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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Movie News....

So there are rumors that there will be a new "Catwoman", and no mention at all about Halle Berry being in one even seems to be considering her. That is understandable, but why anyone is considering another Catwoman movie seems to be the bigger question.

Spotted this on my girl Purple Zoe's Ultraviolet Underground:

Mos Def and Erykah Badu have signed on to star in the indie drama 'Bobby Zero'; a film focused upon the life of fictional struggling artist Bobby Zero as he hits rock bottom before going corporate with a job in advertising. Badu will play his girlfriend who is afflicted with agoraphobia.

Bobby Zero is slated to begin filming in 2009 after the birth of Badu and Jay Elec's bundle of joy.

From IW: Yes, yes, yes!!!

Ummm....have read that Will Smith is going to do a remake of "Uptown Saturday Night". I'm trying to keep calm about this tidbit, as that movie is one of my very all times faves, but all I have to say is this: You bet not f*ck it up! Seriously, if this legacy is tainted I'll be runnin' folks down like "The Punisher"!

OK, here is the new trailer for "Black Dynamite" that I really wanted to post the first time (it is much more detailed, with a lot more scenes), but I couldn't find the embed code for it....the narrator has obviously been listening to a ton of Rudy Ray Moore:

In YT cinema news....

Why am I so stoked to see "The Wrestler" after hearing so much about it this weekend? Darren Aronofsky is one of the most talented directors out there by far; his "Requiem For A Dream" was off the charts. Full disclosure--I used to have a huge crush on Mickey Rourke back in the day, and as an added attraction it will be interesting to see what he's doing with that mangled face of his (he's the wrestler). Marisa Tomei is one who consistently challenges herself, so I'm looking forward to watching her too (she's the girlfriend/stripper). Here is the trailer:

OMG! This sounds soooo interesting and hilarious--it will be on lots of folkses "to see" list I'm sure in the Black community--and it will actually be shown at Sundance. Chris Rock is finally bringing it again--in a film called "Good Hair". From Black Film Academy:

The film has Rock traveling far and wide to examine the complexities of African American hairstyles – from everyday maintenance to the origins of hair weaves.

“It’s really deep and funny… I did a Michael Moore expose on hair,” he tells WENN. “(It’s about) the business of black hair - weaves and relaxers and all this stuff. I even went to India, where they get all the weaves.”

Rock and Stilson, (a producer and writer on “The Chris Rock Show”) also traveled to Birmingham, Memphis, and Dallas, to interview and tape some hairdressers as they prepped for the annual Bonner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta.

‘Contestants come from all over the world to compete,’ Rock tells E! Online. ‘It’s like a black Comic-Con.”

I’m not making this up,’ he adds. ‘Someone’s doing hair underwater.’

From IW: Loves it! Can't wait. And finally for all of you aspiring filmmakers, The San Francisco Black Film Festival is calling out for entries (click on my link on my sidebar for more info)...make it happen!


clnmike said...

As much as I think Halle is overrated I cant blame that flop of a movie on her, it was ill conceived all around.

Booby Zero sounds boring.

I reserve judgment for the Uptown remake.

And I definitely want to see Black Dynamite, it looks like the whole movie was jacked from Dolomite.

madame z said...

Catwoman - @ clnmike, I agree. I think Halle's movie was wrong all over the place; not necessarily her... Remaking this, I can see why folks want to do it; to ride the coattails of Dark Knight and its pure awesomeness.

Bobby Zero - I have no clue about the character or story, but am thrilled to see E. Badu in the acting game again. And of course Mos Def...dude can't do any wrong in my eyes. Love him.

Uptown Saturday Night - Will, you better do this film justice! I tell you, that is one of my favorite old school films. Cosby and Poitier...*sigh*, love, love! And the women in the film, I forget their names; the fashions, the AFROS! I LOVE that era. And Madame Zenobia's LOL That's where I jacked my moniker ;)

Black Dynamite - I'll rent it...

Darren Aronofsky - YES YES YES. @ IW, did you see 'The Fountain'??? I have to back-search your page to see if you reviewed it. I'd like to know what you thought of it. Prior to Aronofsky doing that film, it was rumored that he would direct Dan Simmons' "Song of Kali" and also rumored that Brad Pitt would star...but that was 3/4 years ago. I so wish they'd do the film for that story. Simmons is awesome; obviously I'm a fangirl for his works (mainly his sci-fi/horror works...he does some mystery/detective stuff too); check the book out. It was literally one of those most horrific reads. Scared me to death; made me never want to go to India.....but then I got over myself LOL

Chris Rock - hmmmmm. I'm reserving some side-eye for this documentary; however, if it comes to my neck of the woods, I'll give it a view ;)

sdg1844 said...

I remember going to the Parkway in Oakland w/a friend, a bottle of red wine and laughing our behinds off @ Catwoman. It was even funnier because we only pd. $2.50 to see it.

That Black Dynamite Trailer is friggin' hilarious! I would check it out because I'm such a 70's fanatic.

If will blows "Uptown Saturday Nite", he is dead to me even more than he is now.

I have a soft spot for Mickey Rourke. I've always liked his depth, smarts and intensity as an actor.

There is something sad about him now and this movie seems to play on that. I like Aronofsky as well as Tomei, so I'll check this film out.

Oh Lord! Chris Rock and Black Hair. Now this is going to be something else.

Undercover Black Man said...

As fed up as I am with superhero flicks... they'd probably get my money with Jessica Beil as "Catwoman."

Mickey Rourke used to be serious. I'm looking forward to "The Wrestler" as well... but am also up for another look at "Angel Heart" or "The Pope of Greenwich Village."

jaceeel said...

I was just thinking of "Johnny handsome". He was on Shootout (AMC) this morning. I'm rooting for his comeback.

"Uptown" I kinda want to see a remake or least a return to that kind of "black" comedy. Somehow i don't think Will Smith will screw it up.

Marvalus said...

Can't they just let Catwoman die?

The Obenson Report said...

As I posted on my blog, it would be nice if Will remade the film in the same spirit the original was made - a film written by a black writer (playwright Richard Wesley), starring a black cast of stars, and directed by a black man (Sidney Poitier). As he was putting the production team together, one of Sidney's goals was to create work for his fellow African American performers, both in front of, and behind the camera. So, it would be REALLY nice to repeat the sentiment. But the screenwriter attached to write the screenplay is David Dobkin (bleh), the same dude who wrote the screenplays for "Shanghai Nights," "Wedding Crashers," "Fred Claus."


I'm hoping to attend the Sundance Film Festival next month - both "Black Dynamite" and Chris Rock's documentary are going to be premiering there, along with a list of others - Lee Daniel's adaptation of "Push," Antoine Fuqua's next film, "Brooklyn's Finest" with Wesley Snipes and Don Cheadle. There are a few others. Would be cool to make the trip, but, sh*t is expensive.

SolShine7 said...

Lots of goodies. Mos Def, Badu, Tomei and Good Hair. Remember Marisa Tomei as Maggie on A Different World? Classic!

Sergio said...

I think The Wrestler is one of the best films I've seen this year and Rourke give without question the best performance by any actor in a lead role this year. He's absolutely amazing and by the end incredibly moving.

And after Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and The Wrestler Marisa Tomei should just have it in her contract that she must be naked in every film she does from now on

uglyblackjohn said...

On the scale of;
Pay to see
Watch the Bootleg

Catwoman - rent
USN or LDIA (even with Will) - Pay to see
The Wrestler - (Aronovsky you say?) Pay to see and then Buy later
Good Hair - direct to bootleg

jaceeel said...

I'm scared for the remake of Uptown now.

I'm also a little wary of Chris Rock. I hope this isn't a "let's make fun of black women" documentary.

boris said...

no lie, blaxploitation produced some aaaaaawesome films. BLACK DYNAMITE looks off the chain. im soo gonna look for it online

Catwoman - i hate how hollywood is making EVERY comic into a movie. He-Man???? *side-eye*

Mos Def and Erykah - most def alone can carry the flick. look at rewind-whatever that film was called. erykah is cool too

the wrestler - the name makes it sound crap, but the trailer blew me away. a def must wacth. and im a wrestling geek too so i know some of the shit lol

no lie. i saw requim for a dream like last week, the film must have been ahead of its time when it came on. and i thoguht that theme tune came from mission impossible or summin. now im not so worried about Marlon being in the GI Joe flick

boris said...

oh, does the SFBFF take in 3D animations(ala pixar) from foreign negros??

jaceeel said...

I found the name of my new band The foreign negros.

Thembi said...

I am ALL about more Mos Def and some Erykah...I predict they make a baby before it even premieres.

Ive been wanting my hair to look like that weave on the left of the Good Hair movie for a minute...

Wonder Man said...

I think Catwoman should be a woman of color

Carla said...

I know my comment is kind of late (I'm catching up) but, filmmakers, don't sleep on the SFBFF--I go every year and have seen some of the best films at that little sleeper of a festival.

Invisible Woman said...

@carla: i hope to see you there!

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