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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ms. Invisible is officially back in her element. I moved back to the Bay last year to be closer to family and close friends, but I knew I was only denying the inevitable move back. I am an L.A. girl, and that's it, period. You will reap the benefits by getting some first hand reportage on all things Black Cinema.

I missed attending the opening night of Spike Lee's "Passing Strange" at the Downtown Film Festival, cause I was still in the Bay (a movie that sort of adds to my theory I posted about using plays for filmed material). It is sort of a small fest, so not too much was jumping off for Black films...there is a documentary about Bill Withers that I may catch called "Still Bill" playing tomorrow. There is another film screening there called "The Soul Of Ashanti" which I am almost ashamed to say I first thought was about the singer Ashanti, lol. To my relief it is based in Africa.

Nice to see some quality films on the circuit, but some things never change, and it's getting tiresome. While Sergio and I were lamenting the latest debacle from The Wayans Brothers, a sequel to "White Chicks" (they had the nerve to say they brought it back "by popular demand"), he wrote this:

"I was talking to a friend yesterday and we got into this discussion about why do we see so much coonery going on by black people in the media and in real life in general.

I think, and my friend agreed, it's because many (most?) black people deep down inside truly believe that they're inferior, totally worthless. That they're not in any way as intelligent, attractive, or simply as good or equal as white people. Therefore they resist acting intelligent, rational or even if they have common sense because they're terrified that they will be revealed as frauds and phonies. So it's much easier to act the fool. And that goes for the Wayans as well.

That's why you hear black people criticizing other black people about "acting white" What they're really saying is "How dare you think that you're as good as a white person, because we're not so don't pretend"."

From IW: Hmmmm....interesting. What do you think, guys? And yes, that is Damon Wayans below in the blackface.


Sergio said...

WOW! Several days have passed by and no one has made a comment about what I said. I guess everyone agrees with me!

Anonymous said...

God, I hope this is not the case. It just seems like that's our excuse for everything. I don't know that it's an inferiority complex as much as it's that movie-goers in general DON'T CARE about what black people have to say if it's not funny ... or about somebody famous, like the success of recent black biopics has demonstrated.

Regina said...

I'm mad they are making a sequel to that garbage they called a movie...

I can't really comment on the rest of the post because I really don't care what goes on in the minds of other people (Black or other). people are going to like or dislike whatever pleases them. I hate coonery (black or white), I just hate ignorance in any race.
For whatever reason some people love it. C'est La Vie...

Harlepolis said...

I agree with issarae.

The audience today don't give a flying shit, they have short attention spam and if it ain't funny in a retarded fashion,,,,then its time to turn on the "exit que".

If its not another remake of an old movie, then its a "comic" adaptation overkill,,,,I think movie making is suffering all around, and the ones who got the RAWEST deal is black filmmakers sadly.

I'm still waiting for the Octavia Butler film, Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and Trey Ellis' Platitude and hey, you got your 3 elements(sci-fi, drama, comedy) those,,,,,yeah I know, a bubble that is waiting to be burst lol I'm still allowed to indulge myself with that pitiful dream though.

Ehav Ever said...

I think that any form of coonary is acceptable to many people because it is easier to digest and causes less thought from them. In many cases coonary does not force them to challenge anything, and simply takes them along for the ride. Some people have gotten so used to it that it becomes a cultural norm for them.

So I would say that for many it may not be because they feel worthless in compared to white people. For many people the coonary has been perpetuated for so long that it has become a cultural norm, and there are many people the world offer who don't challenge cultural norms just because it is easier to go with the flow.

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: everybody's on twitter--would have gotten crazy amounts of responses there!

@issa rae and EHAV: i agree, it is just easier for many people to go with stereotypes rather than maybe actually think and be thoughtful about things

@regina: i hope people start "liking" some other than what is being pumped out to the masses...let us start hoping it's changing

@harlepolis: i am DYING to see an octavia butler movie...i mean, i can't understand at all why there hasn't been one.

Tafari said...

When you do a post, you do a post. OK, Im a hybrid when it comes to Coonery. I own White Chicks. I liked it for what it was, good dumb fun. My kids happen to love it.

And I almost chocked on these grapes when I read you Ahanti bit, that was funny as hell!


Invisible Woman said...

@tafari: pssst---(shhhh) i liked white chicks too

but another one? hell naw!

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