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Thursday, June 18, 2009

WTF??!!! Volume 15

Please. please, PLEASE let this be some BS! From Dlisted:

Why did I have to read about Morgan Freeman allegedly Wood-Allen-ing his step-granddaughter?! If I dip my head in a pot of boiling bleach will it burn away that image along with 99% of the skin on my face? I might be willing to try it.

I hope the National Enquirer was just telling jokes when they wrote about 72-year-old Morgan Freeman's 10-year-long affair with his 27-year-old step-granddaughter E'Dena Hines. Please let them issue a statement that they thought April Fool's Day got moved to mid-June for some reason.

A source tells the Enquirer that E'Dena is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife Jeanette. Morgan and his second wife Myrna raised E'Dena ever since she was a little girl. The affair reportedly started when E'Dena was a teenager. The source went on to say, "Myrna said E'dena told her that when she was a teenager, she and Morgan went to dinner at a friend's house one evening. Both had been drinking, and when they returned home, Morgan attempted to have sex with her. They stopped just short of having intercourse. E'Dena explained to Myrna that she stopped Morgan from going any further."

Myrna told Morgan to step off E'Dena and he promised he would. Without Myrna knowing, Morgan's relationship with E'Dena continued for years.

The source wants all to know that it's technically not incest since they aren't blood relatives,
"but Morgan is trying desperately to keep his divorce out of open court so all the shameful facts won't become public."

I know most of you stopped at "National Enquirer," but they sound serious about this one. Maybe we should all just pretend this is a work of creepy fan fiction and then slowly back away until we get further evidence? Okay, I won't dip my head in bleach just yet, but in the meantime.....


From IW: Oh hayell to the naw!!!


clnmike said...

Man, I hope that is not true.

Invisible Woman said...

me too, cln mike, me too.

Max Reddick said...

I honestly don't know what to say. I know the Enquirer prints some absolute BS, so I hope they have gotten this wrong to.

I read over on Shadow and Act that he is playing Nelson Mandela in an upcoming feature film. Would it not be just horrible watching him on screen playing Mandela knowing he perpetrated some foolishness like this?

msladydeborah said...

Say it ain't so!

This would be very, very ugly if it is true.

Invisible Woman said...

@max: even accusation with truth can sully a reputation...i'm sorry, but from here on out, no matter who he plays a lot of folks will be thinking of this mess.

@ms lady: the other disturbing part is that he hasn't made a statement, denial, or rebuttal :-(

Harlepolis said...

Well, if it is true(and I PRAY to god that it ain't).

You'll witness the GREATEST act of hypocrisy performed by hollywood and the mainstream media.

You'll see how quick they flip the script from "Lets let Mr.Allen slide, he's a genius" to "Lets hang that old pedophile nigger by the tip of his dick". Mind you, some black people will cast the stone STRONGER than they did to Woody Allen.

Aside from the bullshit, I hope its not true for the sake of the lil' girl.

Invisible Woman said...

@Harlepolis: sadly, you are probably right. woody had it hard for a minute, for sure, but at least he has his artistic respect back. if this ish is true, there might not be any turning back for morgan, especially after that shady car accident.

Ehav Ever said...

Oh thanks a lot. Now you just ruined every single Morgan Freeman movie for me. No more Shawshank Redemption, no more The Dark Knight, no more Kiss the Girls, although Kiss the Girls may be appropriate. lol

If this is true I want to find Mr. Clarke grab him by the ear, take him to a local roof top and say. Why don't you just jump off the roof, right here and now? That's what you really want, isn't it? Yes, you do. You having relations with your step-granddaughter, don't you, boy? Don't you have relations with your step-granddaughter? Yeah, I thought so. And you know what that does to you? You don't? It kills your brain cells, son. It kills your brain cells! Now when you're destroying your brain cells, you're doing the same thing as killing yourself. You're just doing it slower! Now, I say if your wanna kill yourself, don't f*#$ around with it, do it expeditiously! Go on and jump! JUMP!

Anonymous said...

LOL at Ehav! I can never watch "Lean on Me" the same again.
I've seen this story online, and every time I'm like, I just can't even think this is true. It can't be. It is kind of strange that he hasn't said anything to dispute it though..

Invisible Woman said...

@ehav: you are too funny :-) i thought that might be from the shawshank redeption coming from you, lol. i didn't see shawshank or the movie that was quoted from.

@wllc: i know, right? even many days later said...

Hey there!

They aren't blood relatives... but still... was he EVER in a relationship with her that was "similar" to a blood relative type of dynamic?

If the answer is no, then I don't see what the scandal is all about.

If the answer is yes, then that's very confusing for a young teen to have to deal with.

Sometimes, in the black family construct, we have "aunties" who aren't related to us and "uncles" who aren't related to us but in our minds (as children) they are the same as our blood relatives.

If this wasn't the case for her then okay...I am not repulsed.

Do you mind if I cover this story at my blog and link to your post?? said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Invisible Woman said...

@bwbtt: no I don't mind at all.

I have to say that he did raise her with his wife in his home since she was a very little girl, so they did establish a father-daughter type relationship, as he raised her in that mold. Just disturbing.