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Monday, December 21, 2009

How Bout Some Trailers?

Okay, regarding my last post--I thought Darktown Strutters would be interesting based on it's premise, but I must say I did not love it. At all. Any movie that randomly has The Dramatics pop up in a jail cell in full costumes doing a full performance with Temptations-like choreography gets a huge side-eye from me. Why were movies that weren't dramas in the 70's so effin weird? I know it was a time of rampant drug use, and a lot of films from that decade were hard evidence of that...from "Tommy" to "Heavy Traffic" to "Darktown Strutters" just to name a few--they were just so disjointed, so horribly edited and all over the place with zero cohesiveness. *sigh* Thank goodness for Fred Williamson...

Anyway, let's view a few trailers, yes? These films at least have a linear storyline, but let me know if you find them interesting (personally I can't wait to see "Brooklyn's Finest"). I will get around to writing about the zillions of films I've seen in the past month and a half.

First up, Chris Rock's remake of "Death At A Funeral", with Danny Glover, Tracy Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Martin Lawrence, and my next husband, fine ass James Marsden.. I've had the original on Tivo for the longest, but still can't get myself to watch it....I would like to see the original before viewing this one with a Black cast-I'd like to see if they made it any different--or better:

Then we have this one, which is not really a Black film, but Sanaa Lathan (down with the swirl once again) was tweeting about how "proud" she was of it. When I first read about this film a year ago, it also got the side-eye from me, and after viewing this trailer, it now has a bigger one; Michael K. Williams from "The Wire" nonwithstanding. I dunno...:

I will be working with the publicity team on this one, so expect to see more about this film--hope you likey, at least for the novelty of seeing Wesley Snipes with back-length cornrows..."Brooklyn's Finest" (Michael K is in this one too, as well as The Cheadle, who I always like a lot more in crime thrillers):

Btw, here is a clip from Darktown Strutters; watch at your own risk (and yes, that is Roger Mosely...the chick is actually the first Black Bond girl for you trivia buffs):


uglyblackjohn said...

Loretta Devine in another funeral movie and Ethan Hawke in another cop movie?

(But I'll probably see them both.)

Camille Acey said...

alas, the only one i'm looking forward to is death at a funeral. the original is funny and i have a feeling this new one will be less funny but adequate enough to support.

brooklyn's finest looks like a whole lotta good cop/dirty cop rehash but i wish you good luck anyhow.

EXPRESSnonetheless said...

Granted I'm looking forward to all 3 films, I really want to see "Death At A Funeral" film for several reasons. Mainly because when two of my classmates and I happened to stumble upon the trailer for the newer version, we realized that it had the exact shot for shot sequence of the original. In fact, Peter Dinklage is in both versions of the film. If you haven't already watched the trailer for the first one, I think you should. The other two films look very interesting. I will definitely be watching for the release dates.

Arnetta Green said...

Death at a Funeral looks funny. Wonderful World . . . as soon as Sanaa Lathan opened her mouth and that accent came out, my right eye started twitching a little. I'm willing to rent it in the future, though. Brooklyn Finest looks interesting. Thanks for the trailers! Except for Darktown Strutters. That was a hot mess! lol

clnmike said...

How the hell does Sanaa Lathan manage to keep her Brookly accent with her trying to imitate an African one?

Got to see Brooklyn's Finest.

SDG said...

Darktown Strutters clip is hilarious! So awful it's good. Death At A Funeral looks funny. Not all that amped about anything else. Can't stand Snipes, Hawke or Gere. I can wait for Bklyn's Finest on DVD.

Marvalus said...

Brooklyn's this Training Day 2.0? After they kill off Alonzo (Denzel), the whole precinct goes haywire? That's what it looks like...

But I'll still watch. You can't beat Wesley as a drug dealer. And The Cheadle (as you put it; I like that, I'll steal it, thank you) is always good for a view...

Sergio said...

I'm a guy which means I wanna see hard core R rated action stuff and that means that Brooklyn's Finest is on the top of my list of "wanna see" movies. I'm especially interested in seeing the new ending shot for the film after the original got a lot of unintentional laughs when it was presented at Sundance last year. A friend of mine saw the film there and said the ending was laughingly bad. I also hear that now it's almost 8 minutes longer as well. Evidently they showed a work-in-progress at Sundance which is never really a good idea

Invisible Woman said...

@uglyblackjohn: i didn't mention loretta, as alas, i'm not really a fan, so i wanted to pretend she wasn't there. i do believe it is a bit of overkill for fuqua to use hawke again after training day--i wish he would have cast someone else

@camille: funeral looks funny to me too, but i am leery as i've never seen a funny chris rock film--hopefully the others will uplift him.

re brooklyn's finest--i am a 100% sucker for thrillers, and one with wesley and don? i'd see it even if it were the hugest retread ever, lol

@express: hi there :-) thanks for sharing that with me--i will now definitely be watching today with that knowledge...

@arnetta: yes, darktown strutters was a letdown, for sure. i just can't get with that sanaa thing, tho--it also has a whiff of magical negress syndrome, imho

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: mike!!! where ya been? lol :-) i know, that accent and those braids were just killing me softly. and being attracted to and juking matthew broderick? i mean, really!

@sdg: believe me, the was nothing good about darktown--don't get sucked in, lol.

not a fan of gere at all, but i can't wait to see a wesley snipes revisit of nino brown 20 years later.

@ms. m: i know, why the eff would he use ethan hawke again? misstep imo. but like i told camille, i am a sucker for all thrillers, even the bad ones, so i hope this one holds some merit.

@sergio: i loves me some urban crime thrillers, and watch them no matter what, even if sometimes i hate myself at the end. no matter how this one ends, to me it's all about seeing wesley and don in that setting...yes!!

blaqbird said...

Sweet Lord of Hosts! I watched Darktown Strutters the other night and nearly lost it. What in the world was that mess? I couldn't believe what I was seeing...especially when the KKK came riding out of the back of a truck...crosses on the back of the motorcycles and all. WOW. It wasn't even a "so bad that it's good" type of movie. It was just, bad, bad, bad.

Anywho. I'm not sure about Sanaa Lathan and Matthew Broderick together. Maybe I'll rent it. I'm excited for Brooklyn's Finest because my future husband, Jesse Williams, is gonna be in it.

Invisible Woman said...

@blaqbird; sorry girl! LOL! i really had no idea...i guess you really had to be a child of the sixties (and lsd) to appreciate that movie, and u and i are a child of neither, so NEXT! and good riddance

ps: for some reason it got decent reviews on figure.

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