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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Why, Hollywood?

Is this why they picked Terrence Howard to play Nelson Mandela in "Winnie"? I do see a resemblance, and for the life of me I see absolutely no other reason why they did.

Pretty flimsy excuse for casting someone to play such a monumental man...I don't believe he's up to the task. Exhibit A:

ps: why does he still have that quivering, crybaby voice thing going even in his atrocious south african accent? and why does jennifer hudson sound like count chocula?


Feminism in Cinema and TV said...

Two words: Morgan Freeman.

ladyglen ChicagoStyle said...

If you're going to go American instead of South African, why not go with a truly gifted for real actress...Alfre Woodard. I'm not looking forward to this movie at all with this type of awful miscasting!

Sergio said...

I really want to give it the benefit of the doubt since no one has seen it yet nor have there been any reviews just know this is gonna suck donlt we/

Terance Howard? PLEASE! is here anyone out there who likes him? Anyone? raise their hands...

Jennifer Hudson?? She's sweet girl but seriously? (Though I admit she's looking really good since she lost a ton of weight - evidently some people got to her and told her lose the weight or you'll wind up like Mo'Nique or that Precious chick without much of a career)

I think they haven't gotten the word in South Affrican that neiher Howard or Hudson would be considered major box office stars but obviously thought they were.

Candice Frederick said...

i don't believe he's up for the task either. i can't beieve he's in this role. this oughtta be interesting...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they could have used two awesome black british actors, and they probably would have nailed the accents. I do love Elias Koteas, but unless I can stream this one on netflix I doubt I'll watch it.

Invisible Woman said...

@Feminism in Cinema and TV: okay?!

ladyglen ChicagoStyle: i love alfre--i think she would have been terrific, but who to play younger winnie?

@sergio: "Terance Howard? PLEASE! is here anyone out there who likes him? Anyone? raise their hands..." i know! people can't stand him...that last time anyone tolerated that negro was "the best man". oh, and maybe "hustle and flow". maybe.

@Candice Frederick: from the looks of the trailer, i vote no.

@kat you know, british would've been the way to go, but you know that is not the mindset of "those" who run hollywood.....they use the same actors over and over, and jennifer made it into the "she's okay" club

ladyglen ChicagoStyle said...

@invisible cinema in response to ladyglen ChicagoStyle: "i love alfre--i think she would have been terrific, but who to play younger winnie?"

Interesting question. I cant come up with an answer just yet but, let me think about it for a minute.

Perhaps an unknown look alike South African actress like they did the young Celie in the Color Purple but definitely not Jennifer Hudson carrying the entire movie. Although more mature of an actress, Alfre can pass for as young a Winnie as Jennifer Hudson to me.

ladyglen ChicagoStyle said...

@Invisible Cinema

Who would you like to have seen in the part of Winnie?

To be honest, I'm not really interested in a movie about Winnie Mandela anyway. I'm more interested in Black American female revolutionaries. I would like to see a movie about Angela Davis come to the big screen.

Also, why all the talk about Terrence Howard playing Nelson? Isn't the movie about Winnie? That leads me to believe, no one is interested in the Winnie story. There appears to be more interest in the Nelson Mandela part of the story. Further proof of the miscasting in my opinion and further proof they should have got South African or British actors for the movie.

Sergio said...

"Also, why all the talk about Terrence Howard playing Nelson? Isn't the movie about Winnie?"

Because the choice of Howard is just so wrong on so many levels. Hudson may be able to pull it off. We really haven't see yet what she could do. Dreamgirls wasn't really much of stretch and in Sex in the City she was reduced to what I predicted were the kinds of parts she would get; the sassy black friend of the white lead actress role. In Winnie she finally gets a shot to prove what she can do, bad makeup notwithstanding. She just might surprise us or dissapoint us. We'll have to wait and see (And by the way, I'm working on trying to get the film the the Black Harvest Film festival in Chicago this summer. I've been told by the producers that they're about to make a deal for the film with a U.S. distributor. Which one they wonlt say yet)

But we all know what Howard with his "cry-baby voice" is all about. We've seen him enough times already and we;re sick of them

And speaking about Angela Davis, you know there was this producer who two years ago who floated around an idea of making a film about her starring Beyonce. Thank God that didn't happen. If it did believe me you, me and everyone else would be up in arms talking about her non-acting, yaki hair weave wearing, country ass talking self.

ladyglen ChicagoStyle said...

By the way, I thought Terrence was really good in 'Dead Presidents.' I really enjoyed the part where Larenz Tate whupped his ass with a pool stick. LOL

Josephine said...

Doesn't seem very promising from the trailer.

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...

I laughed. I felt bad about it, but I laughed. Terrence Howard is a good actor, but you're right about his voice.

I also have a hard time separating his roles now, from the whole baby wipes debacle.

But it could have been worse. At least those two can act.