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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

This N' That

Terrence Howard and Samuel Jackson (of course) will be in the new "Iron Man" movie; let's hope he leaves the Kangol at home and there are fresh baby wipes on the set for Terrence. I have to say I love Robert Downey, Jr., who was terrific in "Zodiac".

Also: P ditty-full is executiive producing the film for the B.I.G. biopic. So much for hopes of a quality crew...

Also: Eddie Murphy calls Melanie Brown and liar and an extortionist. I would say “this is getting ugly,” but it obviously got ugly about 9 or 10 months ago. stereohyped


Wanda said...

ugh, i didn't know p diddy was producing the biggie bio. I should have though. Oh well, it's got to be better than those Roc-a-fella/Cash Money/No Limit movies.

@Eddie Murphy: You know, I'M beginning to think Mel B has some issues after finding out she's married to this fool she's with. Homegirl needs a class.

@Iron Man: I'm stealing that picture and putting on my background at work and on my blog. (I have really got to step my blog game up lol. Maybe sign up for google alerts or something.)

Tony said...

I have very high hopes for the Iron Man movie. Samuel L. Jackson teaming with Robert Downey, Jr. only sweetens the sensation more. Thanks for the update.

Invisible Woman said...

@Tony and Wanda...even before I wrote this, people were making a huge deal about Iron man after the announcement at Comic Con. Since I'm not really into that stuff I really didn't read about it. But then when I found out who was in it, I instantly became interested.

@wanda I think Mel B. is losing sympathy by the day when she initially had the whole world on her side. Time to just BE QUIET.

And oh yeah, NOTHING could be worse than those movies from those production companies that you mentioned....even a hidden department store security video.