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Thursday, August 2, 2007


From sohh:

Film director Brett Ratner revealed to New York radio station Hot 97 that he is currently working on a new project with an all-star cast including Eddie Murphy, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and Dave Chappelle.

According to Ratner, Murphy called him to direct the untitled flick, which will star the aforementioned actors as employees of the Trump Tower, conspiring to rip off the building's residents.

Ratner also divulged that Denzel Washington might be added to the cast by the time the flick begins production in January 2008. The movie is presently being put together by Russell Gerwitz, who wrote the script for Inside Man which also starred Washington.

From Invisible Woman: Wow, talk about ego collision. Almost sounds like a black "Ocean's 11", which I heard Ratner was interested in making as well--guess he doesn't have to now. I just hope Dave can keep it together until it's finished.


Jay Wilson said...

I met Brett Ratner yesterday at a press event - good luck with the movie, boys, because this guy came off as one of the single most annoying human beings ever.

justjudith said...

lol. when i lived in l.a. i got tired of meeting stars because at the rate i was going, i wasn't going to like anybody's music or movies. being annoying or aloof or snotty must come with the job.

Invisible Woman said...

@ Jay-I was going to put something in the post about how I felt about Ratner and his "films", but decided to save it for later. He is very typically Hollywood, or at least the worst parts of it, to cosogn with judith.

Yobachi said...

Wow, that's quite a crew of comedians, plus one of the most dynamic actors of all time.

Black Ocean’s 11 was the first thing I thought about too.

Sincere said...

Like you said, hopefully egos won't get in the way. this sounds like it could be a pretty interesting flick. only time will tell.. I guess...

Thembi said...

I put money on the first ego clash involving Eddie Murphy.

Invisible Woman said...

@thembi--that's what I thought, too; Jamie would be next haha. Like the rest of you, I'm excited to see so much black star power in one place.

hottnikz said...

There is nothing wrong with Dave Chappelle. I think that he is just misunderstood. I saw his interview on Inside The Actor's Studio and his explanation was satisfactory to me. I also saw that program "Iconoclasts" that he and Maya Angelo was featured on. Maya Angelo said the same, that he has his wits and is just fine.(Yes I love this man, he is the bee's knees and I will defend him tooth & nail,lol.)

But I wondered about this too, all those ego's. Eddie will be the first to set it off. I don't see Denzel in this flick, but anything is possible.

Invisible Woman said...

@ Hottnikz: I agree that Dave is one of the most intelligent performers out there. And believe me, no one understood where he was coming from in that interview more than me. I also thought he did a fantastic job with Maya....there is no denying that Dave is an incredible force. I met him years ago for some projects before he was well-known and I could tell then. He is also very cool and down to earth.

But Dave has other issues that he is dealing with that I hope he can work out, and being so-called "crazy" has never been one of them, imho. Trust me on this.