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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Movie Milk Carton Alerts....

Last week I was wondering what happened to a certain film I'd written about a couple years ago. It was called "Frankie And Alice" (horrible title) and was to star Halle Berry as a woman with dual personalities, one of which was a white racist. Interesting concept, but when I saw the stills from the film, it looked like typical Halle fare; perfectly awful.

Right after I wondered what happened, I see an update from Tambay on Shadow And Act. Yes, old girl pulled the movie out of the drawer, and did it to be considered for an Oscar.

Alrighty then.

I don't want to talk about that movie really, but about other films that I wrote about and wondered what happened to....a couple I was actually looking forward to, like:

The "Martin" reunion on the big screen. Everyone would probably ask Martin why he now looks like a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade balloon. (wasn't looking forward to that one by the way)

The multiple Sammy Davis Jr. biopics, one starring Don Cheadle, one starring Andre 3000, and one starring Elijah Kelley. And where is Elijah Kelley? He was the "it" Black dude for exactly one minute.

Beyonce aka Beyaki playing Eartha Kitt. To which I say: bwahhahahahaha!!

The very unasked for sequel to "Four Brothers".

Jaime Foxx playing Mike Tyson in a biopic.

Beyaki playing Angela Davis in a biopic. To which I say: bwahhahahahaha!!

Wesley Snipes playing James Brown in a biopic (I'm seeing a pattern here).

Will Smith and Denzel Washington in a remake of "Uptown Saturday Night" (which I pray never sees the light of day).

Mos Def and Erykah Badu in a film that was described thustly:

Mos Def and Erykah Badu have signed on to star in the indie drama 'Bobby Zero'; a film focused upon the life of fictional struggling artist Bobby Zero as he hits rock bottom before going corporate with a job in advertising. Badu will play his girlfriend who is afflicted with agoraphobia.

Lots of questions. No answers.


Candice Frederick said...

okay i like halle berry (tho this movie does sound lame). can't stand beyonce and she definitely cannot act. i love denzel bu i don't want to see him do funny. just cuz.

Pascalle said...

I love you for this post!
"Beyonce aka Beyaki playing Eartha Kitt. To which I say: bwahhahahahaha!!" & "Beyaki playing Angela Davis in a biopic. To which I say: bwahhahahahaha!!" - made my evening! I love your blog, I've been following for a while and I agree with all of your black cinema insights! I just rewatched "Jelly" recently and I enjoyed it, I think you reviewed it. Any other black indie flicks you can suggest? I have a Netflix subscription trying to get my moneys worth.

madame z said...

Beyaki <--- LOL should never act again.

Can I add a feature to this list? Maybe two features that I've been in 'pout-mode' about:

"Toussaint" - where oh where did this feature go? So many were attached to it before. Is it dead in the water? What a freakin' pity. :-(

"The Brazilian Job" - where IS IT? I absolutely loved the chemistry of Mos and Marky Mark and Charlize and Statham and Seth Green. I want it, need it, gotta have it. If Hollywood can procure 50-11 "Danny Ocean & Friends" features, why not a follow-up to the remake-follow-up of "The Italian Job"?

And how can you have a sequel to "Four Brothers" without Garrett Hedlund's character? I love, love, love that movie, but what remaining-Mercer-brothers story, pray tell, could Hollyweird imagine for a sequel?

Kmoney said...

speaking of things that should never see the light of day, any word on the Will Smith remake of Old Boy? please please tell me it was all a dream...a sweaty, fever induced nightmare of a dream.

Invisible Woman said...

@candice: i'd like to see denzel do funny. just not with this project.

@pascalle: haha!

you know, i have netflix (just got it) and honestly they seem kinda lame on the Black film tip. i like them for other genres tho.

there is a treasure trove of Black film on tho. and it's free :-)

@madame z: i don't consider the brazilian job Black cinema though it is f. gary gray.

i should have included toussaint for sure; i was looking forward to that....forgot about it. must research.

hey kmoney! :-) i forgot about "old boy"! i DEFINITELY rallied against that one. but it seems like 92% of will's smith's projects that i write about never, ever happen.

Sergio said...

That Old Boy/Will Smith project was offically cancelled.

As for that "creole" Baybay doing Angela Davis that was a trial balloon. The director wanted to make the film and floated the idea of her playing Davis to see if he could attract any financiers. Needless to say, they all wanted to keep their money (they're not fools)so that project never got off the ground. But her as Eartha Kitt, first time I heard of that one and no doubt that's not going to be made. And don't forget that that supposed remake of A Star is Born (the fourth version of that film) with her and Russell Crowe. Even the studio had the good sense to know that was a sucky idea

Why do that keep trying to make her into an actress? She can't act let alone barely able to talk. hey Baybay it's pronouced "with you" not "witchchoo"

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: i can always count on you to let me know what's up, when and where!

lol at that bey comment...soooo true