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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sorry, Can't Do It Massa

As I stated in one of my very first posts, I have absolutely no love for MTV, never have. And now that they've taken over BET, I see that they're turning it into the same youth worshiping, money greedy, all about demographics and not the people machine that is MTV.

I'd heard about the programming protests that have been going on, but didn't post about it as this is really a film blog, and they show they same movies over and over into perpetuity. But when I read this story on Stereohyped, it really did peak my interest:

It’s not just me (and probably most of you) — advertisers are catching on to the fact that BET’s new show, Hot Ghetto Mess is, well, a hot ghetto mess. State Farm and Home Depot told BET they no longer wish to be associated with the show, which airs July 25, either on its web page or during its commercial breaks.

BET declined to confirm specific advertisers defecting from the program but released the following statement: “A few of our clients have asked to move to other programming dayparts, and we simply accommodated their request.”

The corporate retreat appeared to be in response to a growing chorus of critics who have been calling for an advertiser boycott of the series, which is scheduled to premiere at 10:30 p.m. July 25. (A copy of the pilot could not be obtained before press time.)

“Mess” is a compilation of viewer-submitted home videos and BET-produced man-on-the-street segments that exhibit blacks in unflattering situations that typically illustrate the excesses of so-called hip-hop culture.

So if advertisers don’t advertise and viewers don’t watch, that must mean the show can’t exist, right? Too bad there is no shortage of corporations that will pick up where State Farm and Home Depot left off, not to mention the thousands of people who will find this show endlessly amusing. In other words, get ready to see a hot ghetto mess on a television screen near you.

From Invisible Woman: Stand up my people, stand up.
btw that is the actual logo for the BET show above


Paula D. said...

This definitely won't last long!

Invisible Woman said...

I do feel a little sorry for Charlie Murphy though...first Dave Chapelle's show and now this!

hottnikz said...

I know Charlie can't catch a break! Debra Lee and the rest of the BLACK big-wigs are sell-outs! I remember when they had better programming like Teen Summit & the old Rap City with Big Les & Joe Clair. They even removed the news from their program line-up! What is that about! I hate BET now and I never thought I would see the day. They actually think the kids are dumb!Check this out:

PurpleZoe said...

Unfortunately BET seems hell-bent on presenting the black community in the most unflattering light as they possibly can. The entire station should be boycotted.
Viacom doesn't need the money. They will run this if it's on their agenda, and something tells me it is.
Time for a new network. One that we won't sell to anyone.

Anonymous said...

What would this show do that Three Six Mafia hasn't already done?

Personally, I'm sick of the argument about positive images versus negative ones. Black people spend too much time being offended and not enough time creating significant commercial art (this coming from a successful black television comedy writer, and no I'm not some knee-jerk conservative).

I seriously doubt the show is offensive (let's not talk about how "offensive" is a relatively pointless word, less useful than even "obscene"... and we all know the definition for that one). It's probably just bad. Just like "Flavor of Love" is bad and "House of Payne" is bad and "Two and a Half Men" is bad.

I can't wait for the day we stop acting like victims and feeling we've been done harm. Of course, by then we'll probably be demographically insignificant to the point where no one will care anyway (12% of the population and falling...).

Invisible Woman said...

Anonymous, pls read today's post (7/13)