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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It's A Bird, It's A Plane...It's...Oh No, Not Again!

Yes, Master P is making yet another movie. I read about this initially a couple of months ago before I started this blog. It is called "Black Supaman" and really, do we as a people really need this?

I admire P as a person for just going for his; professional basketball player, label owner, real estate magnate, toy manufacturer (true!), stage father to Romeo. His son is even attending USC. But after viewing "Foolish" and "I Got The Hookup" it amazes me how he gets the money to make these hot messes, unless he's dippin' in his own wallet. Ego and attention makes you do foolywang things sometimes.....if you want to see him talk about the movie click here.


HotSauce!! said...

I just posted about this mess and i think it's damn shame!! When you have money and your bored you can do just about any foolishness and make profit....

Invisible Woman said...

Most people wish they had the money to make their own movie and star in it any time they felt like it....haha