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Friday, August 10, 2007

In My Humble Opinion....

I try not to get too political on this blog....after all, there are some very fine black politic and opinion blogs out there, getting well-thought out and well-researched information out to the masses. There aren't too many great Black Cinema ones, though, and while writing this blog, I hope to someday fit into the category of greatness....but as a black woman in America, there are some days that I just really feel the need to put my humble opinion out there.....I hope you understand. If it's not your cup of tea, it's ok, plenty of fluffery on other posts for everyone.

While reading one of my fellow blogger's opinion about the Newark student killings (an incident that hurt my heart to the core, and was difficult not to write about) he chose to label what the killers did as "sub-human inner city behavior" when the story first broke....Let me first say that I respect this blogger and what he does a huge amount. I know he was angry, as I was, too, but that term did not sit well with me; it was fairly cringe-worthy. That phrase brings up too many negative images that I don't care to discuss right now. In the comment section, two readers questioned this term, and were attacked by the other readers like pitbulls on a steak. I wanted to co-sign with the two, but didn't, as I know how our folks can get when emotions are running high....I regret not saying anything.

If you haven't heard, the killers were found to be non-black. But that's beside the point. When talking about horrible events in our community, first and foremost we must not polarize each other before getting to the root of the problem/incident, and offer to be a part of the solution. As I stated before with the Jena 6, dialogue is important, but action is the truth.

As a person who has worked in the inner-city to help provide solutions, I know a lot of very fine people fall through the cracks for a myriad of reasons. I also know a lot of people are there, especially young people, because they have never had anyone take the time to show them other alternatives and sounds so simple, and it kinda is in a way, that's the ironic joke of it. No one's taken a specific interest in them, and they simply have no one showing them anything else. The ignorance can sometimes be stunning and amazing (not to mention disheartening) if that's not what you're used to. You can get on your soapbox all day, but I think one of the most important things to do right now is show some of our people in less fortunate situations that there are other viable choices and alternatives in life....take 1 or 2 folks under your wing, take them out and still talk, but do something direct at the same time. Take them to dinner, to the bookstore, to a play. I know it might be hard for some to believe, but these minor things can make a huge difference in a life.

I'm not naive, I know that there is some human garbage in the inner city, but to write it all off as monolithic is dangerous. and unfair. Believe me, I've met a lot of educated human garbage as well...plenty. I believe words are a powerful a writer I am even more aware of this....please use the focus of your words carefully; our folks are in pain, don't separate the "right black folks" from the so-called "wrong ones"; at this point, we are are all in this together, as racism seems to be getting more intense every day.....a peaceful journey and blessings to those teens....


Wanda said...

hey IW. I agree with your statement. I read the blog youre talking about. What bothered me wasn't calling the murderers "sub-human", I think that anyone who killed these kids in that way is almost an animal (IMHO), but I was the whole phrase, "sub human inner city behavior", as if one could not exist without the other. As someone who has grown up in the inner city and met her fair share of "unconscience" people, thugs and junkies, to infer that sub-human behavior permeates the inner city is exaggerating. Not that it can't take place, but I don't find it prevalent.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

This is the problem will labels, all of the four victims lived in the 'inner city' and were to attend Delaware State University this fall. Not one had criminal records. This mentality comes from the same people who move to East CupCake (both black and white)with a false sense of security that they have somehow escaped crime. They are divorced from reality, and even when a doctor is beaten within an inch of his life and his wife and daughters are raped and murdered. Or, a crazed gunman takes aim at innocent students on a campus, they still don't get it.I don't have one doubt in my mind that we could stop the flow of guns. Until, this is viewed as a national epidemic not just 'inner city' it will continue to be labeled "sub-human inner city behavior". Why, because it helps people sleep at night.

PurpleZoe said...

Extremely well put.

Tony said...

A horrible and senseless loss of valuable precious lives. My heart and soul wept.

Mrs. Grapevine said...

I think people have a hard time understanding the mentality of people stuck in poverish societies. I always tell people if you been in darkness for so long the light hurts. If you don't belive me just sit in a dark closet with no light for 15 minutes, then walk outside into the bright sunlight. You can't even open your eyes. People in the hood have become accustomed to darkness (not all), because they feel hope is gone. They aren't sub-human, they just want to survive. The best thing we can do is to teach them, help them adjust to the light so that they can open their eyes and see. There's hope.

Invisible Woman said...

@at everyone: thanks for taking the time to comment. Why do people continue to do this type of crime in this day and age? Even 30 yrs ago, it would have been possoble, but there are too many cameras, too much CSI technology, and too many people fed up with the instant info that they read via the internet for this type of s__t to fly!

All I can say were those dudes were either high, or so ignorant and jealous that they could barely see.