Tauber, who is serving as an executive producer along with scribe Craig.

Whatev! Sergio and I both agreed that Rock hasn't made a decent or funny film since "CB4" in 1992, and I really didn't even think that one was all that great.

One more nerve grating entry, if you can stand it; this one is a doozy. From MTV:

'Hitherto known simply as “The Untitled Wayans Brothers Project,” the upcoming film from Marlon, Shawn, Keenen Ivory and nephew Damien will be appropriately called “Dance Flick” and spoof movies like “Save the Last Dance,” “Hairspray,” “You Got Served” and, yes, “High School Musical.” '

From IW: **crickets**

Let's move on to something less depressing, shall we? My beloved filmloving comrade Tambay Obenson is having a wonderful screening of "A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy". Here are the details--please support him and this movie!

When:Wednesday Nov 12, 2008at 7:00 PM

Where:Cobble Hill Cinema 265 Court Street Brooklyn, New York

Admission: S10.00

RSVP: /ActNow is a Not-For-Profit Theater & Film Co /Take F or G train to Bergen St

From IW: I haven't seen the film yet, but judging by this trailer, apparently it involves lots of Black people and lots of sex, haha:

Sergio emailed me a story about a Will Smith collaboration with Steven Spielberg to do a remake of a Korean film called "Old Boy". He thought that it was a huge mistake for the two of them to be involved with this film. I had never heard of the movie, but was curious, so I watched it over the weekend.

I must say, it was really dark, with things like incest involved, and some very heavy duty sex and violence scenes--very non-Smith to say the least. I agree with Sergio; the beauty of this film is it's intensity, and if Smith and Spielberg don't roll with it to the fullest, then why even bother remaking it? If they do roll with it, it will be positively groundbreaking for Will, but I wouldn't place any bets that it will happen. Here is the trailer from the original movie:

And last but not least, the Black Hollywood Film Festival is calling for entries, heads up to my filmmaking and screenwriting fam that read this blog:

The Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) has announced its Call for Entries for the 10th Anniversary of its annual competitive festival for Black filmmakers. HBFF 2009 will be held June 2-7, 2009 in Beverly Hills, California. The festival will feature narrative and documentary features, short and student films, music videos and animation in its competitive program. HBFF also presents a separate Storyteller Competition for screenwriters.

The festival will be accepting submissions through February 15, 2009. Films must have been completed since September 2007 and one of the film’s creative principals (director, writer or producer) must be Black or of African heritage. The early-bird deadline for film and screenplay submissions was January 15, 2009, the final deadline is February 15, 2009. Submission forms and guidelines can be obtained by visiting the official festival website at


Margaret said...

I loved Death at a Funeral, but I'm not sure how I feel about Chris Rock remaking it... It was more of an indie/dark comedy than anything. And I don't really see Chris Rock doing that.

clnmike said...

I hat CB4 I thought that movie sucked to no ends.

A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy

Well....the trailer looked nice.

The new thing now seems to be jacking Asian flicks and passing them off as original.

bluebird said...

when i heard about Beyonce trying to play Wonder Woman, I officially took a sabbatical from everything Sasha Fierce...this is ridiculous. She is trying so hard to win the Grammy, Tony, and Oscar and she ain't even trying ot hide it. Give another more experience actor a makes me angry because I'm pretty sure Beyonce hasn't been dying to be an actress her entire life and she's taking this role and other potential roles from people who have truly been working for them...ok i'm done. *sigh*

Reel Whore said...

I won't rant anymore than I already have on Beyonce's hubris.

Rock's CB was a highlight tho my wife would argue its Pootietang (gag).

The Dance Flick poster is painful enough..can't imagine how much lower the movie will stoop.

Oldboy is in my Q. I've heard great things. Don't think remaking it would make it any better. Hasn't worked for any other ripped-off Asian to date.

The Obenson Report said...

Thanks for the mention I.W. That trailer doesn't properly reflect what the film is really like. But that's what they gave us to work with.

I read about that Will Smith/Steven Spielberg Oldboy collab and I went into convulsions!!

I hope it doesn't happen. I love that movie and its intensity, and just can't see Will Smith as the lead, unless they're going to dramatically alter the storyline so that it suits Will's abilities. But as it is, I just can't see Will doing this and be believable.

BUT, I'm willing to be convinced otherwise.

Will they water it down and give it a PG-13 rating like his other movies? That would ruin it!

So, yes, obviously, I don't think it's a good idea. Give some one else a chance - a more seasoned veteran.

madame z said...

Thanks for posting the Wonder Woman upset, IW. LOL. I can only sigh really. It'd be great to see her as a Black Woman (though I think she was originally Greek or Amazonian) but still; wouldn't be the first time comic book characters have been changed up.

However, because this film has been classified as in pre-production for the past two years...uggghh...I don't think fanboys/fangirls will like Sasha Fierce in the role. Well, the guys might like seeing her in Diana Prince's whitey-tightey's, but I don't know... I thought at first she was just expressing an interest in the character; until I read that article and saw where she'd been in 'talks' to possibly get the role. Remember my list of characters Beyonce would play? Think every iconic woman in pop culture history from Georgia O'Keefe to Amelia Earhart to Princess Diana to Hattie McDaniel, etc. so on and so forth, as random and as varied as you like, name it and she'll want to 'starrrrr'. LOL.

CB4 is a guilty pleasure of mine, much like Pootie Tang. I've never seen Death at a Funeral but will rent it post-haste!

Dance Flick, so you Wayans Empire, have mastered the 'spoof' genre. Can you possibly MOVE ON TO SOMETHING ELSE? *sigh* We'll see. Most likely I'll rent it for shyts and giggles....if I'm feeling suicidal. LOL.

Thanks for posting these new and independent black films. I really should look to renting them, if I can find them in my neck of the woods. Great post. :)

madame z said...

Forgot to mention Oldboy and the Spielberg/Smith collabo.

To this I say NO NO NO NO NO.

I've ranted about it over on another site. It makes me sigh; Hollywood's ultimate 'lack' of creativity. Too scared to take chances and invent their own stories, so they grabble with other markets and submit to interpretation. Ugh. Oldboy is pristine as is and with Spielberg, I don't know how much he'll 'soften' the story of it....thinks of Munich...but maybe he can pull it off. *shrugs*

charcoalink said...

*team beyonce member in london is here*

I personally love the idea of Zoe Saldana for Wonder Woman, although she needs some curves.

[off-topic: IW, just a random question but could you please enable the 'name/url' bit in ur comment box cos open id is causing probs for me to write a comment. is it okay for everyone else?]

SolShine7 said...

I read in some Sci-Fi magazine that Christina Milian was really vying for the role of Wonder Woman. She would be a better fit but I'd like the role to go to someone like Sidney Tamia Poitter, Sanaa Lathan or even some newcomer. Please not Beyonce!

Reel Whore said...

I can't really see Zoe Saldana as Wonder Woman.

I'd absolutely love Sanaa Lathan in the role. Sydney Tamiia Poitier would also make a great fit.

Wonder Woman, by comic standards, is buff and stands @ 6ft tall. I think the right boot heels and angles can make SL or STP look imposing and regal.

No amount of lighting or stilts could make Christina Milian more imposing and less chipmunky. Maybe she should aim for a part as Wonder Girl.

cdnyc07 said...

I can't think of anyone at the moment I would like to play Wonder Woman.

Anyway, on some level I feel sorry for Beyonce. Here's why: I can't tell you the number of comments I've read that wish she would just go away. Take an extended hiatus (no less than 5 years)

It's like she wants to convince us that she's has this 'depth'(and I use that word very loosely), but the truth comes through in her music and her acting. She needs to go somewhere and get some real life experiences to infuse into her music and acting.

I would have more respect for her pursuit as an actress if she showed some respect for the craft and did some independent, low-profile movies where she might actually have to ACT and stretch herself. But I'm losing respect for her continuing to push herself into this big-budget, high-profile movies only for the simple reason of....BEYONCE LIKES TO BE SEEN. That's it. I don't think she has any REAL desire to be an actress. I just think, if it's something where she can get the spotlight...she wants to be in it.

And I won't hold my breath about her taking a FIVE year hiatus. In order to do that an artist at the top of their game has to be secure and not crave the validation of those outside of themselves. And I just don't think Beyonce has grown to that level yet.

JMHO of the matter.

sdg1844 said...

Dang! Wish I was going to be home in time for the Bklyn screening. As for Sasha Fierce, I'm getting really tired of Beyonce. Really tired.

We need to stop remaking Asian Cinema. We're not good at it and we can barely make our own.

Invisible Woman said...

@margaret: welcome :-) off topic, but congrats on your baby--you seem so happy, that infant will be so blessed!

@clnmike: thanks for agreeing with me about CB4--I vote boo.

yeah the asian/american remake thing has definitely run it's course. americans just can't seem to get the subleties and visual right at all. we do it all sledgehammer and cgi :-(

@bluebird: "She is trying so hard to win the Grammy, Tony, and Oscar and she ain't even trying ot hide it"

some other blogger said that too. that she simply wants to be "seen", and doesn't give an eff about the craft itself. i must say, i agree with you both 100%.

sooooo sick of her!

@reelwhore: is your wife black? i mean really, pootietang? lol!

as for that danceflick poster, it made me lose about 50% of my energy just looking at it; there's no way in hell i'm having anything to do with that mess.

Invisible Woman said...

@obenson: i hope your screening went well!

convulsions, huh? well i hope either they don't make the film, or do an excellent job or we may lose you in ER! :-)

@madame z: you liked pootietang? well that is the very first tome i've disagreed with anything you've said....guess it had to happen sometime, yes? lol!

LMAO at Hattie Mcdaniel...the wayans are like in their 40's--i think keenan is 50. ummm...think maybe, just maybe, it's time to...i don't know....ELEVATE? jeesh

@aulelia: you are a beyonce stan until the wheels fall off! :-)

about the url thing--i did that cause i had some irritating anonymous posters and spammers lurking about, and it was draining my energy. i will probably change it back soon tho.

@solshine and reelwhore: christina needs to give that one up, poor baby. wondergirl would really work for her tho.

Zoe Saldana? I vote NO, but like solshine said, anything would be better than Bey, even christina!

Invisible Woman said...

@cdynyc: soooo on point. i think i will post your comment...

@sdg1844: i think my feelings on bey are clear; that girl is a menace. she is like madonna in the 90's; all day, every day.

see my answer to clnmike's comment about how i feel about american/asian conversions...

somady said...

beyonce as an actress NO. especially if there are lines that she has to read.

death at a funeral was HILARIOUS! chris rock better come with it.

oldboy and the other 2 of the vengeance trilogy flicks are in my top 25 all time favorite movies. there is NO WAY IN HELL that will smith and especially steven spielberg need to be involved in that.

it would have to be a very strong actor who is not necessarily A-List for it to work.

Reel Whore said...

Speaking of my wife and PootieTang- it was on TV the other night and I had to suffer through Pootie's hit recording. I guess everyone has their guilty pleasure.

Invisible Woman said...

@somady: "especially if there are lines that she has to read." lol! is it just me are does it seem like she didn't go much further than third grade? just sayin'...

agreed about smith on this one, and i actually really like him in movies. i really have to check out the funeral movie; everyone says it's hilarious.

@reelwhore: poor you! it must be true love, that's all i can say...

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