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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Today In B'Days

Martin Lawrence is 43.

I honestly don't know what to say about him and his films anymore--he seems to have veered off and mirrored Eddie Murphy's career. At least he'll never be broke again, yes?

I'll skip the last 10 years of his movies, and go back to when I actually thought he was funny (with the added bonus of hilarious vintage Chris Tucker and Bernie Mac):


MsMarvalus said...

Happy B-day, Martin!

This clip of DCJ is just classic! Bernie and Chris Tucker...what?!? Ah, the good old days when comedy was comedy and laughter was abundant...

madame z said...

Ahh, yes, DCJ. Loved that show. Lived to watch that show. LOL. Martin's films are...well, they are nothing more than paychecks now. How much input did he have in his latest endeavors? Did he write/finance these releases?

I must say of his films, I think loved his performances in LIFE and in Blue Streak.

Invisible Woman said...

@ ms. m: I know--how come negroes get so unfunny when their pockets get long?

@madame z--it seems zero input--just take the money and run like you said


Anonymous said...

OMG IV, BIG, BIG UPS!!! I had to put Martin on pause to say THANK YOU! This right here! No words. This is real comedy. This is iconic Martin! You made my day. You have just cemented you place in the blogspot Hall of Fame. In the words of one of funniest men in comedy...
You Go Girrl!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Martin. I used to love his TV show. It was hysterical!

It seems that ever since he woke up from his druggy/jogging while hot coma, homeboy hasn't been the same.

Regina said...

yes, back when funny was really funny!

Invisible Woman said...

@malika: thanks!

@danielle: I always said the same thing. After that incident he seemed to have this anger about him---and it never seems to really go away, even in his so called "comedies"

@regina: hard to find Black and funny now.