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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This N' That....

So many much slacking...

Sorry for not posting. I have a sublet in L.A. while I'm looking for a permanent place...with no freakin' air conditioning! Who lives like that here? Needless to say, with 90 and a hundred degree heat, I haven't really felt like blogging.

But the heat has broken, so here I is. I have so much to say, but I know most folks don't like to read long, involved posts (at least here they don't) and frankly, I'm not in the mood to write one. So I'll do some drive-by observations:

Big Mamma's House 3: Why?

Why all the hulabaloo over "District Nine" in regards to racism? I thoroughly enjoyed it...people are never satisfied...jeesh. If you wanna talk about some real BS, see above.

Why are serial mash-on-anything-that-moves Hill Harper and 3 times married Steve Harvey suddenly considered "relationship experts" after writing suspect books? I am seriously scratching my head over that one.

If you are complaining that there is no interesting film out there, and you still haven't seen "Life Is Hot In Cracktown", you have no valid argument right now.

What happened to Andre 3000, Elijah Kelley, and Don Cheadle all doing separate Sammy Davis, Jr. projects?

Speaking of Sammy Davis, why does Nick Cannon dress and act just like him on "America's Got Talent"...velvet jackets and boutineers? Really?

Why did I see a billboard for LL Cool J's TV show, and think "I wonder who that Black guy is?" before slowly realizing that was him? Ummm...Ell--whatever you are doing to that face of yours, now would be a very, very, very good time to stop. And oh--the lip licking thing? Bury that too.

Speaking of burying, what crypt did they finally find his co-star Chris O'Donnell in?

I can't wait to see Lee Daniel's "Precious" even though everybody is referring to it as Tyler Perry and Oprah's film...I'm not surprised, and not amused. I find it interesting, however, that Mo'Nique and Mariah Carey are getting serious Oscar buzz.

And a very special thanks to Ebony Jet for selecting me as one of their favorite blogs, AOL Black Voices for linking me on their main page, and fine, wonderful readers like yourself placing me in the top 50 film blogs in the whole, wide world on Wikio....not bad for a super-slacker, eh? :-) But I know I need to step up my game...working on it (really!)


Marvalus said...

I'm gathering my tissues and "hand claps" now for Precious...I know it's going to put me through it, but it'll be worth it!

You deserve every accolade you receive!! Congrats!

Must Love Movies said...

hey iw
i thought i was the only one feeling life is hot in cracktown.

did hill hit on you? haha

man part of me wants precious to come out early so i can watch it on the net. tired of waiting.

Must Love Movies said...

off subject i looked at your recent visitors/bloglog and saw one of my homies from back home. small world

Josephine said...

Congrats on your awards/recognition of awesomeness!!!

TechKappen said...

Mo'Nique may be getting Oscar buzz, but she'll turn right around and play herself in Big Momma's House 4: Big Momma gets liposuction.

Lenox Ave said...

Congrats! Don't have much to say on any of the other topics. I don't think Hill or Steve are presenting themselves as experts.

I read Steve's book and was amused, but there was also some truth in it. I'll probably check out Hill's as well.

SquarerootZ said...

I came across Hot In Cracktown last month. I've since watched it twice. Gritty, dark and realistic. Congrats on the recognition as well. Now more will be in the know that you write an excellent blog sis.

Midnight Raver said...

Just finish watching Cracktown. Good movie, although Evan Ross as a thug is a far stretch. Thanks for the heads up about that movie.

I read Push and although a good book it was depressing, so the movie should be good.

If you want a good read you should check out The Darkest Child: A Novel by Delores Phillips.

It's a great book and I hope the make a movie out of it.

Urban Thought said...

Martin is either broke or out of ideas. I cannot understand why they are making a part three. And I will not waste another brain cell on the matter.

Anyone who has ever been out on a date can right a book about relationships. At least, that is what someone in the publishing office feels. But you also have to have your own "star power". Maybe a built in audience and a fool who needs all the help they can get in a book.

No comment on Precious. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

As for District 9, I enjoyed the movie. But I think yt should be more concerned with how they treat people and how no matter who anyone is they treat them the same. Rape them for all their worth until they have nothing to offer anymore, and then take some more. We all know that is what went on in history. Or am I wrong?

Reel Whore said...

I've been seeing the NFL ads w/ LL and was wondering what he did to jack up his look.

If I were him, I wouldn't get too comfortable on the set of his new show Chris O'Donnell is the Kiss of Death for a show. He's had, what like twenty in the past five years?

I'm looking forward to Precious, but I doubt it'll ever come to my neck of the woods. Life is Hot in Cracktown is near the top of my NFQ. I need to go ahead and bump it to #1 (well #2, Z Rock is still #1 w/ a long wait).

Invisible Woman said...

@ms m: thanks girl. you know precious is gonna be harsh, but will probably be the best Black film of the decade

@MLM: life is an underground hit. it is really to bad--i'm gonna review and post on all 3 blogs. can't wait to see precious either...

@josephine: thanks you so much--you deserve some too, without a doubt

@techkappen: now, now, son. didn't mommy raise you to be nice? oh i didn't? carry on!

Invisible Woman said...

@lenox ave: ya know, if someone publishes your book on relationships, they must thin your words carry weight...i say too bad.

did you know that steve harvey has a talk show in development geared towards male female relationships--that may not put him in the expert category, but somebody is putting him pretty darn close

@midnight raver: thanks for the tip about the book--i appreciate it

re evan ross: i agree that he was definitely the weakest link, but he kinda redeemed himself i the last scene...

@reelwhore: z-rock is worth the wait--it starts getting really good about the 5th episode

precious will probably make it your way--i think people will be surprised at the waves it makes, and you know the h'wood robots like controversy--they will probably expand out

chris o'donnell was in some other stuff after batman? who knew? LOL

Tafari said...

These "neo black authors" kill me! Im writing a book next!


Tafari said...

These "neo black authors" kill me! Im writing a book next!


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