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Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Movie News....

First of all, I must say welcome back to "The Obenson Report" and it's podcast. Tambay Obenson's blog was supposedly out of business, but I knew he'd be back! Please check him out for "serious" black film news, as well as his amusing perspectives on Black Cinema. His blog is all the things I wish I had the wherewithal to do....

On my last visit there, I see now that the classic "Hollywood Shuffle" is on Hulu. For the readers of this blog who were too young to see it the first time out, or those who never got around to it, you can view the full movie below, or go to Hulu. It is a must see about a struggling actor and his trials and tribulations in his personal life, and having to deal with playing stereotypes in Hollywood. It is also very funny.

Speaking of Hollywood Shuffle, I saw a movie about an actor with similar dilemmas over the weekend called "Premium". You may be able to catch it on cable this month--it is also out on DVD.

Dorian Missick, who I was not familiar with before, plays the struggling protagonist/actor, who is helplessly in love with Zoe Saldana. Unfortunately, Hill Harper is her buppie fiance, creating quite the love triangle.

I wasn't expecting much, so I was very surprised that it turned out to be a film about the subtleties and matureness of love, and how we don't always end up with the person we'd like to be with, cause love in and of itself is realistically not enough. It was refreshing to see the men appreciate Saldana for qualities other than her "big butt and a smile" to paraphrase Bell Biv Davoe, as we've seen in a thousand low budget Black films. It was also the first time I've seen Hill being all manly and acting with a real passion.

I have to say that Zoe Saldana is very much on my radar now; she is like a prettier, less hard, less grating, and more talented version of Jada Pinkett. There is a naturalness to her acting that is very intriguing...I think I may actually allow myself to be OK with her playing Uhura in the "Star Trek" remake, lol. Check the movie "Premium" out--which is written, directed, and produced by Pete Chatmon (kind of a hottie)--on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of Pete Chatmon, did you know that he wrote and directed a film about Black soldiers fighting in WWII way before Spike's "Miracle At St. Anna"? It's called "761st". The synopsis is this:

The 761st Tank Battalion was activated on April 1, 1942, at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana and deployed to Europe, landing at Omaha Beach in France on October 10, 1944. Over the course of 183 days of continuous fighting (including action in the Battle of the Bulge) the "Black Panthers" became the first African-American armored unit to enter combat. With the motto "Come Out Fighting!" they faced racism at home and death overseas in a war for many freedoms they did not enjoy in America.

Sound familiar? I wonder if dude is ready to put foot to ass over the clamoring of Spike's film, while his gets completely overlooked. Kinda f'd up, imho.

I guess you've all heard that they are remaking "Fame"...I'm guessing to capitalize on the popularity of the High School Musical franchise. **yawn**

Got this from Sergio:


After reading the comments about Tsotsi, like a dope I forgot to tell you this film I saw a few months ago Heart of Fire about a young girl's experience as a child solider in Eritrea, which I think BLOWS AWAY "Tsotsi". It's a German/Italian co-production made by a Italian director but it's awesome. [Hopefully] you'll mention it on your blog.

Duly mentioned...sounds really interesting. To read a bit more about it, click HERE.

Some I the only one who has zero desire to see "Twilight"? Am I the only one super curious to see how Taraji P. Henson does in "The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button"? Am I the only one who wonders why they keep giving that walking corpse Nicole Kidman work? Just askin'.

And finally, thanks ever so much (gosh, shucks) from my folkses at "The Marvalus View" and "The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor", who each gave me the "Uber Amazing Blog" award. You know, what can I say? I completely deserve it....I keed! It is an award for a blog that

inspires you
makes you smile and laugh
gives amazing information
is a great read
has an amazing design
and/or any other reason that makes them Uber Amazing

It's wonderful to know they feel about me the same way I feel about them. Thanks guys! :-) All of the blogs on my blogroll on my side bar I feel the same way if you want to post this award on your blog, tell your readers I gave it to you!


madame z said...

From the bottom up:

-Congrats on your blog award!!! *applause*

-I too, have zero desire to see Twilight. I hear it's horrible anyways. LOL.

-Yes, Taraji, whom I love, I'm ready to see in Button. I remember reading a quote some time back about her working with Brad and saying how he's just a regular guy or something equally endearing. :)

-Nicole Kidman f*cked her face UP with the damn botox. I think she's a talented actress, but obviously she has some ISSUES with her image and that's unfortunate. I used to really like her, but it's hard to LOOK at her. :(

-Tsotsi and Feuer Herz are now on my Blockbuster Queue. Thanks for the suggestion.

-Fame, not interested, but understand the economics of wanting to ride HSM's coattails. My eleven-year old niece will LOVE it, I'm sure. LOL.

761st, also adding this one to the queue. Thanks again :)

-Zoe, love her. 'Nuff said. LOL. And adding Premium, as well...glad to hear it's a solid flick; hopefully nothing like that horrid Constellation <---have you seen it? It was so bad *cries* BAD, I tell you! LOL

Sergio said...

I saw Australia a few weeks ago, (don't ask why or how) and aside from being absolutely lousy film Nicole Kidman is truly CREEPY! What the hell did she do to her face? Too much plastic surgery and Botox have given her a really weird, scary look. And I agree with you. WHY DO THEY KEEP PUTTING HER IN MOVIES? Asiide from being damn near albino, with that FIVEhead of hers, she's not that great an actress and has ZERO sex appeal.

And actually I've seen Button already as well and Henson is actually quite good in the film despite the fact that she's playing the typical "big hearted nuturing mother" roles that a lot of black actresses are stuck playing. She doesn't, at least to me, overdo the part and plays it more naturally than usual. I'm more interested in seeing her in this other film she has coming out in January Not Easily Broken directed by Bill Duke which is a small scale domestic drama that looks worth watching.

The Obenson Report said...

Thanks for the mucho love as always I.W.

Some day, I'll be able to properly return the favor.

Actually, maybe I could do that right now: since you think Pete Chatmon is "kind of a hottie," I can introduce you to him :o) He's an old acquaintance, and we travel in the same circles here in NYC, and bump into each other from time to time. He's got a feature-length script called "$FREE.99" about a bank heist, which won the Creative Promise Narrative Award at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. He's looking for funding... He's a hard working brotha, and I think he's only a few degrees away from grabbing some studio execs attention.

I'm with you on "Twilight." For those interested in a vampire flick with minors, forgo Twilight and instead check out a Swedish film out in theatres right now called "Let The Right One In," about a bullied 12 year old boy who befriends a 12 year old girl who, by the way, happens to be a vampire. And no, it's not a comedy. It's not the strongest film, but it's a lot more demanding of the viewer than something like Twilight will ever be.

I hear that Taraji P Henson is going a get some competition in the best supporting actress category - specifically, Viola Davis's name is being tossed around as well, for her performance in an upcoming film called "Doubt" which stars Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. So, we might have 2 black women nominated in the same category next year - a major category. Has that ever happened?

Lastly, congrats on your recognition. Isn't this the 50th one you've received so far? You should post a blog entry that lists all the awards you've won :o)

Tha Connoisseur said...

First of all, congrats on your award - so deserved!

Thanks for showing me some love and adding me to your blogroll lady! I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, I really do appreciate that.

Loved Hollywood Shuffle, a definitely classic and must see. Never heard about Premium, I will check it out.

Fame **yaawwwn** indeed.

I am dying to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"on the whole. And what the hell is all of this brahaha about "Twilight"??? I don't get it.

And that's my two cents for today. :)

Urban Thought said...

Congratulations on your award. It is deserved.

Nicole Kidman needs to retire. Maybe do some charity work for the rest of her life instead of movies. That last movie with her and that monkey was enough for me to know that they need to stick a fork in her.

I'm a Star Trek buff so I'm looking forward to seeing it. Although the cast appears to be younger than what I think they should be.

They need to leave fame alone. Next thing you know they'll be doing The Wiz over again. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. I don't want to give anyone any ideas.

Hulu is the ish. They have the best programming right now.

Thx for putting me on to Premium. I'll have to find some time to check it out.

clnmike said...

"big butt and a smile"

I dont know whose but your looking at but Zoe Saldana's is far from big, in fact I think she needs help.

Trust me I have a PhD in bootyology.(My apologises to the feminist out there).

I refuse to support that Star Trek Face there is and will only be one Captain Kirk and crew! Anything else is disgracefull!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember watching a docu but this wasnt it?

I cant put this in the catagory of Spike's fact based movie.


Another movie that should not be remade.

Heart of Fire, I'll have to check on that.

Did Taraji P. Henson put on weight or is that a bad pick?

Pete Chatmon said...

IW --

What's good!

I had to drop a comment after learning about your wonderful blog here. I also saw Mr. Obenson's presence and felt I'd be in good company to join the board.

I appreciate the Premium shout out and 761st joint too. Spike actually showed it to the actors while they were in Italy and before filming began on Miracle to give them an idea of what those men really went through from their own words. He gave me a pound and said "good work...that's good work" so I felt pretty good that day I ran into him.

Thanks for the 'hottie' love too...I can live with the "kind of". Check my community site as well as my company website at where you can see what we've got cooking. I'm gonna add you to the Double 7 World blogroll as well..

If you haven't peeped the 761st trailer, you can visit or my YouTube page at enough already with the links. Keep doing what you are doing and much respect and appreciation for taking the time to not only watch Premium...but drop a note on how you felt. In the words of the great orator Sean Carter:

"...all I ever wanted to be was wealthy // or // have somebody tell me that they felt me..."

Can't remember the song, but tight words from Jigga.

Be Well!

Pete Chatmon

iriegal said...

You deserve every award you get! I haven't been over here forever. Trapped in RETAIN HAIL!!

I can't believe you spoke about "PREMIUM"...that movie was awesome. (dang did I use that word awesome..sigh)

Hollywood Shuffle was the BOMB!!

SolShine7 said...

I saw Twilight opening weekend amidst a theater full of giddy teen girls. They gave a collective sigh when Robert Pattinson made his first on-screen appearance. I'm kind of a sci-fi geek because I'm into vampire & werewolf love stories (i.e. Underworld and Blood & Chocolate). Twilight isn't the best of the breed but somehow even its over-dramatic cheesy scenes had charm. All the intense staring between the two leads was hilarious though.

Other notes...I'm very curious to see Taraji alongside Brad Pitt, the film looks really intriguing. And I'll always be a fan of Nicole Kidman because of A.) Far & Away B.) Cold Mountain and C.) Moulin Rouge - other than that she's had some misses.

Wonder Man said...

I am interesting in Taraji in this movie, I hear she is great. And I saw Twilight...nuff said.

Eb the Celeb said...

I have Premium on DVD... love it!

KIKI said...

*comes out of lurker mode*

Hey IW! LOOOOVES me some Hollywood Shuffle (now I got to go home & watch it tonight). And I definately want to check out Premium...

A remake of Fame? thanks (but I'll probably watch it anyway *on dvd* because apparently I'm a masochist lmao) thank you. Evrything I've heard about it is crap.

"Am I the only one who wonders why they keep giving that walking corpse Nicole Kidman work?" need to stop! (but aint by yourself)

Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: i watched that constellation movie cause of you yesterday--dang you girl! lol

i know you told me NOT to see it, but of course that only made me curious...holee sh*t. I might write about it later today....

@sergio: i completely agree with you--she is so fucking creepy to me! that is the perfect word. and i've thought so for a long time--she is like a freaking vampire or something.

saw the curious case...last night. i guess i'll hold my opinion till it gets closer to the opening.

@obenson: i read about pete's new film being nosey and checking him out. he left an email below--did you put a bug in his ear? :-)

i am very curious to see that vampire film you're speaking of--i'll probably watch it tonight. as for doubt, wow. the first time i saw the trailer i said "i gotta see this". PS Hoffman is always amazing to's good to know a sister is doin' thangs in the film as well.

thanks for you wonderful comments as usual :-)

@tha conn.: girl I love your 2 cents!

as for the link, i coulda sworn i put it up long ago, and was surprised when i saw i didn' bad!

Invisible Woman said...

@UT: now you know somebody is gonna get around to making The Wiz...probably with Chris Brown playing Mike J's part...

What movie with a monkey? LMAO! I'd like to hear what you think about some of the movies I post about...

@clnmike: believe me, i know zoe has no parts of the big butt!

i was saying that usually in Black movies the dude falls in love with a girl simply beacause she has a nice body or face, and nothing else. They go through great lengths did get a woman they know abolutely nothing about. It's vey base, superficial, and a little disgusting in my eyes.

In premium, zoe was obviously beautiful, but she had many fine qualities which the men loved in her....hope you get to see it.

@pete: thanks for dropping a comment--posted it today :-)

@iriegal: good to see you...premium was good, huh? not typical like a lot of black comedies

Invisible Woman said...

@solshine: i read about those looks in the vampire movie; hilarious!

btw, never saw those nicole kidman movies, so i remain unimpressed.

@wonderman: saw the movie tccobb last nite, and i think who directs her makes all the difference in the world.

@eb: me too!

@KIKI: hey girl! don't be lurkin'...would love to hear what you have to say about anything on this blog! :-)

D.Adler said...

For all you black racists out there... and this whole site is basically made up of racist black people, how dare you say that Nicole Kidman is unattractive and a corpse? In my opinion, she's one of the most beautiful women I've seen, and unlike you, I get turned on by her pale skin. What if you say that black woman you put a picture of is a mud-monkey? Her skin is the color of mud and her facial features are of an ape. Before you make comments on other people, think about how YOU look, ok? I am not white nor black so don't call me biased. Even if you don't find Nicole Kidman's pale skin attractive, her blue eyes and golden hair have much more appeal than a black woman's homogenous black hair and black eyes.

Invisible Woman said...

Hello D. Adler...are you lost? The rest of the cyber world is over there--