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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can Somebody PLEASE Help This Fool?

Okay, this ish is now oficially out of control. I write about him cause he has made some cameos in some very, very low budget black films that will probably never be mentioned on this blog.

Can somebody please, please, please, PLEASE donate to the Gary Coleman fund? He is now selling his "Gap Kids" pants on E-Bay (bid now at $20.53)....he is one step away from being found nekkid and dead next to an empty bottle of Percocet and some weird shameful sex toy.

At least help Gary moisturize his situation and rid him of "the crack-level ash" as darkbrotha would say.

pictures thanks to my zesty blog pals afro and michael k


Slaus of O Hell Nawl said...


His flesh looks like a drought. And ive seen teeth not tas yellow as this dudes eyeballs... wow.

times is hard!!!

Baby Please said...

Po Thang.

I weeps for him.

re eyeballs - he has some kinda kidney disorder, I do believe. Maybe that's why.

Baby Please said...

Nevermind acting. You'd think he be resourceful enough to find some other money maker besides selling khakis on ebay.

I ain't go say too much. At least he hasn't resorted to coonery.

Ain't he got no contacts; some buds thata hookimup with a gig or somethin?

WTF? This is surprising to me.

Whahappen Gary, Whahappen???

Baby Please said...

"he is one step away from being found nekkid and dead next to an empty bottle of Percocet and some weird shameful sex toy."


Chocl8t said...

DAYUM! DAYUM! DAYUM! Poor dude probably can't even afford a bottle of Keri w/ Shea Butter which is $7.99 @ WallyWord...(Wal-Mart). But there really is no excuse for this...learn a trade (telcom, I.T.), GET A REAL JOB...instead of peddling crap on E-Bay. WTH?

Regina said...

Somebody please donate to the Cocoabutter Lotion For Gary Fund!

IW said "he is one step away from being found nekkid and dead next to an empty bottle of Percocet"...

and this would be a bad thing???

MsMarvalus said...

Lawd Have Mercy!!!!

Urban Thought said...

He looks dry. Can someone please donate some H20? He needs watering.

Darkbrotha said...

this dude has to know that he is way to close to the camera. and what would i do with two polaroids of a actor who can't get work? he has ash on his head for crying out loud.


this is just sadness on the level of amy wineo and britney spear'd. this could've been avoided some kind of way on his part.

I mean he's seems to be doing all he can to yet hold on. dude, just seems very depressed!

and if he's that bold to go out in pub ashy like that...dude probably got a glock hidden some where cuz he truly looks as if he just don't give a *#^$

poor Gary. smh

Invisible Woman said...

@slaus and babyplease: even so, if yo eyz is dat yellow, back up offa the camera like darkbrotha said! you would think that there would have to be at least 1 or 2 folks in hollywood that would toss him a bone.

@chocl8t: get thee to DeVry Institute---it pays more than a security guard which is what he used to do.

@regina: even as ashy and tired as he is, i don't wish that end on him.

ms. m and ut: co-sign!

@darkbrotha: i know! how the eff do you get ash on your chest and head? gross. like ivent said, he looks like he just doesn't care about anything at this point.