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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Some New Stuff and Needless Remake #2,065

Ice Cube will produce and star in a live-action adaptation of Shannon Eric Denton and Keith Giffen's graphic novel "10" for Dimension Films, according to Variety. The story is about a guy who gets a letter saying he's in a competition with nine others and that whoever gets out alive wins. He thinks it's just junk mail until a man toting an ax shows up at his door.
Gustin Nash and Jesse Cale are writing the screenplay. No director has been hired yet.
Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez of CubeVision are set to produce along with David Alpert and Rick Jacobs of Circle of Confusion. Cube's Dimension-based company is also working on a movie adaptation of "Welcome Back, Kotter" and "Tough Love." The rapper-turned-actor is currently filming "First Sunday" for Screen Gems

From I.W.: Three words: Welcome Back Kotter?


justjudith said...

welcome back kotter??? bad. move. i can't even watch the reruns...

hottnikz said...

Oh, so they are still going through with that. Horrible. I do watch the reruns though.

Tony said...

Movie adaption of Welcome Back Kotter? Isn't anything sacred anymore?!?

Invisible Woman said...

You guys have it right, which is the #1 reason I don't like TV to film remakes....what's the point? I mean for real, I really want to know!