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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Jackson Special....

Sorry for the posting internet worked for about two days last week, then was down until today...I am not one to blog by phone, only Twitter. And speaking of Twitter, I now know where some of my regular commentors are, and why your blogs are updated like once a month now---everyone is on crack, oops I mean Tweet, lol. I got a little taste of why last night following a trend: #futuretylerperrymovies . I got so caught up in it; it was freaking hilarious--there are some very, very funny people out there, for reals.

Anyway, there was a movie at the L.A. Downtown Film Festival called "Jackson 5 In Africa" (narrated by fine ass Robert Hooks), about Michael and his brothers touring and experiencing Dakar, Senegal in the 70's. I thought it would be interesting to see them react to the continent, cause though they were no doubt very talented, they never struck me as being particularly educated or culturally aware (except for Michael). The film is rare, and hadn't been shown since the 70's....I'm sure that now it will definitely come out in some form or another; probably on DVD. This is some info from IMDB:

"This films was made by a group of African investors in 1974 who ran out of money trying to complete it. In 1982, the owner of the film, an international businessman, bartered with one of the original producers, acquiring a 16mm print of this rare documentary, in exchange for a rough diamond. After Michael Jackson died in 2009, the film's owner contacted a nonprofit organization to find a distributor for the footage."

Interesting. Speaking of Michael, Spike Lee is having a block party for Michael, now in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, from noon till 5pm on the 29th. It sounds so fantastically fun---I wish I could be there--my New York folkses get busy!

Hmmm....I was gonna talk about some other stuff, but let's just stick with the Jacksons now, yes? There is just too much going on with them, and I want to share. Like how they ruled Michael's death a homicide....ummm, really? I don't think anyone on this planet ever had plans to murder Mike, actually saying "I think I'm gonna kill Michael Jackson today"--I mean, how the eff would you get away with it? Manslaughter, maybe....nothing sinister going on, just recklessness, stupidity, and greed. I howled when I saw Bygbaby's tweet: "wonder if they will have Michael Jackson's body at his own murder trial. Might as well at this point" Indeed--why would anyone wait so long to bury somebody like that?

Speaking of greed, the remaining Jackson brothers are having their own reality show. You know you are trifling when your sibling's death is quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to you. What are they gonna show? Randy fixing cars? Marlon stocking shelves at Von's? Tito on his eleventeenth martini with his Jackson cover band? (all of which was widely reported on last year). All I know is mediawhore Jermaine must now have a 24 hour hard on....maybe now he can afford some real hair instead of that graffiti spraypaint he's been using...I mean, WTF?

Now Jermaine also won't have to come out with that book he tried to shop around a couple years ago, where he called Mike gay, a drug addict, and sneaky and devious (among other things), and how he excused living at his parents' house most of his adult life as being "needed", though most of the other sons were usually there as well...maybe it's time for at least a one bedroom, 'Maine.

Let me leave you with this tidbit that I found on Dlisted, which I watched with a sort of horrified fascination....earlier this year, I alluded to the fact that Marlon might be a bit....uh..."slow", and the more I see and hear LaToya, the more I think she might have that gene, too. This video does not help; it is her performing at a club in Slovenia (?!) in front of what looks and sounds to be about 7 people. Check out the end, where she comes out in a robe like she just performed in front of a stadium like this is what reality shows are made of--A&E are you listening? Oh wait--I forgot--she said that she couldn't do "Dancing With The Stars" because of the "timing", but in the very same sentence said she would like to be a judge on "American Idol". Simon Cowell, are you listening?

Just curious; when someone asks you what you do for a living, how do you explain that you are one of Latoya Jackson's backup dancers?

dr.conrad pic from bossip


blaqbird said...

i just want them to bury MJ already. it's sad that all this has to go on. the press had to report on Paris' first haircut, and the stylist had to put her hair in a plastic bag and give it to the family (DNA and all). it's just ridiculous.

Nicole said...

OMFG!! this post is too funny! it really made my night!

Sergio said...

One of my oldest long time friends happens to be married to Robert Hooks. (They got amrried last year after a long relationship) I sent her your article, in particular noting what you said about her hubby, knowing she would love what you said. She LOVED it! She's going to show it to Robert. So, who knows, you might be getting a call and kind e-mail from "fine ass".

Anonymous said...

Well, LJ looks as if she was gonna have a botox explosion then, and even moreso now! I wish they would put MJs body to rest now. SMDH!

Issa Rae said...

LaToya Jackson is the most pitiful Jackson on Earth. A couple of years ago my aunt showed me this DVD she bought, just for laughs, of LaToya in
"concert." It consisted of her performing songs at a dinner party. When the camera briefly flashed to the audience, they were barely looking at her on stage, as they ate and talked to one another.

Just sad.

And you're on TWITTER?! Wow.

Urban Thought said...

You never disappoint. I cracked a smile when I started reading the post and then busted out laughing by the time I got to the end.

I have to find your Twitter Username so I can follow you (it sounds stalker-ish but you get my meaning).

Leo Princess said...

All I can say is this: Thank God I wasn't born into a famous family. When I die, no one will be trying to milk me for all I'm worth. R.I.P, MJ...if they finally bury you.

JanuskieZ said...

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Lenox Ave said...

A hot mess! That whole doggone family. What a circus! I just want Micheal to be buried and have some peace.

Tafari said...

Those images of Jermaine & Latoya just fucked the rest of my afternoon up!

Invisible Woman said...

@blaqbird: are you serious? i don't envy anyone in the jackson family for a second...

@nicole: thanks, chica ;-)

@sergio: a little story: back in the day, one of my best gays wanted me to be an extra on a show--i resisted, but he really wanted company, so i reluctantly went...i think it was "nash bridges"

one of the actors (who still works and will remained unnamed) on the show for that episode kept hitting on me. he finally asked me to go to a play with him and robert hooks. i got stoked, but only for the prospect of being around robert.

after we got to his hotel, so he could "change" i found out it was a weak-ass ruse just to try to get it. what a big f*ucking weenie! and i mean that not in the literal sense. i'm glad he is, and will always remain, d-list.

btw, i also had a crush on kevin hooks...must be the genes! haha

Invisible Woman said...

@yeahisaiditworld: if latoya had any more botox she would be walking botulism

@issa rae and urban: i actually joined twitter two years ago, but never tweeted, and i couldn't remember my username, lol.

it can be fun if you don't get caught up; i'm under "madameinvisible" -- would
LOVE to follow you guys too!

@leo princess: high there :-) girl, if you die worth more than a grand, trust, there's gonna be a fight...smh

Invisible Woman said...

@lenoxave: you think they haven't buried him cause he is still alive like some folks say? lol

@tafari: sorry, but all of us on the planet have to suffer through it--you included, haha

Yobachi said...

Hey I-Dub,

I think you misuderstand the meaning of the word homocide. I had the same initial reaction until I thought about.

Homocide simply means the causing of ones death by another person or persons (as opposed to suicide or natural death). Homocide doesn't = murder, murder is just one form of homocide.

This would come under manslaughter (which is also a form of homocide) or negligent homocide, or something of the like.

Check out my video commentary on Mike having moldy weed.

Ehav Ever said...

Wow that LaToya mess is something else. I am not sure how anyone could have made it to the end of that show. Starting off by ripping other people's songs.

Invisible Woman said...

@yobachi: thanks for that---it makes a LOT more sense now! i was thinking manslaughter should be it, but i didn't know that was also classified as a homicide...what's up with the weed? lol

@ehav: if i was there, i would have had to be high on at least 5 different substances, with at least 3 friends in the same state with running commentary...

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