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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Reader Comments, Emails, And Reviews....

Sometimes I write about someone or one of their projects, and they will leave a comment or send an email. You would think that it would make me watch what I say, but sadly, it doesn't, haha!

Got this from Pete Chatmon, the director of the movies I talked about the other day--"Premium" and "761st":

IW --

What's good!

I had to drop a comment after learning about your wonderful blog here. I also saw Mr. Obenson's presence and felt I'd be in good company to join the board.

I appreciate the Premium shout out and 761st joint too. Spike actually showed it to the actors while they were in Italy and before filming began on Miracle to give them an idea of what those men really went through from their own words. He gave me a pound and said "good work...that's good work" so I felt pretty good that day I ran into him.

Thanks for the 'hottie' love too...I can live with the "kind of" (from IW: umm, Awk.Ward!). Check my community site as well as my company website at where you can see what we've got cooking. I'm gonna add you to the Double 7 World blogroll as well..

If you haven't peeped the 761st trailer, you can visit or my YouTube page at enough already with the links. Keep doing what you are doing and much respect and appreciation for taking the time to not only watch Premium...but drop a note on how you felt. In the words of the great orator Sean Carter:

"...all I ever wanted to be was wealthy // or // have somebody tell me that they felt me..."

Can't remember the song, but tight words from Jigga.

Be Well!

Pete Chatmon

From IW: Thanks for the info Pete--wishing you much success on your endeavors--I can tell you'll be a major Hollywood force very soon.

Next up is from reader cdnyc07, who sends me great nuggets from time to time:

I thought you might appreciate this:

"And Beyonce Knowles doesn't seem to have splurged on acting lessons since her wooden turn in "Dreamgirls." From the second she enters the film as the tempestuous James, you want to see her sing "At Last," then get out. No amount of wigs and padding can transform her.";_ylt=Ai_9Aju5M9l.wHYuysIfHZAwFxkF

From IW: Dang! That's kinda what I was expecting tho. What I wasn't expecting was this from Sergio, of all people:


Just came from a screening of the film and guess what...It's really terrific! I have no idea why the studio is treating it like it's radioactive barely promoting the film when they have a real winner on their hands. (the audience I sa wit with LOVED it and gave a big round of applause)

It's very well crafted, slickly made (the photography practically gleams) and the performances are across the board fantastic. Columbus Short at Little Walter and Mos Def (not one of my favorites who's always come to me like he's channeling Stephin Fetchit) are excellent but the acting honors go to Eamonn Walker who really scary at times as Howling Wolf and of course Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters It's without question his most standout performance since Basquiat.

And the big question of course is how is Beyonce? Naturally she's not vying for any great thespian of the century awards, but I honestly think she's really good as Etta James. She sings her heart out, swears a blue streak (I had no idea she could cuss like that unless she was screaming at hubby Camel Face) and incredibly sexy. And this is from someone who thought of her an just another overmarketed, mediocre singer who's cute but left me cold

And the film was written and directed by Darnell Martin (who's directed a ton of TV episodes including Law and Order and Life on Mars and Oprah's Their Eyes Were Watching God), one of the few African-American female directors to direct a studio backed feature, so why haven't I seen any interviews with her about the film? Strange. This is exactly the kind of film that Oprah should be promoting on her show unless she has already. (Since I'm a guy I would rather slit my throat than see her show)

I'm anxious to hear what you and your readers say about the film


From IW: Surprising indeed, But I'd heard that Jeffery and Mos Def were truly bringing it in the movie. Let's hope Sergio wasn't hypnotized by the power of the booty, as they say!

Btw, Sergio-you live in Chicago and Oprah gets no love? Harsh :-)

I'm curious to hear what you guys have to say about the movie--I love when you guys tell me how you feel about a film. If anyone sees it over the weekend, please drop a comment!


madame z said...

I'm almost inclined to go and see the film, but I know it'll be because I want to see how Beyonce ruins/encapsulates Etta James...and also if the Oscar talk is really justified.

At the same time, I keep hearing stuff about this Eamon fellow...but I don't want to see a movie just to see if it's good; I like to watch movies because I'm 'interested' and this one, I'm not really. Interested enough to rent it, yeah, but not to drag my behind out into the cold to go see it. Am I wrong for this? LOL

How cool Chatmon emailed you! Very cool. I'm definitely checking out 'Premium'; most def! And he's kinda cute too LOL

@ Sergio,

I'd like to know if YOU think her performance is Oscar-worthy? Or is all the talk just hype?

@ everyone,

dumb question, but was Etta considered sexy in her day? She was rough; I can see her hanging out with guys a lot smoking and cursing and all that, but was she considered sex-symbol-esque?

@ IW,

The 'reviews' I've been hearing about Beyonce's performance are at either end of the spectrum. Again, I want to see it, but not for the same reasons everyone else does. I wonder if half the folks would be interested in the piece (speaking mainly of crazed Beyonce-fans) if she didn't star in the role? How many would 'really' be interested in Chess, I mean, Cadillac Records???

You guys let me know how it is...

Sergio said...

@ Madame Z

Yeah, I've been hearing the buzz too. Is Beyonce worthy of an Oscar nod? Well...put it this way. She got an nomination for Dreamgirls, which she in no way deserved, and she's a whole lot better in Cadillac Records. Either she's been taking acting lessons (and voice therapy to get rid of that backwoods "county" accent) or Darnell Martin is a lot better director of actors than Rob Marshall, who did Dreamgirls, is or a combination of all three.

I think she really has a real shot for a supporting actress nod depending on who the competition is, how big a studio push for her for a nomination and whether enough Oscar voters see the film.

You see the film yourself and tell me.

SolShine7 said...

I won't be rushing to the theaters to see Cadillac Records, especially with better movies like Seven Pounds, Revolutionary Road and Slumdog Millionaire in the mix.

madame z said...

@ Sergio,

By the time I see the film, she will have won/not won the Oscar for her role. LOL. But I thank you for your thoughts.

I read that she had the same acting coach who's worked with Halle Berry and Charlize Theron; and I thought she only got a Golden Globe nod for her role in Dreamgirls? At any rate, I'll wait to rent........unless I get free tickets 'somehow' LOLOLOL

The Obenson Report said...

I think someone hijacked Sergio's account and is deceptively posting under his handle.


I'll be seeing Cadillac Records this weekend... although I'm not looking forward to it. I figured I should at least see it, since I blog about black cinema. So that when I lambaste it, I'll have evidence to back it up.

Or, who knows... I just might enjoy it... maybe...

Anonymous said...

Lol, come on, guys, if you haven't seen it yet, it doesn't mean that it is going to be shite.

I know I am a Bee stan but benefit of the doubt can go a long way.

Nonetheless, I'm vexed it isn't getting an international release yet which is so annoying!!!

Eamonn Walker is proper buff though. I don't know where my infatuation with older men comes from but he can definitely come to my flat.

--aulelia freezing in london

Fnique11 said...

Sergio, um Beyonce did NOT get an Oscar nomination for Dream Girls.LMAO. She got a GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATION which isn't surprising they are starfuckers.

Beyonce was good in this film, I agree , but not great. I liked the film a lot. I was going in with low expectations. Beyonce didn't sound like Etta though. Beyonce aside (since she isn't in it as much as everybody thinks)All the other performances were great Jeffrey Wright Columbus Short. The only weak link was Gabrielle Union, she plays the exact same character in every movie.

IMO Beyonce is NOT going to get an Oscar nod for this role Supporting actress is too crowded and Penelope Cruz, Viola Davis, Tarqaji P. Henson, Rosemarie Dewitt, Marisa Tomei, Kate Winslet and Debra Winger are all in contention and have been getting precurser nods. With Viola Davis Cruz or Winslet winning. Maybe Taraji, but her reviews hven't been as raved about as the previous three I mentioned. The only thing Beyonce can expect is another Golden Globe because they are Star Fuckers.

Kellybelle said...

Eamonn Walker, Jefrey Wright, and Mos Def are worth the price of admission. Beyonce...not so much.

Anonymous said...

Invisible Woman, I revise my previous comment on one of your posts that Hugh Jackman is sex. Columbus Short is sex lol.

I am looking forward to seeing the film especially since Bee & the male actors like Short & Wright & Walker are on the screen!

S. Cooper said...

Wow...I enjoyed Cadillac Records, except for one thing...Beyonce. Don't get me wrong....I AM a fan of Beyonce, but I thought that she overacted (she tried wayyy too hard) in this role. Other than that, I enjoyed it. The guys (Wright, Short, Mos Def & Walker) rocked!

Invisible Woman said...

@madame z: i am gonna write about eamon later today...i don't think i've heard anyone of any generation describe etta as sexy--i've heard talented plenty of times tho.

@sergio: knowing the academy they might give her a nod....that's why i don't take the oscars with a grain of salt anymore.

@solshine: i wholly agree!

@obenson: LMAO about sergio! :-) can't wait to read your review...but then again, i'm still waiting for your medicine for melancholy review too (nudge, nudge)

Sergio said...

Anyone who is interested can read my review of Cadillac Records on

Invisible Woman said...

@aulelia: you are so funny...i'm writing about eamon later today...don't worry, i'm in California and freezing my azz off here too!

btw: columbus short could definitely get it...i read somewhere that he used to date brittney spears and her parents went ballistic. i bet they wish she had him now instead of k-fed...haha.

@Fnique11, kellybelle, and s.cooper: i am sooo curious to see the men perform, but i can't front, i REALLY do not want to see bey. i honestly find her unbearable. i might have to wait till it's on HBO or something.

Carla said...

I took your recommendation (and my sister's free Netflix hookup) and watched Premium--I really liked it and now I'm hooked on Zoe Saldana, too. Of course, I'm also going to go watch Constellation because that just sounds exquisitely bad.

You have a great blog!

Shady_Grady said...

About Etta James... I think back in the day she was considered sexy. In the book "Moanin at midnight" Howlin Wolf's guitarist Hubert Sumlin describes the young Etta James as "tailor made... and built like a Coca-Cola bottle". Wolf had Hubert take Etta James a love letter.

Etta confronted Wolf backstage and in quite profane terms told him he was an old country man in whom she wasn't interested.

Wolf took it in stride. He tried again the next night but got the same response. The he got mad and gave up but said "Etta sure do look good"..

Invisible Woman said...

@carla: yay on premium! glad you like it...constellation is a so bad it's good...but don't blame me if you get a headache while watching!

thanks for the compliment, btw

@shady grady: hi there :-)
thanks for the info, i had no idea---i'm sure her voice and talent added a lot to her sex appeal...someone country like howlin' wolf probably appreciated etta's realness.