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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Terrence Watch! Part 18

This from loyal reader cdnyc07 aka nic:

It appears the raging Lothario we've all come to know as Terrence Howard is off the market! (At least for the minute.) The actor has set his eyes on aspiring actress Leasi Andrews, an Angelina Jolie-a-like with a pout that drives men wild.

The Iron Man star flew the bombshell to Ischia, Italy, along with his three children earlier this month to attend a film festival. "Leasi was over the moon when he invited her," said a source close to the duo. Imagine how she felt when Howard climbed up on a local bar's stage and began serenading her. (Howard's debut album is released on September 2.)

"He was telling Leasi how much he loved her, and how beautiful she was. He even asked her to marry him," said a witness. But the bombshell has her reservations, and perhaps rightly so. We've watched Howard eye-fuck a stunning Gwyneth Paltrow at an Iron Man screening, going so far to actually lick his lips and utter "Damnnnn," right to her face. And we were there at another fete when he practically forced his number on a 19-year-old actress, quipping, "I know how to make things happen," before winking like a scumbag.

"Leasi knows he's a flirt. And she's playing this cautiously," said a friend of the lass. Howard is rumored to have given her a ring for her recent birthday, over July 4th, but the stunning gal is being tight-lipped about what the band symbolizes. Andrews was previously dating Lawrence Bender, producer of An Inconvenient Truth, with whom she had a child.

From IW: LMAO that they are taking this "romance" seriously. His track record is pretty dismal--you hear about some chick exactly once with him, and never hear about her again in association. My take? Come on out of that deep, dark closet, Terrence, where it also seems like you get your hair cut.

PS: Eye f**king Gwyneth Paltrow? Dude!

pic spotted on blacksnob


Beckie said...

I hate when bro-stars mess up my mental fantasy by being themselves! I think that's not fair! If you want me to spend my money to see you act like someone else, then you should stick to the script! He needs to stop talking in public...whatajerk...who eye-f*cks Gwyneth Paltrow? I can't imagine that feeling good for anyone involved. That's a hot pasty mess.

Nic said...

IW: I think what struck me more about this story was...Who cares?

Then I thought, 'Oh his publicist leaked this story to override the whole Bill Cosby Blacklisted Me lie that Terrence told 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, if that girl decides to become Mrs. Howard...she must have a strong relationship with the Lord!!! LOL!!!

Invisible Woman said...

@ Beckie: funny! yeah, how dare he be himself in real life? if you are that different, i say stfu!

@ nic: either a strong relationship or a weak brain...i am thinking the latter!

Nic said...

@IW: @ nic: either a strong relationship or a weak brain...i am thinking the latter!