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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Iont even know what to even say about this, except when is it coming to a theater near me?

h/t stopbeingfamous


wanda loves... said...

Girl can you tell me when its coming to St. Louis? To a hairbraider near me?

Josephine said...

Must see ! Hitting up my local African Dvd place asap ! I love how the car bled lol.

blaqbird said...

lol i love how when the dude got shot in the chest, flames went up on the side of the building....

Invisible Woman said...

@wanda: it's probably already there, girl, just waiting for you to get an overpriced $300 hair-do

@josephine: car bleeding, animated head explosions, buildings catching fire from simple bullets...cinematic excellence!

@blaqbird: that one made me laugh out loud

msladydeborah said...


This looks like a must see for me.
Extreme testosterone!
I just hope that the dialouge is easier to understand than Shottas.

Sergio said...

It's a Ugandan film by the same people who made Who Killed Captain Alex

Check out that trailer

They're ROCKING it in Uganda!

Anonymous said...

James Cameron could take some notes from these eye-popping special effects, fo' reals!

unknown said...

The rental price probably exceeds the movie budget LOL!!

Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: i saw that one before i posted this...they had the audacity to make a sequel, and it looked even cheaper than this one. smh so hard.

@v-knowledge: dang! keep forgetting to post your link...gotta get on that asap

@unknown: i literally laughed out loud at your comment--hilarious!

Sergio said...

I love it when the guy doing the voiceover says: "We do the be your the number one film company in Uganda"


Invisible Woman said...

@sergio: that is my favorite part, next to the guy's head popping like a balloon. i have been saying line to people all week, lol

Anonymous said...

Hey IW, check out my blog for my 2010 flick round-ups. Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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