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Friday, October 15, 2010

Let's Hear It For The New Ladies Of Black Cinema...

Okay, there is always someone or something that brings Ms. Invisible back from the dead; if not posting while in competition for the Black Weblog Awards couldn't do it, then nothing could, I thought.

But this warmed up Ms. Invisible's cold, cold heart...I only know her name is Bittah Sweet on Twitter, and she made this video for a class project bigging up not just the Black female directors that we know and love, but the mega-talented new jacks who, from what I am reading, are making VERY big noises. Something that this eye and ear definitely needs to see and hear. Give it a whirl....

(admittedly, i watched with the sound on mute--depends on your musical taste)


madame z said...

U no like Sant"i"gold? LOL

Thanks for this.

Invisible Woman said...

is that who is was? well, i guess i don't, lol

Sergio said...

Someone sent this video to me a few days ago. That's MY photo of director Tanya Robinson which I took just last month. Hey they robbed me!

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio oh sh*t! didn't mean to start nothin'!