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Friday, December 14, 2007

This N' That

OK, short and brief today, I feel worse than I did yesterday. Thanks so much to those who wished me recovery...I'll answer comments over the week-end.

Just wanted to bring up a couple of things...I am disappointed that I'm not up to seeing the opening of "I Am Legend". I've been looking forward to it since I wrote about it on this blog in September. Did you know that Will beat out Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, and Michael Douglas (?!) for the part? Thank goodness, cause imho Will just might be the best action star out there right now...he certainly keeps you engaged in what's going on on-screen if nothing else.

If anyone gets a chance to see it, please drop a comment and let me know what you think.

Here is a clip of one of the two former remakes of the film, with suspect racist Charlton Heston, called "The Omega Man". It's interesting, in this film he shacked up with a black chick (Rosalind Cash, 70's afro and all!), who apparently was the last normal woman on earth. Wonder how they are gonna handle that in Will's version.

Also, the lovable and one and only "BlogXilla" will be my guest blogger on Monday....I am one of the stops on his "World Blog Tour". I have no idea what he might say...parental discretion is advised, haha.

(not xilla, of course, but a choice pic from his blog)


Janice said...

I can remember when C. Heston wasn't racist. I prefer to think of him as senile. In the re-re make I believe there is a Hispanic actress and a child who are among the "last" people (I ain't sayin' nothing). Here are the first moments of the film. I’m really looking forward but I won't get to see it until maybe Sunday night I have to woooooork all weekend

PurpleZoe said...

Hope you feel better.

It appears they handled the last woman with Alice Braga, a fair-skinned wiry framed latina.
I'm not entirely sure but she is headlining with him and the initial wife role was played by... whats her name? I forget, but it was a different cookie-cutter chic of color.

Ehav Ever said...

From what I understand I Am Legend is supposed to be closer to the book, than the previous versions. I won't say anything more because it could spoil the ending.

By the way I hope you feel better.

Wanda said...

Get Well Soon, IW. I'm going to see the movie tomorrow, so I hope its good. Like Ehav, I've heard its closer to the book and I think the book is pretty f-in scary lol. I already had a nightmare about it!

dejanae said...

". I've been looking forward to it since I wrote about it on this blog in September. Did you know that Will beat out Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise, and Michael Douglas"

yep Arnold Schwarzenegger
that was 10 years ago tho and i think the film was supposed to be more focused on the action aspect

I saw it
liked Will's acting in it
movie itself was okay/good
nothing earth shattering
but a good time nonetheless
I didn't waste my 10 dollars

oh yeah
feel betta (that might make u worse tho seein as how that kinda jinxed u last time)

Invisible Woman said...

@janice: yes, notice that I said "suspect"...I'm was giving him the benefit, cause I do realize the senility is hovering...
@pz, ehav, wanda, and dejanae: thanks for wishing me well, i really appreciate it :-) Never jinxed, dejanae lol

@pz: yeah, they were pretty cookie cutter...oh well.

@ehav: this version's ending was very different from the other two versions that I've seen, and I must say, this one was far and away much better (and more intelligent)

@wanda: it had some truly scary and creepy moments...I loved it.

@dejanae: I guess I liked it a lot better...agreed--definitely not a waste of $ very rare these days...Will is always on point with bringin' it!

clnmike said...

I comparison to the book it was not very well done. In comparison to Omega man I thought it ran neck and neck. This was more of a zombie flick like 28 days later or Resident Evil. Will did a great job and I was rooting for the movie because of him but I left feeling shorted. The screen play was just weak.

Ehav Ever said...

Hey IW,

Now I definately have to find a way to see this version. I haven't been to a theatre yet in Israel, maybe this is a good film to try out the experience.

Invisible Woman said...

@clnmike: I agree with the mutant part, they were more zombie...but in a way, it made them a little scarier, cause they couldn't be dealt with on a human level. I enjoyed the fick tho-I thought it gave people what they came for in spades, and did it well.

@ehav: If you want your first Mecca Movie Experience, I would suggest Will's movie to burst that bubble :-)