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Friday, July 20, 2007

Invisibility Strikes Again

As a brief aside to Black Cinema, I feel the need to say something about this. This is the exact reason that I have no love or respect whatsoever for mainstream award shows.

"The Wire" hands down without a doubt the best drama on TV (yes, even better than "The Sopranos") has been robbed again with not one Emmy nomination.

I am done.


I'm as random as it gets said...

I said the same damn thing! I hate to turn everything to black and white but come on...? They not only deserve the nomination but also to win.
I'm out!

hottnikz said...

Yeah, I'm shocked they haven't won anything. Way better then The Sopranos.

Invisible Woman said...

You won't catch me EVER watching an Emmy show, unless the hypocrite that I am, I am nominated :-)

justjudith said...

^lol. it is robbery. i'm not taking away anything from other shows, but to ignore the wire is criminal.