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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello All....

Sorry I haven't posted in a minute, but Mama's been taking care of some serious bidness the past 2 weeks. I want to say thank you to the new folks that are following my blog...I have found some very interesting reads through the blogs that you have. Kudos!

I will do a few more posts before we wrap up this crazy, amazing year. But today I want to leave you with 2 videos, both that highly peaked my interest. The first I was gonna do independently as a "Terrence Watch!" until I found the second vid. Thank you reader Harlepolis for sending this to is of Jamie Foxx on Big Boy's radio show talking about his experiences with my beloved, Terrence Howard. He absolutely destroys it as he imitates Howard and his special way of talking, and speaks on Terrence's ummmm..."unique" personality. Funny as hayall!

This second one I saw while reading "On The Black Hand Side". It is of Etta James and Chuck Berry absolutely, positively KILLING it on some awards show. They show everyone, from youngest new jacks to the oldest heads, who the true royalty really is. Etta's talent is so huge, Bey can only dream at night of coming close...and Chuck is evidently quite the hype man.

You can see this reunion brought them back to the memories of their early days together...LMAO at Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones coming in on the end as if he were on the same level and caliber (or even deserved to be in the same room) as James and Berry.


If you are not able to view the above video, click here:


bluebird said...

LOL at Jamie Foxx!!! Terrance Howard done got in something he probably can't get himself out of...oh well.

Etta and Chuck...AMAZING! As a fan of both artists, I can say that no one comes close to either...great stuff!

clnmike said...

T should have never tried Jamie like that, you cant win a clowning contest against him, lol.

Madame said...

lol ... Jamie is so wrong for that ... Terrance should have picked his battles a bit more wiser ... don't disrespect the Foxx!

One Ten said...

Jamie Foxx absolutely KILLED Terrence Howard, LOL. I watched that clip at least three times and each time found it just as funny.

boris said...

DAMN..........white people just robbed rock n roll from us like a crack head in a stocking

boris said...

etta and chuck have that dipset rockstar swagger. swagger jackers
(lol just kidding)

Marvalus said...

You CANNOT go up against Jamie...he ain't scared to say nothing! I've watched this vid about 4 times and it has me hollering laughing each time!!!

After watching Etta in that clip, that roll should have most def been Jill Scott's...I like Bey, but let's be real...

Marvalus said...

Um, excuse me...*role*

That Urban Punk! said...

Good ole Terrence, that boy got a real funny way about him, very peculiar. As for Chuck and Etta, simply classic it just doesn't get any better than that, seeing Keith there at the end I think the guy was just so happy to play with his idols, remember the British cats were the only whites who gave reverence and respect to the originators of rock'n'roll, You see that big ole Kool Aid smile on his face as he hugged Etta. Dude was just in heaven to be able to play backup for these two legends.

S. Cooper said...

I swear for lord....that doggone Jamie Foxx! LOL...I saw the video a couple of day ago and I swear it's funny everytime I see it...Terrance should've known better. I love Etta and Chuck Berry...

Harlepolis said...

"LMAO at Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones coming in on the end as if he were on the same level and caliber (or even deserved to be in the same room) as James and Berry."

OH you didn't know??? LOL Mr.Richards gives himself & the Rollingstones the praise that THEY revived "the Chess" artists' career.

And maybe they did, I don't know *shrugs*

Hey lol it is what it is,,,,take that shit with a pinch of salt and move on.

Chuck Berry had to take that stoned-as-a-Georgia-pine ass to school @ some point - check Mr.Berry's documentary "Hail! Hail! Rock N' Rol"(which I think that per4mance is from - and you can find it in DVD). In one of the footages, he he stops to correct Keith's playing and Keith frowned and said "no!" lol it was a funny sight to see.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Jamie.

That video was reminiscent of Jamie in 'Booty Call'.

He has a lot of spunk and character.

Terrence got his arse KICKEDin this video .


Invisible Woman said...

@bluebird, clnmike and madame: I know, right? terrence admits that he's arrogant, but you are just feeling yourself a bit too much if you go after jamie. he is just way too clever...and one thing i can say about terrence is that he doesn't seem all that clever. LOL

@oneten: i've watched it 6 times and am still laughing! (welcome btw :-) )

@boris "like a crackhead in a stocking" HAHA! still--sad but true

@marvelus: omg how i wish atta could have been played by jill. he has the same earthy grit, sexiness, and sass as etta...she would have been perfect. i will keep my mouth closed about bey, as i don't want to seem like a hater, but i do really, really wish she'd go away.

Invisible Woman said...

@urbanpunk: yeah, i know what you're saying, and i know that the rolling stones and beatles were heavily influenced by the chess artists, they've said so many times. i just felt that keith should have let them have their moment--i mean, after all, he's had so very many. he could have gone to them when the curtain went down and gave them huge love...yaknowwhatimean? that's just my humble opinion.

love your blog "the getaway van" btw!

@s.cooper: i've laughed every single time. jamie is so on point there!

@harlepolis: keith richards said that? lmao again. he does think quite a lot of himself in that drug addled brain of his, doesn't he? well that's always shown in his overconfident swagger anyway--and he's still walking around like he's a 22 year old rocker at 65, so you be the judge at how seriously we should take!

@charcoalink: i thought that too when i saw this reminded me of when i used to think jamie was hilarious, and when he was just so very silly. i haven't seen that in quite some time, years in fact--it was good to see, as he seems to take himself so seriously these days.

That Urban Punk! said...

You are right Ms. I.W., of course that cat Richards is soo stoned he probably didn't know what he was doing or where he was. Thanks for the kind words about my blog, I really enjoy your blog and its a real inspiration for a fellow writer, because you write so much it's great, it makes me want to write some more.

sdg1844 said...

Jamie is hilarious! Oh Terence. What is wrong with him? He is special indeed. Chuck & Etta? It doesn't get much better than that. That old musty mummy Keith needs to float on. No one cares about him.

Anonymous said...

@IW: LMAO @ Jamie saying zoot suit and the grandfather comment - that was so Booty Call!

Jamie looks back to his old self in this video. Hilarious.

It's interesting seeing more actors pursuing the singing path like Jamie and Terrence.

What are your thoughts?

Invisible Woman said...

@urbanpunk: don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the rollong stones, but i can see you catch my drift. btw--you have a style of writing that inspires me to step up my game as well!

@sdg1844: "float on" haha :-)

@charcoalink: that's the exact line that made me think the same thing too! great minds do indeed think alike :-)