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Sunday, October 17, 2010

60's Interracial Sh*t.....

You KNOW that the United States would have never, ever made this poster when this film came out....he'd be lucky to be shown less than 5 feet away from Raquel Welch.

btw, this is from the 60's American film "100 Rifles".


Candice Frederick said...

i've never seen this before ! wow!

madame z said...

Never heard of this feature. He and Raquel, two sickeningly gorgeous people (then) lol. Did you ever watch the "Mandingo" film? Or "Drum", its follow-up with Ken Norton?

I bought all of those books. :| There's like a universe-saga beyond the first book/movie. It's insane. I had a reason for buying them...there were thoughts of 'thesis topic' back when I was in grad-school, but I could never quite bring it all together.

Its interesting that the 'xploitation' was in books as well as movies back then. Kyle Onstott, Lance Horner, Ashley Carter are responsible for the original and spin-off tales dealing with the 'Falconhurst' plantation. I digress. I did enjoy seeing Perry King nekkid LOL I'll have to 'find' this feature and add it to the 'to-watch' list. thanks!



Sergio said...

@ Madame Z

You never heard of this fil, before? You must be 16 years old. Not only do I have the DVD of the film but I still remember my father taking me to see this movie when it first came out back in 1969. One of the first films under what was the new movie rating system back then. It got a R rating for the steamy sex scene bewteen Brown and Welch. It made BIG news back then

madame z said...

@ Sergio, Nope, never heard of this one. And I was born in '74; I wasn't even thought about when this film debuted. But I'm definitely interested in watching it. Most of the films from that time period I've viewed after the fact (obviously) because I wasn't around or was too young :)

Sergio said...

1974? You're a babe in the woods.

Invisible Woman said...

@candice: i know, right? i'm thinking about posting the ones from other countries of this same film...they are all so different.

@madame z: yes, i saw all of that dreck! lol they were like a car accident, ya know?

@della: hey there :-) agreed.

@sergio: i know this film, but i've never seen it either...must correct that soon.

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