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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Take On The Busters *cough* Oscars...

OK, after months of speculation, the Oscar nominees have arrived. How many of you were satisfied with the lists?

I, for one, have stopped taking the Oscars seriously years ago; it is such an elitist and "inside" group, and we all should know by now that the politics involved have people winning awards that really have no business doing so. They throw out a bone every few years to someone that is Black, and it is always hailed and regaled as a "victory" to open doors, but afterward we are once again subjected to a few more years of complete and total white-washing. But it has gone beyond that...where are the accolades for Latinos? For Asians? For Eastern Indians?

Hollywood never, ever, EVER seems to understand that diversity makes life (and their lame awards show) interesting. Everyone remembers Monique winning last year, but can you name three others (be honest)?

There is an old saying that I have always remembered, taken from an ancient Chinese philosophy book, and it applies to the Academy in volumes:

"Diversity is actually an important and necessary ingredient, which adds creative spice to a group."

Film is universal! The stories told in ANY film are relevant to a good portion of the population, regardless of race. Until Hollywood and the Academy can get this through their heads, I am down with the mission of AFFRM. If you don't know what AFFRM is, please click here and support! And oh yeah, I will NOT be watching the show this year...cheers!

Please check out CNN's article on this issue...the comments over there are sincerely pathetic and sad, and will boggle the mind. I am convinced, more than ever before, that we are completely unsupported in Hollywood, and must step away from the studios and an intolerant audience in order to have a system that allows us to create and be heard. Racism in conventional Hollywood is apparently NOT disappearing anytime soon, and has zero interest in doing so:


Candice Frederick said...

seriously. and what has always burned me up about this is that we're supposed ot watch "white films" all the time, but they don't feel the need to watch ANY "black films." so we're essentially watch all films (so who's looking like a hypocrite now?).

Film Fatale NYC said...

Agree with post and Candice. It is curious that the actors awards to black actors/actresses are roles that support black stereotypes--Whoopi Goldberg for playing a con-artist/psychic or Cuba Gooding shouting 'show me the money!' as a blinged out athlete. Halle Berry's role for 'Monster' was the typical tragic negress...come on! Jamie Foxx's win seemed the purest to me.

Jeffrey said...

IW ... love your blog & wish you were more active these days.

Playing devil's advocate here: What films were excluded? Can you think of any films that would be considered black films that should have been nominated?

I heard a lot of buzz about Halle Berry working to get "Frankie and Alice" nominated. I'm guessing it didn't. However, I also heard this film wasn't that good.

I can't remember you mentioning a single film that was made last year you were crazy about.

What'd I miss?

CareyCarey said...

Hello Invisible Woman. Of course I am a first time visitor. I found your blog by way of Shadow & Act.

While looking at your total profile, I said "ummm, this woman might have something to say". Then I noticed your favorite movies, and then I thought, "ummmm, this woman is my kind of woman". I loved all of your picks.

Then I moved on to your current post (this one). After reading it, I said, "this woman sho knows what she's talking about.

Hat tip, the white man knows nothing about black films nor black folks. Piss on the Oscars and all the pastie white chicks they adore.

I don't care what Ebert or Flea-bert says, my money is on black.

Invisible Woman said...

@candice: i know. *sigh* we watch plenty of non-Black films with no complaint, and there are plenty of fine films out there, but when we ask for a piece of the pie it's a huge problem? smh

and i don't buy the argument that "the oscars are strictly based on performance and not race" and "there were no Black film to nominate".

@film fatale: i was saying the other day that the conventional film community feels most comfortable when we are a preconceived stereotype or almost a cartoon.

there WERE films, just as obscure and arthouse as some of the films that were nominated, and with great performances. but they are a non-entity in the conventional film community.

Invisible Woman said...

@jeffrey thank you :-) i think you'll like my post today.

as for a film i believe should have been nominated in several categories, "night catches us" certainly stands up, and was virtually ignored.

there were other films that made huge noises last year, but i can't really speak on them as i haven't seen them yet. "i will follow" is one.

@careycarey: oooh, i loved your comment so much. thanks for being here. comments like yours are why i decided to try something new with my blog. look forward to reading more of you :-)

CareyCarey said...

Hello again, and thank you for writing this post. We need to hear more voices like yours.

As I mentionded, I like reading a blogger's profile because it gives me a little insight into rather or not I wish to continue reading their "stuff". You know, if they ain't talking about nothing, then why should I listen. Also, it gives me an insight into the individual.

Having said that, and since I am a magnanimous movie freak, I am inviting you to stop by my blog. The current post tells a short story about me, followed by one on Spike Lee. I think you'll find them both informative and interesting.

Here's the one on Spike Lee.

Ms☆Go (dcmoviegirl) said...

@Invisible Woman

there WERE films, just as obscure and arthouse as some of the films that were nominated, and with great performances. but they are a non-entity in the conventional film community.


Movies Gallery 2011 said...

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sowmya said...

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The Editor said...

Thank the lord I found your blog. I've always pointed out 'to myself', that films can be universal and appeal to the masses regardless of race. I find myself watching films that don't have minority cast members and relate to their stories; human struggles and perseverance. I'd love to see a film about a woman (black) that is not about the color of her skin.

Viola Davis' recent win shows just how far we have come.

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