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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Weekend At A Glance

Rock The Bells: Indisputably the best live show on the planet right now. Cypress Hill has still got it, and for all his faults, Flava Flav is the best Hype Man in the business, bar none.

Limoncello Martinis: For those of you that have wondered; chilled Italian Limoncello liqueur and vodka (preferably Grey Goose). Sugar optional.

Rush Hour 3: Hot garbage.
btw, this is Chris Tucker's mugshot


nerditry said...

I rewatched most of Rush Hour at the gym yesterday and at home. It definitely still holds up, but the newest would not, could not have.

Superbad, on the other hand. Glorious.

The best, most uncomfortable sex scene with no sex in the history of cinema.

Paula Neal Mooney said...

Did Rush Hour 3 come out already?

It wasn't good, huh?

Jay Wilson said...

Rocked the Bells, well, rocked! I caught the NYC leg and Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine owned it. Cyprus put on a good show too - when "Insane in the Brain" and "I Could Just Kill A Man" came on, the crowed POPPED.