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Friday, February 29, 2008

This Shit Is NOT Funny!

You know I am pissed, cause I have never put a full on ugly curse word in the title of my posts. It's not Black Cinema, but it is related to why I started this blog; to help stop the negativity of our images in the media.

This irked me to no end. What the F--K is this?

While perusing Aunt Jemima's Revenge, I happened upon a story about some idiot whose stage name is Shirley Q. Liquor, VERY inappropriately and supposedly playing a "Black woman" in full on black-face. The blog says:

"Comedian Chuck Knipp aka Shirley Q. Liquor believes his parody of black women "was created in celebration of, not to downgrade, black women." I am stunned that this joker thinks black women would find this character as an uplifting tribute to them. I find it interesting that the same gay community that protested until Grey's Anatomy actor Isiah Washington was fired, can strongly support this guy's racist and sexist "Songs of the South" portrayal of a black woman."

From IW: Does this look like a celebration to you?

it's a celebration bitches!

The post goes on to state:

"To make matters worse, this person feels that he cannot be criticized for this horrific characterization by of all people, black women! Activist Jasmyne Cannick has been extremely critical of Mr. Knipp on her website and has successfully protested against his performance. Knipp has retaliated against Ms. Cannick by posting her personal phone number on his website and just recently he superimposed a photo of Ms. Cannick's face over another photo of an extremely obese and nude body of another unknown and unnamed African American woman. This attack on Ms. Cannick is typical of Knipp and the other racist and sexist images posted on his website."

From IW: The picture that he posted of the blogger Ms. Cannick was so sick and disrespectful that I have no words. I can't even post it.

To see this asshole's website--which made me want to hunt him down and put foot to ass, click HERE. Knipp describes Liquor as being “a welfare mother with nineteen kids (Cheeto, Orangello, Chlamydia, and Kmartina, etc.), who guzzles malt liquor, and drives a Caddy.” This fool makes close to six figures doing this "celebration and upliftment".

A sample of one of his "comedy" gems: “On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, my check came in the mail/AFDC!/Thank you, lawd!/Come on, kids/Let's go to the store/For some collard greens, ham hocks and cheese!" If you want to read another article about this piece of shit click HERE. It also has a link to the picture he posted of Ms. Cannick.

If you want to join Jasmyne Cannick, the Activist and Blogger he disrespected after she called him on the bullshit, and let him/her (Knipp) know we ain't havin' it click HERE. You can also view his/her youtubes there.

I highly encourage you to take the time to click on these links, and to write about, or at least mention this backwards ass mess on your blogs as well....I know my blogging sisters and brothers hear me out there!

Update: It seems that I am very much on the late train with this, as the always on top of things Undercover Black Man wrote about this last year on his blog HERE in a post entitled "Umgawa!". In my defense, this was before I had the pleasure of his acquaintance :-)

Update #2: Villager had this to say:

"Villagers, the Knipp-Roach is supported by his booking agents at Diva Central (7510 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 1445; Los Angeles CA 90046).

You can reach out directly to
Diva Central by phone (323.864-1933) or email ( if you want to join us in expressing our disgust and protest over the racist Charles Knipp show. "

From IW: To read the rest of his post, click HERE.

Update #3: Focused Purpose wrote a blurb today about it HERE on her blog.

Update #4: Michael Crawford from Bloggernista (who I believe is gay) just wrote about this travesty HERE.


Sergio said...

Yeah, I've heard of this fool before. To tell you the truth I literally forgot about him until I saw your post. White poeple are something else aren't they? They JUST CAN'T GIVE UP those old stereotypes can they? it's the only thing that five them comfort and a sense of security.

But I want to know who are those black people in those pictures on his website laughing along with him? Don't they have any sense? Evidently not!

The Black Snob said...

Garbage is just uncalled for. For an ostracized group "the gays" to slack together a Mamie stereotype can call it a tribute would be to wrap up the Wayans Bros. "White Chicks" as a dissertation on the cross-gender, transsexual lifestyle. And it is very hypocritical considering the fervor over Isaiah Washington, but one has to remember that white gay men are still white people who find the black expreince to be a seductive fetish of buffoonish stereotypes that many white people have enjoyed laughing at for decades.

It makes me think of Marlon Riggs' documentary "Tongues United" where spoke on the racism gay blacks deal with as a part of the large gay community and the perverse stereotypes that exist.

I don't get it, but apparently neither does he.

MrsGrapevine said...

Only Whitney Houston knows what I want to say right now.

I blame the parents for lack of training, but also these stupid mammy movies that make people think it's ok. I guarantee he's drawing his inspiration from Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, and Tyler Perry. I just can't believe this translated into reality and people find this amusing.

MysTery said...


MsMarvalus said...

What the hell!?

That's OK, Mrs. G...I wil say it...HAAALLLEEE to the NAAAWWWWLLLLL!!!!!

I will be crafting a letter this evening to send to his "agents" and to this "thing"...

Regina said...

I read this earlier this evening on another blog. I will also be sending a letter out tomorrow.

Undercover Black Man said...

IW: Jasmyne Cannick is my hero forever for not only calling this sad bastard out, but for her effective tactical counterstrike.

The foul photoshopping Knipp did with Jasmyne's image calls for a stepped-up disruptive response. Thank you for getting the folks fired up... including me.

Sojourner's Place said...

Got the word on Knipp and his character from Villager. I've encouraged Sojourner's Place readers to contact Diva Central in protest. I think,however, that DC knows what's coming because their email address doesn't work. Do you have another address for them?

Holla Back!

Invisible Woman said...

You guys, thanks SO much for getting what I am saying. I am so VERY VERY tired of being disrespected in the public eye and being portrayed as an uneducated, baby havin' welfare mom that only cares about her AFDC check and something deep fried with cheese on it.

To say that I've had more than enough is an understatement.