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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Blackexploitation

I don't care for the term "Black Exploitation", but until it's termed something else, it is what it is. It was definitely the heyday for black film, for better or for worse. Here is a very comprehensive list that I found on of 70's black flicks, good and bad. There are more films from the 70's of course, but this list has the majority. At the very least, it was the beginning of our community in the directing world, and some feature the best comedians of our time. You can find most of them on If you click on the links, you can see posters of these films, some of them are hilarious......check it!

Aaron Loves Angela
1975 Director: Gordon Parks, Jr.
Across 110th Street
1972 Director: Barry Shear
Amazing Grace
1974 Director: Stan Lathan
Black Belt Jones
1973 Director: Robert Clouse
Black Caesar
1973 Director: Larry Cohen
Black Eye
1974 Director: Jack Arnold
Black Girl
1974 Director: Unknown Director
Black Gunn
1972 Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
Black Jack
1973 Director: William T. Naud
Black Samson
1974 Director: Charles Bail
Black Six, The
1974 Director: Matt Cimber
1972 Director: William Crain
1972 Director: Frank Arthur Wilson (Oscar Williams)
Book Of Numbers
1973 Director: Raymond St. Jacques
1975 Director: Arthur Marks
Cleopatra Jones
1973 Director: Jack Starrett
1973 Director: Jack Hill
Come Back Charleston Blue
1972 Director: Mark Warren
Cool Breeze
1972 Director: Barry Pollack
Cooley High
1975 Director: Michael Schultz
1975 Director: Ralph Bakshi
Cornbread, Earl and Me
1975 Director: Joe Manduke
Cotton Comes To Harlem
1970 Director: Ossie Davis
Darktown Strutters
1975 Director: William Witney
Death Journey
1976 Director: Fred Williamson
Detroit 9000
1973 Director: Arthur Marks
1976 Director: Steve Carver
Education Of Sonny Carson, The
1974 Director: Michael Campus
Fast Break
1979 Director: Jack Smight
Fathom 1968
Director: Unknown Director
Fear Is The Key
1970 Director: John Vernon
Final Option
1982 Director: Ian Sharp
Five On The Black Hand Side
1973 Director: Oscar Williams
Foxy Brown
1974 Director: Jack Hill
Friday Foster
1975 Director: Arthur Marks
Gordon's War
1973 Director: Ossie Davis
Greased Lightning
1977 Director: Michael Schultz
1972 Director: Bruce Clark
Hell Up In Harlem
1973 Director: Larry Cohen
Hit Man
1972 Director: George Armitage
1973 Director: Sidney J. Furie
Hot Potato
1976 Director: Oscar Williams
Klansman, The
1974 Director: Terence Young
Last Fight, The
1983 Director: Fred Williamson
1976 Director: Gordon Parks, Sr.
Lord Shango
1975 Director: Ray Marsh
Mack, The
1973 Director: Michael Campus
Man Friday
1976 Director: Jack Gold
Mean Johnny Barrows
1976 Director: Fred Williamson
1972 Director: Hugh A. Robertson
Monkey Hustle
1977 Director: Arthur Marks
No Way Back
1976 Director: Fred Williamson
Norman... is that you?
1976 Director: George Schlatter
Petey Wheatstraw
1977 Director: Cliff Roquemore
Piece Of The Action, A
1977 Director: Sidney Poitier
Pop Goes The Weasel
1975 Director: Matt Cimber
1973 Director: Cirio Santiago
Savage Sisters
1974 Director: Eddie Romero
Scream, Blacula, Scream
1973 Director: Bob Kelljan
1971 Director: Gordon Parks, Sr.
Shaft In Africa
1973 Director: John Guillermin
Shaft's Big Score
1972 Director: Gordon Parks, Sr.
Slams, The
1973 Director: Jonathan Kaplan
1972 Director: Jack Starrett
Slaughter's Big Rip-Off
1973 Director: Gordon Douglas
Soul Of Nigger Charley, The
1973 Director: Larry Spangler
Soul Soldier
1970 Director: John Cardos
1973 Director: Gordon Parks, Jr.
Sweet Jesus, Preacherman
1973 Director: Henning Schellerup
Sweet Sweetback's Badaaasss Song
1971 Director: Melvin Van Peebles
T.N.T. Jackson
1974 Director: Cirio H. Santiago
Take A Hard Ride
1975 Director: Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti)
That Man Bolt
1973 Director: Henry Levin
They Call Me Mister Tibbs
1970 Director: Gordon Douglas
Thing With Two Heads, The
1972 Director: Lee Frost
tick? tick? tick?
1970 Director: Ralph Nelson
Together Brothers
1974 Director: William A. Graham
Trick Baby
1973 Director: Larry Yust
Trouble Man
1972 Director: Ivan Dixon
Watermelon Man
1970 Director: Melvin Van Peebles
Which Way Is Up?
1977 Director: Michael Schultz
Willie Dynamite
1973 Director: Gilbert Moses III
Zebra Killer
1973 Director: William Girdler


hottnikz said...

So many of my favorites! Cornbread Earl & Me, Willie Dynamite, Watermelon Man, Trick Baby (read the book first), Sweet Sweetback, Education of Sonny Carson & of course Cooley High. Good Post.

Invisible Woman said...

I'm glad you liked it....I think it's important for people to see black film from any era.

Trick Baby is an odd one...I read the book first as well and caught the movie by accident on the Independant Film Channel, of all things. It was unexpectedly good, and even more surprising, touching. That's why I don't like the term "Exploitation" as it lumps the gems together with the messes.