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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Today In B'Days

January 2nd must be the sacred holy all saints day of cornballs......

Taye Diggs is 37.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is 40. Did you know he turned down "Ray"? If anyone needs a new agent it's him....does he even have one? And if he does, are they breathing?

Here is an excerpt from a Toronto newspaper interview he did:

What would be your dream role? I thought it might be musical, given your background.

CG: I know! But - no. Because if that was the case I would've said yes to all these things. I passed on Ray, I passed on the Louis Armstrong story they wanted to do.

No Louis? That sounds like a good one.

CG: It's gotta be the right script. I read the script and it wasn't really about anything. The other one that I was attached to for ever and I didn't even know I was attached to it was a film about Otis Redding. Oh my goodness. People were like, "Hey, you doing Otis Redding?" I was like no! No! That happened for a few years, but it finally went away. I mean, if I'm gonna do that, I want to do Bob Marley. Or Sly and the Family Stone. I wanna do a way-out character.

From IW: And here I was thinking comedy wasn't his genre....ha! Gotta be the right script? Play Bob Marley or Sly Stone? That is wrong on so many levels it would take me all day to post about it.

And Taye, I say you guys are corny not because your wives are white, but because it's just a well known fact. Get it?

In other Black Hollywood fluffery and puffery. Paula Patton and her husband Robin Thicke are expecting a baby. How could that happen if they were never, ever seen together? I guess they must have slipped that in somewhere. Hopefully she has already shot the film in which she is supposed to be playing a female pimp.


Chocl8t said...

LOL re: Paula & Robin "I guess they must have slipped that in somewhere." Was that pun intentional? Too funny!

Cuba is just dumb, dumb, dumb to have turned down a part in Ray. But I guess we shouldn't expect much from a guy who decided to accept a role in "Shadowboxer" and "Daddy Day Camp".

Tay-Tay...shaking my head there are no words for this, words.

MsMarvalus said...

Paula and Robin are just sexy...that little Freudian slip of yours was too funny!

Cuba...I gave up on his dumb ass a long time ago...

You know a nig...I mean, you know a brother is desperate when he starts blaming his problems on the fact that he is married to a non-black woman...that ain't yo problem, bruh!

Batemen E said...

Cuba doing Bob Marley or Sly Stone...No, no, no...hell No. And who in the world aks' him if he were going to do Otis Redding????...That is a resounding NO

Urban Thought said...

Cuba said, "...right script?" I question that and everything he has come out with in the past five years.

Not sure what he was thinking on Ray but it had substance and did wonders for Jamie...

He should retire or consider some behind the camera work. I don't want to see him on film.

Baby Please said...

HI IW. Thanks. Sure you can use that. I'm reading the comments now. I'm late. I joined Technorati on Christmas day. LOL. Ima read my comments and come back to this post. But feel free to use, okay?

Baby Please said...

There's something about Cuba Gooding that just turns my stomach. With that said, one day Ima look closely at his work. I owe him that.

Er, do I? Yeah, I guess I do.

Taye Diggs - *** yawn ***
Taye Diggs - *** yawn ***
Taye Diggs - *** yawn ***
Taye Diggs - *** yawn ***

clnmike said...

These two really screwed there own careers over. It's like they are not in touch with reality.

After the mess Cuba put out who in there right mind is going to put him on as Bob Marley?

Man I would protest that BS.

Invisible Woman said...

@chocl8t and Ms. M...I guess that does sound kinda nasty, huh? lol

@Ms. M: I know, he has a lotta nerve right? It couldn't POSSIBLY be him and his zero charisma, personality, or sex appeal, now could it?

bateman e: when I read that, now i know why he makes the choices he does--just delusional. But truthfully, he might be OK as Otis Redding...operative word might.

@UT: it's funny you should mention that, I was just thinking that there are more than a few actors that should just start working behind the cameras...Will and Denzel already are, and look at them...get a clue, duh.

@babyplease: thanks, girl. And forget Cuba, I think you owe it to yourself to bypass the bootleg, haha.

@clnmike: I would be right behind you with my big sign on a stick-LOL!

Taye is definitely not in touch with his...well, this community anyway. I don't really know what "his" community is...

MrsGrapevine said...

I can't believe these 2 share the same birthday, however I am not surprised. They seem more a like than different.

aulelia said...

@ urban thought -- i don't want to see him either!

cuba gooding jnr is a troll. plain + simple. taye diggs sold out eons ago (why the HELL was he allowed to play that south african editor in a film about drum magazine?)

Invisible Woman said...

@mgv: I agree

@aulelia: i missed that one...I have GOT to see that.

Thembi said...

"the sacred holy all saints day of cornballs"

Lord have I missed reading your blog...

Invisible Woman said...

Thanks Thembi---glad you're back!