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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keep Hope Alive Part 2...

A List Of Negroes Who Say They Want An Oscar:

Bow Wow.



Tyler Perry.

That is all.


msladydeborah said...


Don't you have to produce noteworthy material to be given a nod for an Oscar?

That pretty much sums up why none of the folks on the list have one yet.

madamezzz said...

LOL. Common said that? I know he's 'trying' but he's the same character in every feature...with his sexy self; as are the rest of the folk on your list. About to see 'Takers' in a bit; finally. I know any scene with T.I. will have me squirming in my chair (and not in a good way). *sigh* Here goes.

Citizen Ojo said...

Bow Wow said that? When he had sex with Kat Stacks she must have slipped him something...

Invisible Woman said...

@mslady: that's EXACTLY why I posted this...none of them have a chance in heck

@madame: please, please report back and let me know what you thought!

@citizenojo: i musta laughed at what you said for a good straight two minutes (and how true!)

Citizen Ojo said...

Hey, Kat Stacks gets around and around and around...

madamezzz said...

Hey, IW, here's a link to my tumblr and what I thought of Takers.

Superbizzee said...

List of negroes who say they want an Oscar AND have exhibited Oscar-worthy performances:

Stay tuned...

vaitheetheboss said...

nice information

Black Geisha said...

Poor babies!

Sergio said...

I've met Common twice in the past few months and, believe me, he really takes acting seriously. In fact he takes regular acting classes and seems to me like a guy who's really determined to sucuess as an actor. I'll gave him the benefit of the doubt. As for the others...well One can always dream can't they?

However Perry is clearly going for an Oscar nod with For Colored Girls. Why do you think the film's release was moved up from January 2011 to November 5th of this year? That was to put in in contention for this years Oscar's. This means that TP is going to have to do something he's dreaded his entire career. Screen one of his movies in advance to the media. UH OH!!!! Is he man enough to take it? He cabnlt hide under a dress this time.

joven said...

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Don said...

Well, as of now, I'd have to say that the actor who plays Mr. Brown on Meet The Browns has them all beat in the race to win an Academy Award.

Although Tyler Perry's performance in Madea Goes To Jail and Why Did I Get Married 2 was riveting.

Monique said...

I suspect Tyler Perry will have a chance with the new film For Colored Girls. He has top notch actresses. Felicia Rashad, Thandi Newton, Janet Jackson and more.

Sergio said...

I doubt if he has a chance though. First of all he has to go up against more likely contenders like David Fincher for Social Network, The Coen Brothers for True Grit, Danny Boyle for 127 Hours and Ben Affleck for The Town. Now In hear that Randall Wallace may gor an Oscar nomination for Secretariat.

Also, as IW knows, Oscar nominations are based in large part on the Oscar pubicity machine that studios do for their films. The public doesn't see it, but in the industry studios spend millions in industry advertising and on massive industry screenings literally here and overseas to get Oscar nods. Does Lionsgate have enough confidence in For Colored to lay out that kind of cash? They did with Precious because it was getting raves reviews from everyone and it paid off for them in the long run. If For Colored Girls doesn't get that kind of same response Lionsgate isn't going to push for for Oscar nominations. And Perry's film was rejected when it was submitted for the New York Film festival. When something like that happens word gets around that it isn't good. The same exact thing happened to Spike Lee when he subitted Miracle at St. Anna to NYFF and it was laughed off the screen by the screening committee.

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fapguy said...

should be a list of musicians that don't deserve an oscar... and tyler perry

Invisible Woman said...

^^@fapguy: haha!!

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