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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Iont even know what to even say about this, except when is it coming to a theater near me?

h/t stopbeingfamous


wanda loves... said...

Girl can you tell me when its coming to St. Louis? To a hairbraider near me?

Josephine said...

Must see ! Hitting up my local African Dvd place asap ! I love how the car bled lol.

blaqbird said...

lol i love how when the dude got shot in the chest, flames went up on the side of the building....

Invisible Woman said...

@wanda: it's probably already there, girl, just waiting for you to get an overpriced $300 hair-do

@josephine: car bleeding, animated head explosions, buildings catching fire from simple bullets...cinematic excellence!

@blaqbird: that one made me laugh out loud

msladydeborah said...


This looks like a must see for me.
Extreme testosterone!
I just hope that the dialouge is easier to understand than Shottas.

Sergio said...

It's a Ugandan film by the same people who made Who Killed Captain Alex

Check out that trailer

They're ROCKING it in Uganda!

V-Knowledge said...

James Cameron could take some notes from these eye-popping special effects, fo' reals!

unknown said...

The rental price probably exceeds the movie budget LOL!!

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: i saw that one before i posted this...they had the audacity to make a sequel, and it looked even cheaper than this one. smh so hard.

@v-knowledge: dang! keep forgetting to post your link...gotta get on that asap

@unknown: i literally laughed out loud at your comment--hilarious!

Sergio said...

I love it when the guy doing the voiceover says: "We do the be your the number one film company in Uganda"


Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: that is my favorite part, next to the guy's head popping like a balloon. i have been saying line to people all week, lol

V-Knowledge said...

Hey IW, check out my blog for my 2010 flick round-ups. Have a Happy New Year!

bestworldstuff said...

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