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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Peaceful Journey...

To Zakes Mokae, one of those actors you were extremely familiar with, but never really knew their name. He's been in films forever (he was 75), but I seem to remember him in movies that involved always voodoo, witchcraft, and supernatural shenanigans.

His roots were in South Africa; this from an excerpt from the NY Times:

"Mr. Mokae, who was black, and Mr. Fugard, who is white, were part of a drama collective in South Africa in the 1950s. In 1960, when they performed together in Mr. Fugard’s play about brothers with skins of different hues, “The Blood Knot,” it was the first time, Mr. Fugard said in an interview Monday, that black and white performers had appeared on the same stage in South Africa. The play not only defied a national taboo, but also propelled Mr. Fugard to international fame as a playwright and Mr. Mokae to a rich and varied career in theater, film and television."

h/t: thembi


msladydeborah said...


You were absolutely right about knowing the face and not the name.
In all the years that I have seen Zakes-I never really knew his name. But as soon as I saw the photo of him-I recognized him.

Lenox Ave said...

I remember him and didn't know his name.

Nicole said...

That Poster for takers is really pathetic. I mean, what was the budget for that thing?

Ehav Ever said...

The main role I remember him from was the Serpeant and the Rainbow. His role in that movie scared the stuffing out of me.

Invisible Woman said...

@ms lady and lenox ave: i've seen him in so many films, and never even heard his name at all

@nicole: ummm...i think you meant to comment on the post above, haha but at any rate, i agree!

@ehav--i think he was the go to Black guy for any creepy movie

bklyn6 said...

I knew his name. I didn't know he passed away.

Goodbye, Mr. Mokae.

Ehav Ever said...

Yeah, you are right about that IW. Could imagine if that was your dad and you brought home some bad grades. lol

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