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Sunday, January 30, 2011


I know I haven't posted much in the past year (and I have been chastised repeatedly for it), and though I keep promising to come back for real, I really haven't.

I always think of things I want to post, almost daily, but I just haven't seemed to be able to do it. I finally realized that I just can't keep up with the Jones'. Which is to say, I don't really have the time, or any real incentive, to keep on all the film sites and alerts to post Black Cinema news every single, solitary day. But there are some very fine sites out there that can, and do.

As for me, I will be trying out something....weekly themes of sorts. I will be inspired to write about things that are in the news and at the theater, of course.....I have to. But I think if I stick to a theme a week, it'll make me post more, and then I won't get close to cursed out anymore, lol. I will also have a revamping of this blog design coming's past time.

Thanks guys, for sticking with me, even when you've seen the same crusty post day after day for weeks at a time. I'm on a mission to do better. In the meantime, you can peruse my other just as sometimey blog: Mantan In The City.


ps: the picture of melvin van peebles above has nothing to do with anything, but for some reason it came up when i googled "black cinema love" pics


msladydeborah said...


Things change in everyone's story. I am glad to see that you're still keeping us informed on what's the what in the film world.

You know the deal my sista, when you post, I'll be swooping through to see what's up.

Anonymous said...

Hey IW,

Post whenever you can. There really is no timetable. Your posts are always fresh and inspired regardless of frequency. :)

Beyond blogging, have you considered exploring more creative avenues with your writing?

Tafari said...

Well, as long as YOU know that you are sometimey, we cannot check you boo!

Invisible Woman said...

@ msladydeborah: you've ALWAYS had my back from the very beginning...thank you and MUCH love!

@ V-Knowledge: you know what? you are so right. it is my blog isn't it? i can be a complete f*ck up if i want, yes? lol

@ tafari: oh, bygbaby...always there to tell you bout yoseff. haha!

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